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Interview with NRGEE

RichHL asks: I'm so pleased for you. Huge congratulations. You do great things just by keeping going. I don't have a question for you except maybe to ask you whether you plan to keep blogging.

NRGEE says: Thank you so much. It is difficult to keep going but Fetch has been a lifeline to me. I certainly plan to keep blogging. If I recover from this depressive episode I shall make my blogs public again. My buddies are tremendous support. Thank you.
westmoors asks: Congratulations NRGEE and thank you for your honest blogs. My question: if you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

NRGEE says: I would like to have met Diana Princess of Wales. I think she was misunderstood and had mental health problems herself but was a kind a caring mum to William and Harry. she did her best in difficult circumstances
jelly (limegreenjelly) asks: I am so happy to see you have won this! I’m just going to ask a few random things so here goes… if you were an animal what animal would you be? What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite tree?
Again many congratulations!

NRGEE says: Thank you! If i was an animal I would be a black cat like my cat Lucky. My favourite colour is lilac as I find it a calming colour and I like the vibrance of a labernum tree- so that is my favourite tree.
FlyingScotsman asks: Congratulations, My question, If you were a professional athlete in any sport what song would you want playing as you walked onto the pitch?

NRGEE says: Thanks. That is a tough one. I think though i will choose Robbie William's song Let me entertain you. It's upbeat and if I was a professional athlete I would like to think I could entertain the people watching me do whatever sport I was partaking in.
OatcakeMonster asks: Congratulations! And a thank you from me too for your honest blogs (and the pictures of Lucky!). My question is where is your favourite place to run, and where would you most like to go for a run but haven't been?

NRGEE says: My favourite place to run is the Northumberland Coast- the scenery is stunning. I would like to go for a run in Switzerland by Lake Geneva and the hills as a backdrop. Thank you for your congratulations- I always worry my blogs are a bit too honest......hence buddy only. i'm pleased you like the photos of Lucky too!
Raggedy runner asks: Congratulations on your win. You’ve posted some great HM times in the past. If you could pick a professional athlete, track or road, to be your personal coach for a race, who would you choose?

NRGEE says: I would love to have Paula Radcliffe as my coach. I admire her guts and determination and have always enjoyed watching her run particularly the marathon.
fetcheveryone asks: Congratulations! You've made it your goal to destigmatise mental health issues. Can you suggest something we can all do to help the people around us?

NRGEE says: An excellent question and so pleased you asked it :-)

If a family member/friend/colleague don't seem their usual self ask with concern if there is anything they want to talk to you about and you will keep it confidential. Listening is the most important thing. Having someone you can confide in when you have a mental health issue -really does help. You don't have to say an awful lot - just be a good listener. if the person would rather speak to someone anonymously- I can highly recommend the SAMARITANS- phone number is 116 123. You can literally talk about anything and not have to give your name- they are trained to listen and be non-judgemental. Often I have heard people say they want to cry but can't- even though they are crying "inside". Being a caring listener- the person you are listening to may start to openly cry. Encourage this- as it gets rid of a lot of pent up emotion. I confided in 2 friends and one friend's mum. If i needed to talk they were there to talk to me. obviously any concern about a persons safety or safety of others- you need to dial 999 or take them to A and E. Hope this helps.

I do hope I have helped to destigmatise depression and the Fetch community have helped me a great deal
stilldreaming asks: Congratulations on your win and your very honest blogs. You have some amazing PB's. Which one means the most to you, and why?

NRGEE says: Thank you. I appreciate your comment on my blogs.
My best PB has to be the Great North Run half marathon where I qualified to run as an elite runner and was lined up a few rows behind Liz McColgan. She finished that race in 70 mins 28 secs. My time was 86 mins 51 secs and I was 33rd lady to finish that years GNR. I still can't believe that I once was classified as an elite runner. I didn't run at school and just took up running to relieve stress at university. To run so close to such a phenomenal athlete such as Liz McColgan was an honour in itself. As most of you know- the treatment I have had for my depression has severely affected my memory. I have a scrap book though with photos of that day- which I can look back at and feel proud :-)
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