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The group to hang out on in 2013 if you have a 1000 miles in mind.

Join the group, set the target in your training, share your trials, tribulations and success!

Remember to set your target to 1000 miles on your training log (right hand side). To see The List click on "see more information" under your target, then "people with the same target as you" above the graph.
Or follow this link:

Notes from Members

  • Badgerlocke says: Fallen a little behind..but slowly eating into the deficit!! Good luck everyone!
  • mushroom says: Made 1015 in 2012. Looking for same again!
  • Scooba Steve says: Going to try and give this a genuine effort this year, hopefully with an Autumn marathon as well.
  • MoscowFlyer says: If I stay injury free then this should be achievable.
  • martynjlane says: I made it in 2012 (just!) so giving it another go this year. Thanks Whiskymurray for setting it up.
  • .B. says: 2012 probably had half this amount of running, but 2013 will be different :-)
  • Iron_Mum says: Excellent! Managed 932 in 2012, so should be able to do this if the injury gods smile on me. Good luck, team...
  • twinny says: With the support of the group last year, I made 1200 miles (500 more than ANY other year) so I'm back again!
  • Soggous says: Managed 1000 miles by Christmas Eve 2012. Had to take 1 month off because of injury so I hope I can achieve 1000 again in 2013 and stay injury-free.
  • Woffy says: Not achieved this yet but 2013 may just be the year, first few miles planned for this evening.
  • running26 says: just clocked over 1000 by mid December - hopefully will be sooner this year. 1st run today of 2013 today.
  • Raspy32 says: Just made this target last year so want the same target but try to soundly beat it
  • Ferdi says: aimed for 1500 last year but fell a bit short at 893 so hopefully 1000 is a realistic target for 2013.
  • RBanksy says: Managed the feat in 2012 and it was good to have one last target to achieve at the end of the year. So going for it agian in 2013 & hopefully another marathon. Who said running is not addictive?!
  • The Inspector says: Missed target last year so this year it is a must. Plan on 2 marathons, Liverpool and one other, might try the new Shrewsbury as it's local to me though could be hot in June, plus a handful of Halfs. So, with that in mind, this target is just the ticket.
  • Neilio says: Hi all. 1504 last year for me but motivation not with me at the moment,dark mornings and all that. Marathon of the North booked for the 2nd time, so here we go!
  • RunNodrun says: My first shot at this. Only started running last year so its all still a bit new. Got a couple of marathons planned in so this will help me keep going in between.
  • Norrin Radd says: third time lucky!
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