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Robin Hood Marathon

Sun September 10 2006 Listed by Not Greased Lightning (M.)
20 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Dazza Daz Official time

Well done to all today.

The heat and the hills at the beginning took it's toll from as early as mile 15. Really struggled from then on. My legs feel like they belong to someone else! My running tights are at the moment being used as a great alternative to a compression trousers!! Unaffiliated 4:08:20 4:08:20 3:30:00 4:08:20 49.56
Fox on a run Stockport Harriers & AC 2:59:19 3:44:20 3:55:23 53.39
Foxy A well organised race, the second half is tough running round Holme Pierpoint lake but flat, was a hot day & at 24 miles had to walk - this was my first quest to go sub 3 hours 30 & i came up just short I got to half in 1 hour 42 mins (still my fastest ever half marathon) but that was too quick & i paid for it, however it was still a personal best by 5 mins. One of my favourite English races. 

my friend Janet drove up & was my race photographer as i circled the lake. 
100 Marathon Club, MK Lakeside Runners, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:29:12 3:29:59 3:34:36 57.36
GinjaNinja78 Unaffiliated 3:41:25 4:03:55 4:03:55 50.41
Greenman First run over 15M since April so I was well pleased to get so close to 3Hrs, especially in the heat in the second half. Course best as well. Grantham Running club 2:53:27 2:56:38 3:01:29 69.66
heval Nice jump from my longest run of 16 miles...not! Next time (many years from now!) i will at least do 20 pre race!
Last 2 miles took around half an hour to my dismay.  It was verrry hot at end, silly me wore trousers as cold in the morning! Got nice sunburnt shoulders tho ;P 
Was amazing to finish though and while sub 4 would have been even better i had no idea what time to expect so was (and am) very happy with this for first attempt! :) Edinburgh Athletic Club, Leeds City AC 4:13:49 4:13:49 4:13:49 53.50
hillgirl Falkirk Victoria Harriers 4:19:11 5:04:22 5:04:22 46.51
HowHardCanItBe Collingwood AC 3:03:52 3:15:03 3:15:03 67.98
matteus Unaffiliated 3:37:24 4:05:31 4:05:31 50.48
mikep I am happy with this time for my first and last marathon.
After a nice cool start the heat quickly kicked in and together with the hills in the fisrt 12 miles caused me to really struggle from 24 miles. My legs had just had enough and I had to work hard not to give in and walk or crawl.
Not sure about the course. Too many sections where you come back on yourself (and see everyone ahead of you) for my liking.Organisation good, thanks to all the mashalls really good support - plenty of water and very encouraging crowds. Pocklington Runners 3:21:57 4:01:56 3:59:59 4:01:56 55.74
munwin Unaffiliated 3:10:00 3:15:00 3:25:00 59.98
Northern Exile My worst ever race, bar none.  First half went according to plan, but it was a really warm day and at about 15 miles I started getting terrible, crippling cramp.  This got progressively worse and I should have pulled out really, but pride (and stupidity) kept me going.  It was worse around the water park (rowing) complex, I was hit by severe, paralysing cramp in both quads and calves and just fell over.  It hurt so much tears were running down my cheeks, couldn't control it ..... bloody terrible and to this day I don't know how I finished.  So much for running under 4 hours!  My girlfriend Helen was just outside 4 hours and was gutted.  She'll never know how bad I felt! North Leeds Fell Runners 3:46:10 4:28:04 3:50:00 4:28:04 48.65
Rich963 Before - Aiming for sub 3-30, as I really ought to be able to beat that based on my HM time of under 1-30.  Have blown up spectatularly the last two years here, so hoping for third time lucky.
After - Well, that was hot!  May have had a chance at 3.30 if the weather hadn't been so good - after the last 6 weeks of cool weather, it was a shock to the system!  Didn't blow up as spectacularly as previously - more slowly came apart in the second half!  
For those that are interested, splits were:
1 - 7.51 good start, felt far too easy
2 - 8.10 steeply uphill, maybe worked it a bit too hard?
3 - 7.36 and back downhill - feeling good
4 - 8.21 uphill again, 2 negatives - sun comes out and I dropped my spare gel, meaning I only had 6
5 - 7.52 quick walk to have a gel and some water, then downhill
6 - 7.34 going well (maybe too well?)
7 - 7.46 decide I am going too fast, so decide to try and slow down
8 - 8.12 stopped for a quick wee, then downhill
9 - 8.02 time for second gel, through the university grounds
10 - 7.34 definitely too fast now
11 - 7.47 struggling to slow down - everyone else is winding up to the finish for the half
12 - 8.02 better pace, but feeling the heat now
13 - 8.23 third gel break and trying to get water in but really thirsty
14 - 8.00 good pace, feeling really positive
15 - 7.55 still going well
16 - 6.56 must have been short!
17 - 8.25 fourth gel break, feeling ok-ish
18 - 7.56 pace still good, but having to persuade myself to not walk
19 - 8.19 allowed myself a quick unplanned 1 minute walk
20 - 9.09 feeling rough now in the heat, decide on a walk 1 minute, run a mile plan
21 - 9.22 v. hot and dry round the lake, struggling to not overheat
22 - 9.34 more of the same
23 - 10.02 just looking forward to drinks at 23 and my last gel
24 - 9.51 still walking a bit, running a mile
25 - 12.03 walked at start and end of the mile - at least we're nearly there!
26 - 8.34 head down, push on to the finish
26.2 - 1.40 overtaken just before the line - where did he come from?

