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Picture Usage tracking

4:30pm, 11 Jul 2024
Today I've been working on providing a bit more linkage between the photos in the gallery and the places where they get used. As an example, here's the oldest pic on the site:

If you click the image above, it'll take you to the image page. And there, just above the picture you'll see a bunch of green buttons. These show you the places where it's been used. In this case I've:

1) attached it to the race that it came from (my first ever);
2) used it in a blog titled 'Gallery upload options';
3) used it in a blog titled 'Happy 19th Birthday';
4) used it in a thread titled 'First Race'.

The blog and thread links should take you to the relevant entry/page.

I think this will be very useful for following up on interesting pictures that turn up in the gallery. I often see gallery images uploaded by Nicholls595 and wonder "where the heck is he posting that?" :-) Now it's easy :-)

And all those pics that say "For my blog" or somesuch - now you have an easy way to go and read that blog.

I've also made another change today - but some people are reporting that it's not working for them. So I'd appreciate some feedback on how you're getting on with it. Basically, when you click one of the notifications that tell you there are new posts on a thread, it *should* scroll down the page to the relevant new post. Is that working for you? Sometimes? Never? Share your device/browser so I can see if there's any trend relating to that.

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  • Looks like you've been busy on a few features. Thanks!

    One question, re pics, and not a request yet, do you store, or could you easily, the original photo filename (eg IMG_1234.jpg) ?

    Forum notifications? Sorry, don't use that, just the watch list notifications to the right of the threads (on a Windows 10 pc), which always takes me to the top of the page with the first new/unread post.
    4:45pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • I don't store the original filenames at all.
    4:54pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Not working for me. Chrome on a a laptop running Windows 11
    4:59pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • working for me - firefox on windows 11
    5:14pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Great about the picture usage. That is going to be very useful.

    Regards to the forum notifications - earlier today I was still being taken to the top of the relevant page, but I've tried again just now and it is scrolling to the first unread post.
    5:27pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Working now :) thanks
    5:33pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Ah no. I'm stupid. It's working on my phone #oldperson
    5:33pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • I didn't work for a few days ( last weekend?). It's been fine the last few days. ( Google pixel 6a)
    5:49pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • the scrolling down to new posts thingy worked (and confused me!) on my windows laptop.
    6:04pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Seems to be working fine for me thanks.
    Dave W
    6:35pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • You've been very busy on the updates and I really thank you for the saving posts so we dont lose them when we get distracted by life. Love the idea of seeing the context to pics thanks!
    7:34pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • scrolling works on Mac/Safari, although not a v smooth animation.
    7:37pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Forum thingy working on my iPhone 8SE using Chrome
    Mark J 🇳🇿
    8:16pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • I heart this. I often browse the gallery and wonder where a particular interesting photo got used (if I can't work it out, sometimes I just comment on the photo itself, which I guess is OK enough). Now I'll know!

    The scrolling thread thing just about works, although it goes slightly too far down the page and hides the very top of the last post box. (I didn't have a problem with the way it worked before thobut.)
    8:20pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • thank you.
    8:54pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Thread scrolling works well for me on.

    💙 it !
    10:05pm, 11th Jul 2024
  • Thread scrolling working nicely for me! Chrome on Android.
    12:04am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Scrolling on the laptop now to the first unread post.
    But I typically need to scroll back a bit to remind me of the context of the posts. I assume I'll soon get used to it.
    8:09am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Ooh, this was one of my wishes. Awesome. Thanks Fetch! :-) G
    8:22am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Did old pictures have their links or IDs changed? Looking at some older ones No green buttons

    But used in this blog

    Want me to put it in a Bug Report? Cheers, :-) G
    8:31am, 12th Jul 2024
  • I wonder if I used a shorter version of the tag at the time eg IMG instead of IMAGE. If you edit the blog it’ll show you.
    8:37am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Tracked them down now - yep, was an older code, but it checked out :-)
    9:34am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Thread scrolling works on Safari on iPadOS 17.5.1
    10:17am, 12th Jul 2024
  • If anyone *doesn't like* the forum scrolling, there's an option to turn it off here: (untick the final option)
    10:18am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Scrolling seems to be working on Pixel 8 pro - Android 14
    10:41am, 12th Jul 2024
  • Working for me now on laptop Chrome and Windows 11. Thank you.
    11:11am, 12th Jul 2024

Nice beats per mile graph

12:50pm, 9 Jul 2024
I've made some amendments to the *final graph* on this page (Training > Summary & Analysis > Heart Rate Analysis):

Warning - it's a bit of a slow loader (typically 7-10s), because the page has to comb through a lot of data to produce the summary.

Beats per mile is a simplified way of measuring your running efficiency.

Think of it like fuel economy in your car. It's the number of times your heart has to beat to propel you for a mile. You can run that mile very fast, but your heart rate will be very quick. Or you can run it slowly, and your heart rate will be much lower. Beats per mile aims to provide an overall measure that can cope with both.

Over months and years, your car may become less fuel efficient as the tyres wear, the nuts and bolts loosen, or your engine bloody eats itself just outside Wolverhampton leaving you stranded in the M6 services for hours on end, before getting towed home by a tow-truck driver who is multi-tasking by BUYING THINGS ON SODDING EBAY AS HE DRIVES.

But for you, this happens over the course of a run, as your muscles get tired and you get a bit dehydrated, hungry etc.

The beats per mile graph shows this drop in efficiency for the later miles in your runs. The theory is that as you get fitter, the whole red line drops downwards.

The old graph used to be a mess of 12 lines, each one representing the beats per mile graph for a given month. To make that more readable, I've changed it to provide an overall average - which (for me at least) produces a nice smooth red line. My first 8 miles are all in the low 1300's, gently creeping up, but by the time I get into double digit runs, my efficiency has worsened and I'm getting closer to 1400.

Beyond 17 miles, mine goes a bit bananas. This is partly down to me maybe doing a bit more walking at longer distances, but also because there's not as much data for me at this distance. To help illustrate the lack of data aspect, the green area on the map shows the amount of times I've run a given distance. There's a lot of green down below 5 miles, because I pretty much always run at least 5 miles, but this tapers away as the runs get longer.

I hope you like it, and that you have a nice day.

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  • very interesting... thank you for this new feature! :)
    1:13pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Great. Very useful.
    1:22pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Interesting. My graph may be paradoxical. Sharp rise 1 > 2, nearly level 2 > 5, jump up at 6 ... then a steady drop until 10, which is lower than anything bar 1. 1102 per KM at 6, 1012 at 10.
    2:56pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Do you do much walking/stopping on your longer ones?
    3:01pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • The longer runs are split between run-walks and 10K races. As most of the rest apart from parkruns (which are (checks) 22% of distance) are also run-walk, I think it is the running at race pace brings the numbers down. More speed = more efficiency.
    3:12pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • I loved this graph the way it was, I used to try and get my monthly line lower than the previous month, and it was a way of seeing which months my longer runs were in over the last year. Any chance of an option to keep the old one?
    3:43pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • I do like a good graph, and this is one 😁
    4:00pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Podkin - I've added an extra line that shows your average over the last 60 days. Keeping that below the red line should give you a more-or-less equivalent challenge.
    4:01pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • This is what my life has been lacking. Thanks Fetch
    4:14pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Thanks Fetch
    5:55pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Very good work, Fetch :)
    but I think mine shows either very little movement at checkpoints or the position of the hills in the Lakeland 50 :) :)
    9:15pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • do images work in comments?
    9:16pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Mine is sensible up to 20 miles, then goes mad! But it is the dealing with single data sets.
    Cool graph.
    9:27pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • I once asked an uber driver to not message people on WhatsApp whilst driving at 70 miles an hour on the freeway. He gave me a shit customer review in return.
    10:38pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Have we lost HR graph with new training, for indoor (non GPS, no miles/distance ) activities like gym/strength ? Used to a graph of HR by time (not distance) you could toggle. Can't see that now. Shall I put in as bug or feature request? Nice beats per mile work there. :-) G
    7:22am, 10th Jul 2024
  • That graph is there now - you just need to click the HR button to turn it on.
    3:28pm, 10th Jul 2024
  • Fandabbydosy. :-) G
    9:52am, 11th Jul 2024

Thanks for the donation Jeff Bezos :-)

1:10pm, 8 Jul 2024
A couple of months ago, a bunch of you were kind enough to sign up to 30 day free trials for Audible, Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon Wedding Lists (!). Each one you signed up to earned some cash for Fetcheveryone through Amazon's 'Associate' scheme.

