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Nike Run London

Listed by surreystrider™
, London W2 UK
56 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
atrain247 FERC 44:50 48:13 50:14 54.07
Badger FERC 47:40 52:44 52:44 53.87
Biggsy Wiggsy runbritain.com 1:26:03 1:27:00 29:00:00 1:27:00 34.42
Binks Serpentine RC 39:27 42:01 42:01 63.90
Blodwen Unaffiliated 1:02:00 1:03:00 1:05:00 1:03:00 48.35
Buffer Unaffiliated 49:48 51:10 59:44 48.65
cidermonkey Unaffiliated 51:46 51:46 52:00 55:08 54.26
cleverchap Unaffiliated 57:01 59:37 1:00:00 59:37 45.04
controversial Clapham Chasers 34:01 38:40 39:45 39:31 68.27
Dave45 Unaffiliated 49:26 52:00 52:00 51.63
degennal Serpentine RC 55:03 55:03 55:17 54.12
Dorset Roger Unaffiliated 50:02 54:28 56:34 49.85
DTB, Cake Pimp Wimbledon Windmilers 53:44 53:44 57:00 53:44 55.68
Dubois Unaffiliated 45:20 48:56 48:56 55.01
Duncs 100 Marathon Club, Bracknell Forest Runners 43:16 48:36 55:00 48:36 56.79
Ginnie B Kent AC 45:49 47:18 47:18 63.25
Hendo FERC 42:32 49:33 55:00 49:33 54.45
Hills of Death (HOD) Riverside Runners 44:43 47:36 46:00 48:48 56.21
isitsafe? Unaffiliated 55:54 55:54 55:54 50.82
Jelly Legs Unaffiliated 1:02:09 1:06:04 1:06:04 45.60
jonoshea Unaffiliated 48:56 1:05:39 1:00:00 1:05:39 42.04
Kieren Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 41:11 45:42 46:00 45:42 58.75
Kimberlina Wimbledon Windmilers 57:30 57:30 1:04:25 46.77
kozzie Ware Joggers 56:51 1:04:59 1:04:59 49.58
Listy BeaRCats running club 53:41 56:58 59:09 50.81
longboat Harpenden Arrows 43:29 1:02:00 1:02:00 43.65
Longlegs Swanley & District AC 40:22 42:18 41:30 42:32 63.13
loobyloo Unaffiliated 1:12:00 1:13:00 1:13:00 41.73
Lumsdoni Trail Running Association, Stotfold Runners 46:14 56:35 1:00:00 56:35 47.57
Max71 Serpentine RC 57:02 1:12:31 1:12:31 41.55
Mazza aka Fitso Unaffiliated 44:49 47:00 47:00 65.88
McGoohan FERC, LDWA 48:34 48:58 49:41 58.49
Mellow Plodder Trent Park Running Club 1:00:27
mikeharrison Hillcrest Villagers AC 45:22 57:23 55:00 57:42 47.29
Minks Unaffiliated 43:21 43:21 43:21 69.97
Mouseytongue Framlingham Flyers 42:42 52:11 52:11 52.57
neems Unaffiliated 45:42 1:03:42 1:03:42 46.96
pacman Up and Runners 47:02 54:42 58:13 46.16
pants Ants Unaffiliated 40:47 43:27 43:27 62.80
paulhiles Plumstead Runners 44:17 52:57 56:00 52:57 55.30
PhillipStanton Unaffiliated 1:00:03 1:00:03 1:00:03 46.61
Rob Cotterill Unaffiliated 49:21 49:30 50:00 49:30 55.75
Scooby Dave Unaffiliated 40:11 45:40 45:40 59.75
Serendippily FERC 58:00
Shiny72 Unaffiliated 37:25 40:20 40:35 66.93
Siamese Pete Unaffiliated 56:19 1:03:00 1:03:00 45.09
Simontr Bushfield Joggers, FERC 46:50 46:50 46:50 63.01
Spidergirl Ealing Eagles Running Club 43:42 50:27 50:27 60.28
Superdaz Unaffiliated 45:26 1:22:28 1:22:28 33.26
surreystrider™ Unaffiliated 44:42 47:36 47:36 57.63
TheBeetroot Unaffiliated 1:06:52 1:16:55 1:15:00 1:16:55 41.15
Thinno Unaffiliated 46:30 49:11 50:00 49:11 55.23
TrailingTortoise Unaffiliated 55:52 1:02:53 59:00 1:07:14 44.50
Turkish_Albert Unaffiliated 44:33 59:46 1:00:00 59:46 44.92
vava Running 4 Women Club 54:22 1:00:00 1:05:00 1:00:00 50.09
Wiggins Unaffiliated 36:47 37:00 37:00 72.57