Looking back, I was faster first half than I thought, so that would explain some of the poor second half.  Oh well, lessons for next time! Stilton Striders RC 3:11:22 3:41:09 3:30:00 3:41:09 55.60
RunningRev OK, my Garmin time was 4:25:08, but I need to go with the official time!  How niave I was, thinking I could get under 4!  This was the hardest run I have ever done, but it felt such an acheivement and an AMAZING time to be honest for my first ever marathon!  Of course now I want to do many more!!!  Always want to improve on my previous times....  The weather was SO hot that it made it very difficult esspecially near the end, but I got a GREAT tan!  When I crossed the finish line, I staggered to my wife and burst into tears!  I was SO happy! :)  And in pain!  Ian was great btw, nice to meet u Ian! :) UKnetrunner 3:59:40 4:17:53 3:59:59 4:28:42 45.76
Shell Trooper Atkins York Knavesmire Harriers, Stirling Triathlon Club 4:50:09 4:59:30 5:20:51 43.52
Sombrero Oh dear.  Went tits-up at halfway.  Did well to finish. North Derbyshire Running Club 3:55:54 4:29:47 4:29:47 45.57
Spoon Unaffiliated 3:16:44 3:28:37 3:28:37 59.41
st bernard Heathfield RRC 3:09:15 3:22:48 3:23:23 63.59
The Shadow My first marathon!  More than happy with the time as my motivation was to complete the course.  Plenty of scope to improve; maybe the next time it won't be so hot and I won't get too competitive for the first half only to regret it at my leisure during the second half.    Unaffiliated 4:29:09 4:29:09 4:30:00 4:29:09 46.97
Tim of Fife Through half-way in 2:01ish  as planned,  despite a fair few longish inclines.    Second half was very, very hard.  Little shade and merciless sun beating down.   Just couldn't drink enough to stay hydrated.   Mixed running with walking to keep me going.   As time went on,  the walk breaks became more and more frequent.   Second half in 2.12 ish.
Overall chip time was 4:13.37,  placing me 667th of the 1118 who finished.    Not what I know I'm capable of.   But still a PB by a full 16 minutes,  which I'm well pleased with in such gruelling heat.   

Unaffiliated 3:58:33 4:13:37 4:13:37 51.85

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