I've spotted another one today - it's the Amazon Music Unlimited service. It is (I guess) like other streaming music services - but if it's not of interest, you can sign up and then cancel it straight away (or within 30 days). Each person who signs up earns £4.50 for Fetcheveryone. How very public spirited of Mr Bezos. Here's the music link:

and if you missed the chance to sign up for the others, and have nothing better to do, here's the full list of links along with the bounties they command. Yaaaarrrr :-)

Audible Free Trial (£5)

Kindle Unlimited (£3)

Amazon Wedding List (£3.50)
(it seems there is no requirement to be getting married, to have a partner, or even to like other people)

Amazon Prime (£3)

Amazon Prime Video (£3)

Amazon Prime Video Channels (£3)
(I've no idea what the difference is between this and the last one)

Amazon Kids+ (£3)

Amazon Baby Wishlist (£1.50)

Amazon Prime Student (£3)

Amazon Try Before You Buy (£1.50)

Cheers Jeff :-)
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  • See! Amazon isn’t all bad :-P
    1:12pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • They even be Trades Union representation at their warehouse, sorry dream fulfilment center, Coventry.
    Ocelot Spleens
    1:32pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • Done - somehow I got 5 months free
    2:05pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • What’s the catch? Seems too good to be true!
    Alice the Camel
    4:19pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • I guess they figure that enough people will either (a) like the thing enough to keep using it or (b) forget to cancel. Bounties probably priced accordingly.
    4:21pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • I'm getting an error with the music link.
    5:28pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • There is possibly an issue with this folks, having used the link it automatically upgraded me to a Family plan and charger me, I'm talking to amazon regards it now........


    Customer Service
    My goodness I'm sorry to hear this. Let me look into that for you.
    I see what you mean. I will cancel and refund it for you at once.
    Upon checking, it looks like this error is an emerging issue which is widespread and has been brought to our attention, our technicians have been deployed to look into and resolve the issue. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. Please allow me a moment to add your account to the ticket as well
    Thank you, that would be very kind of you

    Customer Service
    I've cancelled and refunded the charge back to your card. I have also included you in the resolution ticket, here's the ticket number for your reference: ***********
    7:49pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • Blimey, which link was that?
    7:50pm, 8th Jul 2024
  • I've sent you a message Fetch
    7:56pm, 8th Jul 2024

F'laps 2024 is done!

9:46am, 7 Jul 2024
Or nearly. As I write, I'm refreshing the F'laps page every so often to see if Goofee will run one more mile to claim the Mile Division title outright, or whether it'll end with a tie with honestmackem.

About six months ago, I thought this was a great idea.

Then about a month ago, I thought "what the f**k have I let myself in for".

I guess my feelings mirrored those of Fetchies, because initially we had about 160+ people signed up, but for various reasons, there was a whittling of numbers. Holidays abroad were booked, dogs needed grooming, sheds needed tidying, gonk collections needed cataloguing :-)

Fearing anger and reprisal from our neighbours, we restricted ourselves to only inviting the local Fetchies to join us at Fetch HQ aka our house :-) We ended up with a small-but-perfectly-formed group of 8 taking on the challenge, and they turned up just before 9am in the pouring rain, but with spirits undampened. Loggerhead and Leatherback (they come as a pair; I'm trying to make Leatherhead happen) arrived on the stroke of 9, just as we were all shuffling out of the door - so there was no opportunity for a 'before' shot.

Everyone had a different goal. Rosehip wanted to start with the full 4.167, with the intention of dropping down the divisions later. I wanted to run 5k's. Leatherback was aiming for 2 milers. Loggerhead and Elsie Too wanted to run miles. Katie set out with the intention of walking each mile. And EdJ said he was just there for the bantz :-) I know that's only seven people, but more on that in a bit.

My first F'laps went pretty well. Because it was raining pretty heavy, I wore my stretchy base layer - this is excellent for making sure I don't get chafing on my nips. I tried really hard to take it easy, but fell into my regular running pace like a needle in a groove. I'd plotted a route round the village that gave me almost exactly 5k, but each time I had to run just a dozen yards or so past the house. I know I could have stopped when my watch showed 3.11, but I didn't want to risk falling slightly short, so my distances were all 3.13-3.15 to be on the safe side.

Finishing F'lap 1, I had to be reminded to check in :-) And it left me with 26 minutes to faff about. Given that most of my runs these days are over 10k, I was mainly *shrugs shoulders*. But with wet kit on, I pretty soon got a bit cold and dug out a hoodie. I'd already gotten a bit cold - so that was a learning point for next time.

F'lap 2 was much of the same. Same route, same pace (just a smidge quicker). But I got my hoodie on quickly, and had some crisps and a drink. In hindsight, I should have taken on more carbs throughout the day - but the crisps were nice. Elsie Too had also brought a melon, which was nectar-like. I retrieved my mock-crocs from the office, to insulate my feet from the coldness of the kitchen floor.

On F'lap 3, the rain had lessened (or should that be fewered?) but I stuck with the same plan. I also ran a few yards with Katie, who'd been encouraged to run for the first time in ages :-) A flaps win right there! And on returning, we had a brief moment where we were all together for an ussy. Can you see how much I struggled to get everyone in shot here? Katie had to bob and weave like a young George Foreman.

On F'lap 4, it stopped raining. I was still pretty wet from the previous outings, so this helped me overheating from the double layers. Got back to the house to see we'd been joined by Silvershadow and Nightjar. The former admitted to some FOMO, so as a group we cajoled her into getting involved (the flexible start time working wonders here). Her house is about half a mile from us, so she did her first F'lap going to get her kit :-)

On F'lap 5 it got quite a bit warmer, the wind picked up, my chest got a bit wheezy, and my legs complained. I have a bit of (maybe) bruising on the bottom of my left foot which I'm keeping an eye on - and it made itself known, as did my left hamstring. I got back to the house, and perhaps for the first time, I felt like I had a fair bit to do. I changed my kit entirely, opting for a vest this time. I had a toot on my inhaler. I attempted to stretch out my hamstring a bit. And I decided on a new route to counter the wind - running straight into it for the first half, so it'd be behind me at my most tired point.

On F'lap 6, with all the irony of a scrap man, it fricking threw it down just as we were leaving the house. My base layer was under two inches of water in the bath (to try to stop my stink filling the whole house), so I just got on with the run, and hoped that somehow my chest had developed chafe-resistance since the last 100 times I've chafed in the rain. The route worked reasonably well, although getting used to a different elevation profile at this late stage was a bit challenging. Back to the house for more stretching and poor fuelling. When the time came to go, I really REALLY didn't want to get off my chair.

On F'lap 7, I reverted to my usual route. The starts and stops (and the running bit in between) had taken their toll, and I was increasingly having to be careful for the first few hundred yards to give my leg muscles a chance to stretch back out to running. Weirdly, each of my first six laps were all slightly quicker than their predecessor. This was really NOT by design. I'd been trying to take it easy. I'd gone from 29:49 for the first down to 28:30 for the sixth. But this was definitely the end of that trend. My legs felt pretty dead the whole way round. The slight downhill of the third mile of the route did not bring the joy that it had previously. And I got home just absolutely ready to stop.

It was time to sit on the kitchen floor, and I made my mind up very quickly that I was done. I'd covered 22 miles, and I was really pleased with my efforts. I need to add an "I'm tapping out" button for next time.