This event is listed on these dates:

Didn't PB it, but at least I snuck under 50 mins. All in all, pretty enjoyable though.
went off way too fast and suffered during the middle 3-7km. Would like to blame jet-lag and I will!
Good race - just didn't have the distance in my legs...
Not so great. Very crowded with no staggered start and did it with very little training since it was only a couple weeks after the marathon.
Wave 3 at Victoria Park. Very flat and apart from first 5 mins not too crowded. Pleased with PB as I didn't feel too good.
Wave 1 Victoria Park. A good event once again - although the choice of a somewhat out of shape previous rugby star as the "motivational speaker" was, perhaps, a poor choice on their part!

Completely gutted by the time - Trace and I were hoping to get below the hour, but were defeated by Trace's running top having shrunk in the wash. She couldn't breath properly for well over half the race and just couldn't find those last few onces of push. Next time...
Wave 2 at Hyde Park. Four and a bit minutes off PB, lovely sunny morning, nice run in Hyde Park (which is a novelty for us out of towners), didn't suffer from overcrowding, so a thoroughly enjoyable run. Not sure I'd do it again because of cost though.
pants Ants
Really pleased with the time in my first 10k race.
My first 10k where I ran all the way, albeit slowly in stages.
Wave1 9:30 Hyde Park.

Fun race although start wasn't arranged by expected finishing time so I was trying to squeeze past people slower than me the whole race. It was fun though & although I feel I could have run faster unobstructed, I'm happy with a new PB.

I cycled over 11 miles to get there on my fixed gear & was quite surprised to see that loads of other people cycled there too, so kind of a duathlon for a lot of us.
First 10K, ran with a friend, felt comfortable all the way round, good steady pace
Really enjoyed this race - great atmosphere and fun with everyone in their red t-shirts. A few gripes, namely being told there would be no baggage facilities only to disover on arrival that these were available; absolutely rubbish map and directions (arty-farty sketch instead of a proper map with road names etc.); and my chip failed to work so no official time.
A PB at just under 65 thanks to a big push in the last few metres. Victoria Park for me - lovely and flat, I was Wave 1 and found it all very well organised and a lovely morning for it too!
Rob Cotterill
Several organisational issues - suprising for an event that's been going so long & has so many people. Traffic for first 2-3K (probably helped). Paced myself anally to get sub 50 & new (aged 30+) PB. one day I might get back down to my time when I was 23.....
My first ever 10k. My first ever race!! 3rd Wave Victoira Park.

Only been running for 8 weeks and need to loose at least 3 stone. I think I pushed myself a bit too hard as I had shin splints the next week and could only go out 2 days......
Jelly Legs
Popped my race cherry with this one
which is a pb by about 30 seconds - very pleased after the terrible times I've done so far this year. Felt well paced - really drained at the end so that's probably as fast as I can do a 10k for now!
Hills of Death (HOD)
Wave 1 Victoria Park - I got injured 2 weeks before doing this so only did a slow training run and a couple of small fast ones. Otherwise would of hit target ! Plus I had the beginnings of a cold.
Moan Moan Moan what a jessie. Loved it tho especially the Prodigy warm up track set me going off a bit fast. Nice course will do it again 2nd best race ever !
My first 'official' run since the early 90s due to thinking I couldn't run due to back problems. Loved absolutely every part of it, the training, the planning and of course the race itself! Hated the aerobics-style warmup though...
Wave 3 Victoria Park - Had the privilege of seeing Seb Coe as the "motivational speaker". Enjoyed the whole experience. Humourous placards placed around the course as well as the highly visible kilometre markers.

"Don't mention the P word" being a particularly memorable one!
Scooby Dave
Victoria Park
My second under 40 10K. Feeling very good, it was also my first run with the heart rate monitor. An extremly usefull tool!
My first ever 10k so it was always going to be a PB! 1st wave in Victoria Park. Organisation was good and it didn't feel over crowded. Was pretty pleased with my time but felt fine about a minute after I'd finished and the next day too, so feel I could have pushed harder.
My first 10K, really chuffed that I done it.
First Ever Race, First Ever 10km!
Biggsy Wiggsy
had to stop for 3 wees!!!
Yes - 1h! Fun to see video from race afterwards.