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  • tulip says: somehow I managed to put on nearly a stone after running / plodding my first marathon. This needs to come off!!
  • duncman says: on a mission to loose 7lb in the next 2 months
  • MissChappo says: 10 stone would be lovely. 11 is more realistic to start with.
  • Kimmy says: Started at New Year, a stone to lose before hols in New Zeland end of feb. Managed a kg a week so far by stopping snacks and making sure I run twice a week but will get harder now
  • geordiegirl says: Here's to a real group of losers in 2010!! :)
  • northernslowcoach says: back to goal and then the tricky bit of maintaining :)
  • Triplet Dad says: I'm determined to get down to 12 stone before Edinburgh Marathon in May - 26 lbs to go - good luck everyone
  • sweetpea1980 says: ditto lazy lady- I always used to be 8st then crept to 9st and was always 9st now I'm 10st 3lb :(, this will be the year we will both hopefully see a 9 on the scales.
  • Trix-df says: training for half marathon in April, and know it'd go much better if I lost some weight - looking to lose 2stone in total (maybe not by April), but am aiming for 2lb a week - Let the losing commence!!
  • Irontubs says: Let the 2010 flab fighting commence. Target -9.5lbs by birthday in March
  • not built for speed says: Right, need to lose weight ready for the wedding dress fittings!
  • sallykate says: Keeping an eye on things during marathon training
  • Silvershadow says: I'd like to loose 13lb by August holiday. Lost control of eating during marathon training and put weight on but now want to get back on track
  • Bumblebee1984 says: at 17st 10lb, i need to loose weight.. Ive lost 2 st since March, but need to get weight down for the Helsby half in Jan and Edinburgh marathon in May 2011. My poor joints cant take it!
  • IsoD says: Hi Newbie Fetchie here ! Would like to lose a stone. Have lost count of the times I have lost it and put it back on again but this time am determined !!!! Am running Loch Ness Marathon in October so my goal is to get this weight off for then. Getting it off is actually the easy bit it's keeping it off that is hard !!!! Good luck to everyong
  • JaneyM says: I am running in VLM next year and really want to get down from 11st 6lbs to at least 11st, 10st 6lbs would be best. Usually training works for me but I really want to lose this weight as I have tried for many many years to get into London and I want everything to be perfect on race day. I am hoping all you lovely Fetchies will inspire and support as always. Lots of love :) heart
  • Kimbles says: Need to loose about 21lbs. Might help the old knee joints when running if I do :-)
  • _2Jabs_ says: down 80lbs as of this weekend :) woot!
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