Highlights from my route include:

1) the mysterious pink scooter

2) the unusable portaloo, strapped to a lamp post. I wonder if it had been on a stag night.

I think just about everybody in our group got something out of the experience. Katie ran for the first time in ages (having been focused on her swim of course). Leatherback ran further than he'd run for a long time. Elsie ran 7 miles which was a great achievement on her return to form after long Covid. Silvershadow ran miles she didn't expect to run. Loggerhead was so keen to continue that they were discussing scheduling a run on their car journey home in order to keep going. Rosehip left with plans to continue. And EdJ (who can probably outrun us all) seemed to enjoy his jaffa cakes :-)

Looking at the challenge as a whole, we had 49 participants. There have been some amazing performances. Various people reporting that they've gone further than they expected. Lots of people saying they're in for next year already. I am so pleased that it's been fun, albeit somewhat sadomasochistic :-)

I'll get on with making some badges when I am back at my desk tomorrow. But there are some winners to announce.

4.167 mile division
The distance is such that if you continue for 24 hours you get 100 miles. The hardest challenge due to the short recovery time. As such, there were only five competitors here, but theOtherRichard takes the division with an impressive 9 F'laps. Well done!

5k division
With 12 participants, there was quite a fight going on midway through the day. But CumbriAndy squashed the others by some way, starting at 8am and continuing until gone 3 in the morning! 20x5k! Amazing effort sir!

2 mile division
A much tighter finish amongst the 8 participants, and it went right down to the wire. Cheeky's Dad pushed on into the early hours to fend off the challenge from Gromit and win the division with 17x2 miles. Brilliant!

1 mile division
A very busy division with 24 competitors. There were four or five still going when I crawled into bed last night at about 9pm. So imagine my surprise when I looked at my phone this morning to discover that two of them were STILL BLOODY GOING. I thought it would end in a tie between Goofee and honestmackem, both of whom had completed 24x1 mile. But I got an fmail from Goofee to say that my code had been broken by his incredible efforts recording his 25th F'lap! And guess what, he's STILL AT IT!

If you want to cheer him on or congratulate him on his efforts, you can call into the F'Laps thread here: - although I'm tempted to say it's borderline irresponsible of us to encourage him now :-)

I am so pleased with how the day went. I hope it's a kernel of interest that will encourage more of you to get involved next year. Some folks asked about doing it on a Sunday instead - but the Saturday start has enabled people to continue through the night. I've added the event for this time next year - why not enter now and get wildly optimistic. Who knows where that might lead? :-)
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  • Absolutely loved it - defo count me in for next year, great work setting it up 💪
    9:53am, 7th Jul 2024
  • I loved it too, though it now has the slightly unreal air of a heavy stag do on the morning after (without the hangover)
    Cheeky’s Dad
    10:05am, 7th Jul 2024
  • That’s a great way to describe it Cheeky 😂😂
    10:14am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Sounds like a brilliant day!
    10:17am, 7th Jul 2024
  • even though i had to cancel too early, it was an absolut great event! :) 👍
    maybe you could prepare the next F'Laps for the whole weekend? ;)
    10:19am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Thank you so much for giving us this. No PBs or amazing achievements for me but it was fun and that's always a winner
    10:19am, 7th Jul 2024
  • It's been (and continues to be) really enjoyable. Those of you who did the longer distances had a far harder time than I'm having, the effect of reduced recovery time magnifies so quickly. I'm already looking forward to the next one! :-)
    10:28am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Fabulous! Thanks so much. Next time (oh gods!) I might have to figure out what training and eating should look like. Was actually looking forward to doing night time laps so will have to get further. Phys booked already for hamstring!
    10:41am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Thank you for organising this Fetch, such fun but my legs aren't so keen on you this morning!
    10:43am, 7th Jul 2024
  • I loved it. Next year I will start even earlier (6am this year) and may alternate between running and walking miles as next year's goal is to go from sunrise to sunset. Thanks Fetch for organising and huge well done to the winners!
    PS. Non-Fetchie friends all seemed to respond with the same word when I told them what I was doing 'Bonkers!' Yes, but in a good way:-)
    10:48am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Some outstanding performances :) I chickened out a couple of weeks before, but I've been quite inspired. And I don't get inspired by much nowadays.
    11:06am, 7th Jul 2024
  • it was brilliant, should have stayed longer - (I only got 1x2 and 2x1 done when I got home) Great way to get lots of time on feet and practice fuelling and the running again
    11:24am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Thanks for coming up with this and well done on your running. Although I only did five miles, with parkrun it's my furthest day in over a year. And since I've entered my first half marathon in eight years and this is training week one, F'laps helped me get off to a flying start.
    11:44am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Brilliant - well done, all F’lappers!
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    11:46am, 7th Jul 2024
  • Sounds like a brilliant day. Not my thing but I'm glad others enjoyed it.
    11:51am, 7th Jul 2024
  • You have all made it sound quite fun, but I'm not sure it's for me!
    1:01pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • Many thanks again for the idea and everything that went into pulling it all together. Really happy to have had the chance to push myself in a completely new way. I hope a way can be found to accommodate people running a few laps on Sunday too
    1:57pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • I'd have liked to have joined in but we'd booked our holiday before you committed to a date. Maybe next year.
    Fenland Flier
    3:37pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • I’ve got FOMO 😁 I need to be more organised next year. When I told Mrs C about it, she asked why I wasn’t doing it, so that’s a good start!
    6:24pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • I really thought I'd only get 5 or 6 F'Laps, even with 1 mile. Got upto 14! My only issue was even though I uploaded everything straight away kept forgetting to press the button. Anyway of the code doing it for me next time Fetch? So many friends were intrigued and fancy doing the challenge!
    TBR (TheBeardRunner)
    8:56pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • I really wanted to do it but the little one had an MRI appointment come through which scuppered the planned early start and then a family visit in the afternoon meant a no there too so couldn't. Also in between night shifts for next year so it needs to keep going so that I can be in with a shout for the year after!
    9:21pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • It was the furthest I've ever run in a day 😁 - I did a 25 mile charity walk about 30 years ago but it's the most ground I've covered since then. And amazingly not too sore today - managed a swim this morning and a 3 mile walk this evening! Thanks again for organising and hosting!
    9:23pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • I really thought I had 8 full laps in me, but it wasn't to be and I called it a day at the marathon. Thanks for putting this on, and I'm definitely interested in going again!
    9:39pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • Well done all the Flappers. Backyard ultras are... special! ;-) :-) G
    9:45pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • Well done to you and all the flappers:)
    10:11pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • FOMO nearly had me turning up to walk one F'lap, but common sense meant I booked myself as RD for MCPFOMVwxy instead. Well done all, it sounds like an annual event in the making.
    10:50pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • Brilliant! 😀
    11:04pm, 7th Jul 2024
  • Lots of fun, well done all and thanks for setting this up Fetch
    1:19am, 8th Jul 2024
  • Sorry to have missed it. Would be keen for next year.
    3:20pm, 9th Jul 2024
  • Also keen for next year
    9:45pm, 10th Jul 2024
  • Belated thanks for organising this - both 'globally' and locally. And thank you for your and Katie's hospitality on the day. I really enjoyed it, and am already looking forward to next year!
    10:32am, 11th Jul 2024

F'laps - three laps in

11:53am, 6 Jul 2024
Having good fun here. I've done 3x5k, and we have a mixture of distances. Nice to catch up with everyone after each effort. Stopped raining on the third one - but I kind of missed the rain.

There's an extra badge for the best F'laps picture. Post your pics on the F'Laps thread:

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  • Excellent!
    12:00pm, 6th Jul 2024
  • I don’t miss the rain
    Elsie Too
    12:26pm, 6th Jul 2024
  • Fabulous :-)
    1:14pm, 6th Jul 2024
  • was a differently fun morning, looking forward to next year :)
    5:25pm, 6th Jul 2024

Me in Women's Running magazine :-)

5:05pm, 4 Jul 2024
A couple of months ago, I wrote the right-hand half of this :-) It's on news stands now :-)

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  • But I thought if it wasn’t on strava it didn’t happen?
    5:13pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • If I don't ever go there, did strava happen?
    5:16pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • 🙂
    5:25pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • I have never used strava (is that like saying “I’ve never seen Star Wars”?) not in the slightest bit attracted to it.
    5:28pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • You win heart
    5:30pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Very well argued heart
    5:42pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • All the benefits the running coach describes are available for free on Fetch. It must’ve been difficult to write that without appearing to totally diss strava something I also have never done.
    5:42pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Well said 👍
    6:15pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Love this. Well said.
    6:20pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Nice bit of promotion 👏
    6:46pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Excellent piece Ian, well said.
    6:48pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Well done :)
    7:31pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • I like the closing statement very much and fervently want to believe it. Nice bit of PR :-)
    Northern Exile
    7:46pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Great advice 😀
    8:48pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • You win hands down.
    9:15pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • 👍
    9:49pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • If a runner falls in a forest, and it's not on strava did it happen?

    Nicely written piece - gets the point across without being too heavy-handed.
    Silent Runner
    10:24pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Can I have your autograph?
    Alice the Camel
    10:33pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • I do use strava as well but only because I am part of a Coros beta testing group. I get all my data insights from either the Coros training hub or Fetch. I won't pay for strava as when I joined it gave a free trial for full access, and it really didn't give me anything I don't already get from here and Coros. So there.
    Mark J 🇳🇿
    11:58pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • I’m only on ‘the other site’ because a lot of my ex-clubmates use it. I accidentally selected the free trial option earlier in the year and found that it didn’t really unlock many more benefits that Fetch doesn’t already provide. What’s more, the ‘Segments’ are clearly broken in most cases, with world record paces all around, so I can’t see how they provide much motivation to people!
    Funky Chicken
    7:49am, 5th Jul 2024
  • I’ve never used the orange site and the more I hear about it the less I like it.
    8:25am, 5th Jul 2024
  • Coveted kudos my arse - I know full well that people who following me don't even look at the training they just hit the kudos button and move on, some will leave the exact same comment on every piece of training I do and on everyone else's that they follow. That's not feedback or useful. I'm on strava purely because my clubmates use it and I'm really sad that I haven't been able to convert any of them to here even though many have benefitted from the routes I've mapped on here for training runs :(
    9:33am, 5th Jul 2024
  • Fetch does everything that I could wish for - I need nothing else.
    Albert O Balsam
    12:43pm, 5th Jul 2024
  • Great article. Well done. Will we see new arrivals now?! (Are you able to track / identify such a thing? e.g. if they read it on ? :-) G
    12:53pm, 5th Jul 2024
  • It would be interesting to see the feedback womensrunning get in response to that feature.
    2:34pm, 5th Jul 2024
  • It will be interesting how many new signups/visitors it generates for you...
    Jen HB
    6:16pm, 5th Jul 2024

Add A Race - Usability followup

2:58pm, 4 Jul 2024
I've just been through your comments on my blog from Friday, where I asked you to try adding races to our database:

The things that seemed significant were:

1) not obvious how to add events from the race finder page
2) not obvious how to quickly add a second distance

There are basically three places where you can search for races.

1) the home page:
2) the 'Race' page:
3) the 'Race Finder' page:

The first two just allow you to put a location in, and they lead to the third.

There was a big green button on (2) titled 'Click here to add an event'. But after your feedback, I've added another button on (3) titled 'Add New Events'. There was already a text link on this page, but buttons are always more eyecatching - good spotting folks.

And previously, when you added an event, you'd just be redirected to the finished listing. I've added an interstitial page now that gives you four options:

1) view your newly created listing
2) create a second distance for this event
3) create a copy of this event on another day
4) add a different event

Hopefully these take a few steps and a bit of the legwork out of adding multiples.

Another successful usability experiment! Thanks for your help everyone. If you've got any suggestions on what I should test next, give me a shout in the comments :-)
Click here to suggest fetcheveryone's blog for today's highlights.



9:31am, 4 Jul 2024

Fingers crossed.
Click here to suggest fetcheveryone's blog for today's highlights.


  • heart
    9:55am, 4th Jul 2024
  • Vote early, vote often!
    10:16am, 4th Jul 2024
  • paws crossed
    The great dollop
    10:25am, 4th Jul 2024
  • Sunny!
    Ocelot Spleens
    10:41am, 4th Jul 2024
  • good work. I'm going when Mrs C is back from work.
    11:04am, 4th Jul 2024
  • Done here, but taking the dog later
    12:49pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Posted mine first class on Monday. Fingers crossed indeed!
    Angus Clydesdale
    12:49pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Did you post the dog too Angus?
    12:52pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Thank goodness for a dry day.
    1:34pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Proxy vote being done for me.
    Eynsham Red
    1:50pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • #VoteFetch
    JamieKai *chameleon*
    2:00pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:08pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • 😄
    2:16pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Fingers and toes crossed
    3:28pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • Hope that your dog has photo ID 😉
    4:19pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • That's definitely him in the picture :-)
    4:19pm, 4th Jul 2024
  • I was expecting more than one of each
    7:37am, 5th Jul 2024

Cadence Filter - a little tweak

3:46pm, 1 Jul 2024
Last week I introduced a new option in the Splits dropdown when viewing your training entry.

The idea was that if you do, say, an interval session or a run-walk, Fetch can automagically break the entry up into its constituent segments based on your cadence. It makes graphs like this:

And that all seemed to be well-received, aside from the folks who run their recoveries rather than walk them. I'd used a fixed value of 140 - making the assumption that everything below 140 was walking, and everything above was running. But as I hinted at the time, I recognise that this threshold could well be different for everyone.

And as promised, I've brought in some flexibility. Instead of one 'Cadence' option in the splits box, I've added a bunch of them, starting at 'Cadence 130' right up to 'Cadence 190', in increments of 10. This allows you to choose the threshold. (Side note: the threshold you choose appears in the URL - so if you want to be more precise, you can achieve this by editing the URL).

I pointed this at Bowman's entry from the comments section. He did a Strides session (for the uninformed: repeated short bursts of quicker stuff in amongst some easier-paced running). In the image below, the top graph splits the run using 140 strides per minute - and tells us nothing. The second graph uses 170str/min, and like little hamsters under a night-vision camera, you can see the efforts standing out clearly :-)

There are still a few bugs e.g. zp reported that the cadence tool had "a bit of a meltdown" on this run: - I think I can do a bit of tidying here. Drops (or increases) in cadence that last less than (say 2-3 seconds) can probably be ignored. For now, it seems to be doing a decent job of pulling out efforts from otherwise faceless training entries - so I'm pretty pleased with it :-) But do share your oddities. I know you love it :-)
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  • Awesome :) thanks! I’ll play around a bit and try it out!
    Bowman 🇸🇪
    4:21pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Excellent.
    4:40pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • ooo, ive always found it difficult to identify my strides on a run so now I can discover if I am actually doing them
    5:10pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Do share what you find!
    5:12pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • This looks good :) Off to have a try.
    6:26pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Yes, loads better, thanks :)
    6:30pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Noice
    Mark J 🇳🇿
    10:48pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Good idea with the 2-3s ignoring rule. Had been wondering how it would work for slowing to open a gate etc. Impressive stuff!
    2:48pm, 2nd Jul 2024
  • That's interesting shall have a look
    3:03pm, 2nd Jul 2024
  • Working very nicely for me, when I find the right cadence value. I notice that in my recent interval session, the cadence distribution is prominently bimodal, with a valley between the two peaks – I wonder whether this valley, if auto-detectable, could be used as the default cadence value?
    5:12pm, 2nd Jul 2024
  • Def possible to use something like k-means clustering to find peaks - but I think in this case the flexibility is useful.
    5:41pm, 2nd Jul 2024
  • That's terrific! Now I'm wondering if it can pick up spots that are trips and or falls. 🙂 Not that I do that very often...
    6:31pm, 3rd Jul 2024
  • automagically is a trademarked term you know ;-)
    The great dollop
    10:45pm, 3rd Jul 2024
  • just a thought - you number the splits in the graph - but not on the data listing ? can you put the split number on the left for easy correlation ?
    The great dollop
    10:26am, 4th Jul 2024

F'Laps Leaderboard - help me kick the tyres

1:48pm, 1 Jul 2024
Hello F'Lappers,

I've built a first draft of the check in page, and I need your help to kick the tyres.


Let's do a trial run. For the next few hours, please pretend you've just come back from your run. You go to the link, choose the distance you covered, and press the 'Check In' button.

1) If you're one second too late, you're out (sorry).
2) You can start doing the full 4.167 mile laps if you like, but if you switch down to, say 5k, you can't then go back up.

I'd mainly just like to check that it's all fairly self-explanatory, and that there are no glaring errors.

If you're signed up to F'Laps, go check in before the end of the hour :-)

If you're *not* signed up but want to join in, you need to register here first:
Click here to suggest fetcheveryone's blog for today's highlights.


  • so far so good!
    2:45pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • No problems so far :-)
    Elsie Too
    4:24pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Easy to use. However, after my first check in at 2:51, I forgot. But I was still able to check in at 4:58 and 5:01 (very quick mile ;-) ). As per rule 1 above, shouldn't it have: not accepted my check-ins/ told me I'm out/ blown a raspberry?
    5:06pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • That'd just be rude :-)
    5:07pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Erm i was intending to do it interspersed with Park run so the 8 and 9 am laps would not be registered until i get home as was intending to end up at park run shortly before it starts and then post park run walk somewhere on way back until it's gone 10 then run that 2 mile lap then.
    5:25pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • Have you got a phone, and 30 seconds to click the 'Completed It Mate' link at five to nine?
    5:27pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • In principle yes but dont normally take phone with me and if signal is dodgy (its a old phone) might not work, can be sorted later on if not working as the evidence will be there soon enough.
    5:28pm, 1st Jul 2024
  • We'll figure it out :-)
    5:29pm, 1st Jul 2024

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Salmon Ramen (for TBR)
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9 years ago today
Chewie, We're Home! Happy Fetch Independence Day :-)
Be Prepared
Becoming an effluencer
A few Fetch Mugs left
November (10)
The Festive Fetch Calendar is back!
FIT file import
Thank you, mysterious Fetchie!
UTMOST in the age of COVID-19
This'll cheer you up for sure...
Lost in translation?
Annual Infographic... updating now.
In theory...
October (11)
Training Plan Analysis
Mini plans with the training plan
5k with The Boy :-)
Welcome to tomorrow
Thank you
Become tradeable!
Pre-Race Training Volume
Doctor K Cup Week
Last orders
Advice for a friend
Trader Makeover
September (6)
The shop is open!
Hoodie Colour!
New Fetch Hoodies
A big up/holler!
A benchmark derailed by GPS data *nerd*
August (8)
10k analysis
Officially a Sheepy Shuffler!
Pi Watering
Pre-order Avoid Everyone Face Masks
I got sent these...
Other sites? :-O
Benchmarks - an infinitely configurable set of ladders.
Try the monthly infographic :-)
July (10)
Update on Monthly Training Infographic
New Infographic
Monthly Summary (with a little tweak)
A quick Garmin update
Open Water / Wild Swimming Database
Avoid Everyone - spares
OWS Locations
Thread-level search
New Sharing Graphic & New Pastures
My first lamp post
June (16)
Replacing the Who's Training page
Combining some pages
In pursuit of the Gridmaster Ultra
15th Anniversary Kit - Spares
A new How To video
Training Plan Updated
Black Lives Matter
Avoid Everyone Spares + Second Batch
Wikipedia page
Another YouTube video for sharesies :-)
Getting data to Fetch from **other places**
Feature Voting - some further updates
Feature Voting - speeded up
Another How To video - this time, Conquercise
Fantastisches Tweeten
May (13)
A video for sharing
Fetch Introductory Zoom Presentations
A promise to all Fetchies
Fetch Virtual Weekend: Replacement Bus Service
How has Fetch use changed?
Fetch Weekly Virtual Races
Zoom Meeting - Thursday 9 til 10am
WAVA Standards Update
WAVA Standards + Poll
Fun with Age Grading :-)
New Badges Day
The test shirt fabric has arrived :-)
April (14)
Zoom Podcast - watch the video
What is WBC?
If you did the free Amazon trial...
Some small amends (and shirt version)
Pre-orders open
I was only joking, but...
If Fetcheveryone did lockdown merch
Site outage - Thursday 16th April 11pm
On exercising responsibly
My Sports Quiz - how would you have scored?
Your creative thinking required
WBC My Favourite Teacher (a bit later than the deadline)
Updated Training League
Server Downtime, Thursday 9th 00:01BST to 04:00BST (and thank you!)
March (13)
New Fetch Game: Hide and Seek
Free trial of Audible
Do you have a good memory?
New Opt-In for Fetch Miles
New Badges for Fetch Miles
The Fetch Five: Don't Let CV19 Win!
Amending event dates and notifying of cancellations
A green light comes on over your head, and you can get on with life
Most Popular Shoe Brands 2019
A review
Android: Session I
Compare Your Training
Book Now to avoid disappointment :-)
February (10)
Imports from Suunto, Fitbit, Polar and TomTom.
Plot A Route - mobile improvements
Happy tugging!
Something to play with
Adding A New Feature
February Treasure Hunt
Server Downtime
Miles = Smiles
Build Your Mile
Pop Will Eat Himself: Update
January (11)
Clarence the Cadence Kitten
Trim your trails :-)
Seven Day Leaderboard
Let's try that again
Some minor blog amendments
Try the new Forum Search Prototype
Pop Will Eat Himself
A card from HowFar?
Thank you HowFar? (Statement, not a question)
Take the red pill
Climb every mountain
2019 (134)
December (7)
The Christmas Poem
Where your treasure is...
Listen to the dog breathe
Chewie, We're Home
Thursday's Challenge
Which GPS?
Fetch Shop (of sorts)
November (12)
The zeroth challenge
Polar users - auto import
Calling all Polar users
Mobile Optimisation
Calling all Android users
Did your ads disappear?
Pin that sucker down :-)
Easier tagging
Category now editable from VIEW
Kit now editable from VIEW
Working towards tagging
Manual Add Training bug
October (16)
Boring Cricket Blog
Books Part 2
Books :-)
Training tags Part 2
Training tags
Let's Jazzercise
My precious
Cricket Week 4: Footage :-)
Forum Training Threads
Benny Neutrino Returns
Cricket Week 3: Wingardium Leviosa!
Benny Neutrino's Filter Tips
Cricket Week 2
Continuing Amazon Affiliate Saga
In case you haven't seen...
September (11)
Updated: Spare Anniversary Kit
Affiliate links
I did a cricket!
Fetch365 - enjoy responsibly
My dear old things
Buddies vs Follow
Server Invoice Day
Our new MOTM sponsor
Fetch Power!
Race Listings: Please Read
August (5)
Everyone *rainbow*
Almost there...
Quick blog
Country Badges
A new set of badges
July (6)
Pre-orders open
Anniversary Shirts v2
Fetch 15th Anniversary Shirts
Fetch Fest 2020
Shout Outs
Missing imports from Garmin yesterday
June (13)
Who Squares Wins: 64 screenshot
Who Squares Wins: 64 Player Edition
Training summary - older pages
Training sub-menu rejig
Try the infographic
Steady Edina
Annual Summary Infographic
The height of daft things
The training summary - the morning session
The training summary - a wordier blog
Try the annual summary thing
How to listen to the Fetch Podcast
12 month summary mega-graph!
May (15)
£79.99 off the bottom line
parkrun reviews - now with routes
Fix It Friday; Project Joker Week 2; and some shout outs.
Fetch Kit Cupboard Sale
The bonus ball
Project Joker - Week 1
Fix It Friday
A quick update on the server
Fetch 15th Anniversary Kit
There is a good service operating
In case you're wondering...
Trouble auto importing from Garmin?
Fix It Friday: Stuff that came to me in dreams
April (12)
Feature Voting - now with virtual badges :-)
The moment of triumph!
New Feature Voting
Fix It Friday: What would your horse be called?
Marathon Pacing: tyre-kickers required
Fix It Friday: Back to Basics
Podcast Poll
Fix It Friday: The League Of Everyone
Dom, dom, dom, I've got DOMS, I've got DOMS!
Crouch, Touch, Pause.... longer pause... what am I doing again?
Training Log - Update
Site Update: New Font
March (15)
Fix It Friday: An Endless Mission
Naming and faming :-)
2nd in my age category!
Fix It Friday: Brought to you by Surprise Inset Day
New training log
Route Matching - Ready :-)
Fix It Friday
What's your unit of measurement?
Ciderthon competition
Fix It Friday: Stroopwafels of Doom!
Route Matching - Update
This week's cool list
Me in the river
Big Fetch Miles 2019
Fix It Friday: Fingerprints!
February (13)
A Maths Challenge
Fetch Legends: Activate!
Whose coat is this jacket?
Fix It Friday: The Fix Awakens
Joining the awesome list...
Fix It Friday
Naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday - Monthly Summary
Training Month Summary
Podcast Q&A
If you can't read this, don't panic.
*redsaber* The force is strong with these Fetchies!
Fix It Friday *bluesaber*
January (9)
Some shout outs :-)
Fix It Friday!
Podcast Ep 3, plus some naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday
Fetch Chaos
Oooh! Second chance Berlin trip! And new subbers, podcast episode, and Trader.
My week of running
Naming and faming - this week :-)
Naming and faming :-)
2018 (138)
December (8)
A Christmas Message (in podcast form)
Rungeon :-)
Hey, Everyone!
France Trip Vote
Happy Fetch Independence Day
Actual free trip to France (incl. flights)
Sombrero's Lovely Cards
November (14)
Hoodies + other spares
Spare Fetch Kit
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
Book Giveaway - Can We Run With You, Grandfather?
Fix It Friday
Bedford Harriers Half - place offered
Updated Kit Bag
Family Fortunes :-)
Any adidas experts out there?
No Fixes Today - just two challenges
Big Fetch Mile Cardiff
Fix It Friday
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
October (14)
Hello landlubbers
Embedded polls
Member of the Month
Fix It Friday
Spare Fetch shirts and vests
Fix It Friday
My Fetch Mile
One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner.
Fix It Friday - 'Ave It!
Automatic route matching
Automatic route matching
One last reminder for those cycling jerseys
Fix It Friday - Forensics and User Experience
September (14)
Fix It Friday
Server Downtime 2.30pm 26th September
Never Again
Fix It Friday!
Handling your weirdness
Cards ordered :-)
Just wondering...
Fix It Friday :-)
Try the Fetcheveryone Tutorial
40 days and 40 nights
Fix It Friday
ARION insoles - review part 1
Fetch Shirt - Black Ones, and sizing
Shirts and Vests Pre-Order
August (14)
Fix It Friday
Blog Height squished
Site Outage Last Night
New Mobile Nav
Fix It Friday
New feature - how you doin'? :-)
Sunflower spread
Fix It Friday
A new pre-race mileage graph
Fetch Social: Draycote Water September
Fix It Friday: The Supermarket Analogy
A run with _andy :-)
Suunto 9 Review
Fix it Friday
July (5)
Fix It Friday!
Five Get Wet In Devon
Big Glasgow Weekend - Part 1: Gies A Cwtch
Tom Williams Interview - Final Part
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile Results and Pics
June (17)
Abingdon Week 17 - P&D Booster rockets
Interviewing Tom Williams: Part III
Walking League (and one just for Nellers)
Follow Roads - continued
Week 18 in the bag
Tackling turds
Abingdon Marathon Training: Week 18
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 2
Five Questions (ready for serious answers)
Kick some tyres for me
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 1
Five Questions
Follow Roads saga
Google maps progress, plus Abingdon plans
Training Summary - Infographics
Who Squares Wins - ranking update
May (10)
Training log maps converted
More mapping updates
Who Squares Wins - The Wizard's Hat
De doo doo doo... another one bites the dust...
Invisible changes
Silverstone 10k
Three year throwback
Why your support makes the difference
Some high mileage Fetchies
dryrobe winner
April (14)
Interviewing Tom Williams
Swimming Caps!
New batch of shirts and vests
You make big mistake my friend
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile announced
Two tickets to the Running Awards
Pics from Dudley Big Fetch Mile
Notes for London Marathon Fetchpointers
Results from today's Big Fetch Mile
Who Squares Wins - prototype board
Attention London Marathoners!
New game - coming soon
March (9)
Intervals, Solidarity, Swimming and Fmail
Ready to give the new fmail a try?
More on fmail
New fmail system
Win a dryrobe :-)
For jabberknit...
Updating the Training Home page
Pics from Bedford Big Fetch Mile
Sledgends :-)
February (13)
Buffs On Sale
Big Fetch Mile Bedford
Vlog :-)
Marathon Talk
Important GDPR stuff - PLEASE read
A page of historical importance
Vlog :-)
Road Rash, Marathon Prediction and T-Shirts
This :-)
Capturing the dog
It's BACK!
Enter Wilmslow Half Marathon
An advertisement
January (6)
Local Fetchies - Opt In
Revealed: World's Best Shoes
How I chose the Big Fetch Mile venues
Big Fetch Mile 2018 - Venues & Provisional Dates
Try adding an image to your training entry
Mileage Targets 2018 - Update
2017 (147)
December (12)
Mileage Targets 2018
Thank you
Brownie Recipe :-)
Fetch Hoodies + Buffs SALE Update
Chewie, We're Home
Fetch Hoodies SALE - what's left
Fetch Hoodies! SALE!!! (and Buffs available too)
Chewie, We're Home
Sharing pics
Fetch Jingle Mile Cambridge photos
Glorious Failure: Bedford Harriers Half Marathon
November (20)
Serpents, hamstrings and inversions
A special anniversary approaches...
Hamstring and prototype updates
Training Log Prototype - Today's Improvements
Red Venom sale
For what it's worth...
Training Log Prototype - Update #2
Training Log Prototype - Update
Big Fetch Mile - venue hunt
RT for a Garmin
Training Log Prototype - To Be Fixed
The Weekly vLog (by me)
Thanks :-)
New Training Log Prototype - Available Now
Thanks for following
VLog - footage from the Cardiff Big Fetch Mile
Big Fetch Mile[s] 2018
Win a place in the Surrey Half
I vont to scan your barcode.
October (12)
Big Fetch Weekend :-)
Fetch Mile Results
Festive Fetch Calendar :-O
Calling Parkers everywhere!
In which I decorate a cake.
Regent's Park Fetchie Discount
Elevation in colour
"I didn't come here to walk to Sparta!"
New elevation info
Chicken Ballot-ine, with a side order of beef
New training log headers
Ballot day tomorrow - help needed
September (19)
Weekly vLog - COCONUTS!!!
River Thames Half Marathon
The lollipop update
On failing gracefully
Doctor K Day
Fetch Kit Sale - Updates
Weekly vLog
Fetch Kit Sale
Training Log View Update
Fetcheveryone Weekly? Vlog?
Fetchie Race Discount - Regent's Park 10k
Training Log Tags - Live
Training Log Tags
Weekly vLog - Derby Mile, and a pause to salute the legendary Doctor K
24 hours later
Doctor K donation page
Doctor K
Fetch Weekly vLog
Derby Mile - tomorrow!
August (8)
Race Prices; and an alien earworm
Straight outta Cromford - the Fetch Weekly vLog!
A Fetch vLog! With prizes!
Quick search location for sharing
New WAVA graph
Weird FIT file thing
Back from me 'olidays :-)
Linking race results to training log entries
July (12)
Race Pricing - crowdsourcing
Appdate for Android and iPhone
Fetch Mile - Cardiff?
Race listing omelette
Coding and town planning
Please review your races
A2B winners
Motivational Sounds - the final 10
Two more Big Fetch Miles? :-)
Bedford Fetch Mile Results
June (19)
Big Fetch Mile
Motivational Sounds
Fetch fug - updated design
Fetch fug (available at the Fetch mile)
I've done the naughtiest thing ever.
Donating Blood - my Vlog
Fapp In the App Store :-)
Can I kick it?
This just in...
For Bean
Your app status is Waiting For Review
Fetch Caps
Garmin Communicator Plugin
Fetch App - strong and stable testing
HTTPS is here
Fetch App progress
https access to the site
May (14)
Fetch App
Site down at 11pm
Round and round the garden
Try the new home page layout
Server down tonight @ 11pm
Browser testers wanted
The Big Fetch Mile!!!
Site *NOT* down tonight. [cough]
Bluffer's Competition - Winner
Bedford parkrun timelapse
Return of the cap
April (8)
Fetchpoint (London and Milton Keynes!)
Base camp, VMLM
Just for D2
Off to the awards
Hoodies - it's on!
Updated Training Home Page
March (6)
'Train' page
Project Joker
Hoodies and Londons
Hands up, hands UP! Draycote Water 10
Bluffer's Competition
Project Joker
February (12)
Running Awards shortlisted
Route Plotter now with OpenStreetMap
Plan for Bluffer's comp
Update to Route Plotter
First update to the route mapper
For Angus
Virtuous Circles
Competition coming soon
Race Guide Ads
Club La Santa vLog
Fetch Fixtures
January (5)
Word Clouds
Buckets Ready
New Home Page
Do me a favour...
Limited Companies, filing accounts, that sort of thing
2016 (128)
December (11)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Five Years Ago Today
Pantsfest! May the stains be ever in your favour!
Photoshop SOS
Attention: Fitbit users
Bedford Half 2016
Luton Fetchmob: Breaking Point
Vote Fetch!
Breaking news: Paris Marathon
November (21)
How to end a LiveChat.
Define wrong
TomTom Runner 3 Review - Any Questions?
Movember: Project Beard: Day 24: Beardraggled
Festive Fetch Calendar 2016
We're gonna be in the Hudson
Hey Chiefy
I've written summat
Going Postal
A special mention
Training Log Beta
Spare Hoodies
Updates to Training Beta
Movember: Project Beard - Day 8 (The Seven Day Itch)
Vote for Fetch
Training Log Detail View - Some Changes
Aberdeen University Study
Consultation V2
Fetchpoint - October Winners and November Prizes
October (16)
Alien nuggets!
Keeping a tight lid on the biscuit tin
Training Log Beta
100 Running Words
Fetchmob, December 3rd
Where to mob?
Little things
That All-Time Mileage League
The sudoku that keeps on giving.
Sub-25 for 1km :-)
Fetchmob - December 3rd
New Training Log Preview
Fixed the overlap...
Why the new training log isn't ready yet...
September (12)
Doughnut or Donate
Training Log - Sneak Peek
Fetch Shop Sale! Old stuff clearout!
The consultation system...
Garmin support for timezone info
The GMT/BST/Timezone problem
Training Log Consultation...
Training Log - Consultation
Fetch Social Runs
Subscriber shirts, vests and hoodies, and determination.
Fetch Voluntary Subscriptions
August (3)
Ze Gryndylows! My first #OWS :-)
Testing Fetchpoint exclusion zones
Fetchpoint scoring system
July (7)
Conquercise Prize Draw?
Fetch Games: Checkpoints (and what's wrong with them)
More owls...
Your Favourite Fetch Game?
Even More Utmost Than Before...
15 days later...
June (10)
Five days on...
A quick thank you...
What do you think?
If you'd be so kind...
Which watch?
Run Bedford 10k
Import from a TomTom
Attention TomTom users
May (10)
Race Distance poll
An ungainly fish
A five year plan
What Club La Santa can learn from parkrun
Cream Me Up, Scotty
Greetings from Club La Santa
And a quick poll...
Club Charter
A poll about intervals
More owls!
April (11)
Robin Hood and his Merry Dad :-)
Warning: Dull - some screen res stats
Responsive Design Update
For all you marathoners
A Poll
Ditching the forum categories?
Moving to Responsive Design
Sandy 10: Be Kind To Horses
For Adam and Jamie
March (11)
Bacon Smoke!
Benchmarks Update
Bath - Race Report
An annoying eight-year-old.
Let's Cook and Cut and Paste :-)
Let's Cook :-)
RIP Gramma
Book Winners
Dog farming
Site header update
February (5)
Book Giveaway
Pi Club
Pi Project Update
Because I'd like to check the blogging badges are working...
January (11)
Snooker Freak
Badges - Another Update
Unlockable Badges - Update
Unlockable Badges
TomTom Runner 2 Review
Gallery updates
Snowball coding and Fetch Unlockables!
Achievement Medals - what do you reckon?
Run The Sum
2015 Book List (and a bit of a review / plan)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
2015 (175)
December (7)
Red Red Wine
A Poll
Gis a job!
Bedford Half
Vote for Fetch
Now you've hopefully got the idea...
November (13)
The Festive Fetch Calendar
Don't get excited or anything...
Slightly Dismal Friday
Pre-order your Fetch Buff now :-)
A message from our sponsor
Dr Fetch will see you now
Only the grumbliest, achiest chocolate... :-)
The Stanford Experiment
Buff Design
Snugs - Review
Love, Commitment, Support
The pre-wedding blog!
Good morning Fetchers, good morning Everyone
October (9)
Monthly Totals
Did you write a blog yesterday?
The First Rule of Web Server Maintenance
The gain line
The zipper challenge!
Sugar daddy
Now in colour!
Competition Time!!!
September (14)
Teach your kids (or yourself) to code
Sticky Training Choices
Goodies: GetMore water and the Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Shirt size guidelines
This nearly made it...
Subscriber Shirt Design
I've got wood!
New Beginnings
Some more questions answered
Some responses to your comments
Standing on the shoulders of Fetchies
August (8)
24 hours in the south
24 hours in the north
Fetchies Assemble!
Thank you
Better knowledge than riches
Fitbit Urge
The villainous Mr Fetch!
Uncomfortable rear
July (8)
Why don't you play Conquercise?
Another week of strange training
Book Giveaway - Winners
GPS Reviews
Criteria for reviewing a GPS
Auto-bike-detector :-)
Win some bookses :-)
Half Way!
June (13)
Time Lapse Clouds
TomTom Bandit - very QUICK first impressions
My wings are like a shield of steel!
Running plus Cycling update
Stalkers Paradise!
Recommend me a bike :-)
Holy Steamrollers Batman!
Rest day (no such thing)
We will now imitate the flight of a goose :-)
You made me ink! Snorkel safari :-)
Good morning from CLS :-)
May (10)
Club La Santa :-)
The AWESOME Power of Fetchies!
Home Insurance Shaftage :-/
Editing Forum Posts
The Future!
Some London Marathon stats
Walking On The Moon
Hardest parkrun?
New found wisdom
Week 1
April (11)
Marathon vLog
I owe some hugs!
And that concludes the voting from the Danish judges
Adventures in geocaching
Your video clips wanted!
Jelly with no spoons
Random Ultra
Suncream in my eyes - a review of 'Running and Stuff'
Books what I've read this year
Measuring the effect of wind
Wind Roses
March (18)
Watching the tide roll away
A great week of running!
Happy Jigs Wisdom!
Mobile Fetch
I don't do this very often...
Breathless Optimism
20 miles yesterday
This Week's vLog
Decision Trees and the sub-4!
Democracy Street
Mayan Maths
Bath Half (at last)
Still a chicken
Costume Drama in Bath
TomTom importing
Updated 'Train' page
February (29)
An Unexpected Journey
Wind picking up...
An unplanned kit alarm
Race Pace Test
2nd place
Week ends
Barking carrots
Bedroom pizza
Top of the mountain
Blogs get the mobile treatment
Supersonic Katie, and a marathon pace question
Back home
Racing parkrun ;-)
Unblocking the sink
Start in Darkness
Some times I'd like
Mobile Site - Forum Section
All-Time Leaderboards
Sword fighting
PB Attempts
Duct tape and WD40
Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
Shoe horning
Training vLog Week 13
Big February Project
January (35)
Cake, invalidated
Small sips
LiRF, award shortlist, beginners, books, boy.
Dog Available :-)
New Recipe Section
Another threshold run
New Beginnings
But far more importantly...
Fetch Beginners Programme
Give it a go :-)
Training vLog - Week 11
Threshold Run (a running blog)
Long day, short blog
(Lack of) Pump Action
A thread to follow
This Boy Can
Local Leaderboards for Checkpoints
February 18th
The Travelling Checkpoint Salesman
Acorn Antiques
Bearing Up
Deleted Bridges and Dodgy Lasers
I'm Batman!
Healthy and Appy
Punch O'Clock!
The plan, then.
Ten mile toes
On Parliament
Bold Claims, and a Challenge for 2015
2014 (262)
December (9)
A trip to Wales (vLog)
Christmas Messages from Fetchies
FERC London Marathon Places - Draw
It's gone in my sock...
Festive Fetch Five
This Week's Training
To the Post Office!
Training vLog - Week 4
November (12)
I Am Groot!
Slightly Dismal Friday
Week 3 - in which I nearly drown my wife!
I said yes :-)
Free Daps! aka Test GORE-TEX® footwear this winter!
Training vLog - Week 2
More chances for VMLM entries
Marathon Talk
My first training vLog :-)
Second place?
In :-)
Questionnaire about personality traits amongst runners
October (16)
Adidas API
Horseplay minimiser
Running with the big dog
Flat and Windy
Who'd like to test the Garmin API then?
Advantage Borg
Milk Tray Reps in the Rain
Hatfield 5k, and some other running thoughts
Site layout changes
Vote for Training Plans
Maths help
September (8)
A quick device poll
Garmin Connect API
Cake at the lake :-)
Empowering Women
This Week's Training
Tick :-)
Article help
First outing with the Harriets
August (7)
Book club and Harriers
A treasure trove for bookish types
What I did on my Summer Holidays
Local decoration
The Fisher King
Mojitos and no mosquitos!
July (26)
James Mason
Missing Week
Camping View
Wild Camping
Transalpine Race
In brief
Urgent! Pair of runners wanted!
Fetch Kit Available to Pre-order :-)
Fetch Anniversary Kit - Preview
API and FAK!
That dog has a puffy tail
More books
Reverse Moses
Zombies vs Plants
Shovel required
Catcher in the Rye
My sister the psychologist
Drink your strong limey drink
Keep me in the loop
Bread knives, hedgehogs and the dog in the night time
June (34)
Checkpoints video
Happy boys and giggly imps
Spring loaded
Elbow grease
Fetch 10th Anniversary Kit
Fetch YouTube Tutorial - Race Guide
Finding the Library folder on a Mac
Sonic screwdriver
Live wires
Wiring help needed
Garmin Express Experiment
Scalded sloth
New Forum Layout
Further updates to the blog layout
New blog layout
First woodpecker
Beastin' parkrun
All was well
Marking Territory
The People's Poet Is Dead :-(
Holy Water
Throwing shapes
Life moves pretty fast
Recursion is beautiful
Win an OS Explorer / Landranger map of your choice
Intervals with a Suunto Ambit 2S
Economy done two ways
May (31)
Vorsprung Durch Lego Technic
How do I liberate my boy from his XBox?
Life in the Woods
Intervals with a TomTom
Tree fluff
More camping
Zen and Camping
Not eaten by bears
Bear food
Camping List
Camping Venn Diagrams
Floppy dog
Routes but not Rathbone
Illustrator wanted
The Cosmic Ballet Goes On
Silverstone 10k :-)
Quick one
Superhuman snooker
Chapter 1
April (29)
King Bin
Quiet day on Feedback Mountain
Go directly to parkrun. Do not pass Godzuki.
A day in Wales
The Lost Diadem of Fetchbook
Falling asleep in my dinner
God gave rock and roll to you.
Sugar Mule
Not bad, consid'rin.
Can U Dig It?
A weekend in Wales
Looking forward to Oliver!
Thank you, and more App talk
Pyjamas at both ends.
Thump. Saturday has started.
Sore tum :-/
Zombies aside... first impressions of the new TomTom
TomTom Runner Cardio Press Event
Am I pregnant?
March (31)
Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes
Sandy 10
Me on YouTube
New graphs live
Follow the dot
Only the best for the Captain's table
Mrs Diahann Wagner is GOING HORNY
Sport Relief Win
Hot dogs, quick blogs
Toton Sidings
A sign!
Owen Farrell visualisation technique
Booster fails to ignite
Myton Rugby Run (5 Miler)
Rugby before rugby
Sweetcorn antidote
Custard factory
I did some intervals :-)
Speed work?
Many things
A bit cabbagey here.
Angry Wasp
Rainbow's End
Core Dump
Bath Half (in detail)
A quick overview
Down to business in Bath
February (28)
Made it to Bath
Unexpected hugs
I like to go a-wandering
Spring cleaning
Because We're Worth It
I don't know what!
Thanks Jim
Enough now
Clearing the pipes
Crouch, Touch, Pause...
Medication, that's what you need.
Symptom Tour
Hello FBI
Dazed day
Why I'm an optimist
Mobius birds
Snotty knuckles
In this house...
Retch Everyone
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
Angry Birds
Clarkson averse
Good day :-)
January (31)
*bunting* *cake*
Bigger Boys
Pretending to be Saga Norén
Waiting for the AA
Ship shape
Technology takes you further
Love Garden
High Heel Striker
Bit of a rubbish one
Hot Re-fills
Coding Grinch
An august prediction
Some Running Goals for Q1
Wipe-clean dog
Breaking it down
Snakes and Ladders
Bigger Ponds
Drink Your Weak Lemon Drink
All in All
Panning the pancake
Does JK Rowling own a dog?
Back to the kitchen table
Steve Davis shoes
Pigs on a water slide
19 books :-)
2013 (29)
December (3)
Engine Management Light
Hannibal Vector
November (3)
Speed skating
Cool Hand Grandpa
October (3)
Minecraft Cake
Random dump
September (2)
Blog by Email!
Catchup blah
August (3)
Big Green Caterpillar
Questions answered - final CLS blog
Last Days at Club La Santa
July (10)
A nice morning of swimming and tennis
Please Read: Questions for a sports coach
Hitting the straps
First Impressions at Club La Santa
Mile High Blog
Clocking off
For the second week running...
Another Club La Santa catchup
The Floor In The Plan
June (3)
Club La Santa
Bulk Uploading, and win a book
FERC Charities 2011-2012
March (1)
Bath Weekend
January (1)
Meet Steve
2012 (39)
December (2)
Tired Now Boss
Bath - Week 14 + Foodbank
November (3)
White Level Reading
Bath - Week 15
Bath - Week 16
October (2)
C'mon Dave
July (1)
RIP Arnie
June (2)
Rub some bacon on it
18 weeks
May (9)
Techy not tetchy
Time for a techy blog
Time to walk the dog
Stevington 12k
Properly coldy
Still a bit coldy
New blog design live
A bit coldy
Blogs Redesign
April (2)
March (8)
A long run up
Running Tick
Sport Relief Mile
Back once again
Swimming sweetcorn and other vegetables
Joy Rides, Sticks and Medals
Training Tip
February (9)
Katie, ICT, and some more MySQL
May The Ground Force Be With You
Well done Batman.
Optimisation Crossword
Snow Days
Gallery, and parkrun
January (1)
There Are Some Really Sexy Girls On Fetch

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