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<h3 style="color:#FF0000; margin-top:0px;">Fetchies who also ride mountain bikes</h3>

Not sure what to do with the group once it's made but at least you can have it in your list of

interests and find other people that way.

This group is in no way set up against the marvelous <a href="">'I Love Cycling'</a>. It's a special sub group for those who love cycling AND love being caked in mud and falling off into ditches and such like.


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Notes from Members

  • pielips says: Live in South Wales so i am spoilt for places to ride. Ride an Orange 5 in orange of course
  • Jamis says: Hi all new group for me!!!
    I live in Bothwell just outside of Glasgow, there are some great places to go biking around here.
    Mugdock Park is is great for MUD and single track or long run which takes you along the West Highland Way, Strathclyde park which is good forthe family, my bike mad 6year old daughter loves making me run to keep up with her on her new Specialized Pink Hotrock. Bothwell forest great for a quick spin. My baby is my Jamis Dakar 3.0XLT not a very well know make of bike in the UK but go to Canada and its a popular as Rocky Mountain.
  • Pierre says: Lost in the blinding whiteness of... SE London. I try to get out of London as much as possible to go and ride anywhere green, hilly and preferably foresty and singletracky.
  • z1000jeff says: I live (nearly) on the doorstep of Glentress and Innerleithen so that's my local stamping ground.

    See MBR Feb 06 for my killer loop in all its glossy technicolour printed glory. It's my claim to fame .... yay !

    BTW I ride a Whyte 905 hard tail.
  • Alfadan says: I live in Sandhurst and am only a couple of miles from Swinley Forrest and Hawley Woods so have quite a bit of terrain on my doorstep. I have only recently got back in the saddle and have just replaced my old bike with a 09 Rockhopper, still getting used to the extra braking power of hydraulic discs and the novelty of front suspension. Looking to do some combined run/bike events like the Helly Hansen series and I am using the bike a bit more for training following an ankle injury which is stopping me running as much as I need to.
  • Twirlip of the Mists says: I cycle in and around The New Forest. It's pretty flat but it's very pretty and you can get very muddy and commune with nature.
  • Skunk says: I live in West Yorkshire and have access to N.York Moors, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, N.Wales, Lakes, Pennines. Im up for group rides so let me know if you wish to tackle some trails. I prefer Forest trails like Grizedale and Dalby.
  • firekat says: mud mud glorious mud.....................
  • SherryB says: I've got a KHS mountain bike and a Belgian cyclo-cross. Most of my off-road riding is in Kent (Limpsfield, Westerham etc) and also done some great riding in and around Betws y Coed.
  • bigmunnki says: I live less than a mile from Cannock Chase. I would like to get further afield more often.
  • toffee says: Often seen under my bike pleading for help in Llandegla or on the Marin trail - expert at falling off and crapping my kecks on the black run at Llandegla, also shouting loudly and whoo - hooing, (you know what I mean) when I manage to say on. Thinking of going on a course up near Rivington to learn all of them there fancy jump moves and stuff.
  • Lyns says: I always think about myself as a beginner however with three selkirk Merida marathons at the shortest distance, one penrith merida at mid-distance and one polaris challenge under my belt i guess i'm not really. I don't train on the bike though - i tend to head out for a massive ride or whole weekend about once a month relying on running fitness to get me round :)
  • julbags says: MTBer who runs (well more the other way atm). Live in Lancashire and try to get out offroad at least once a week, am planning on resurrecting my long offroad weekend rides again. Like to ride in West Yorks, Dales and the Lakes most and prefer real trails to the forestry stuff.
  • The Juicer says: New to mountain biking. Biked 90 miles of the Pennine Bridleway a few weeks ago, which was a bit of a baptism by fire :-)
  • Tiggermac says: Wouldn't class myself as a serious MTBer, however, love getting out at the weekends for a blast along some forest trails.

    At least once a year, spend some time in Aviemore and head off to Laggan Wolftrax for some fun with my 13 year old son.

    I live in the South side of Glasgow.

    Currently riding a Trek 2700, not a hardcore bike, but does what I need it to do!
  • Shred Betty says: Hiya! Most of my riding is in Swinley/Tunnel Hill, but get down to the S Wales trail centres quite often - favourite trail at the moment is Skyline at Afan! Ride a Giant Trance, but I'm currently converting my old Kona Nunu into a singlespeed. Started doing a bit of racing last year (only in the "fun" categories though - I'm not very fast and I generally come last!) - I'm already signed up for this years 24/12!
  • Dickie York says: Live in North Yorkshire, so Dales, Dalby etc. Mostly a Triathlete. Not a great Mountain Biker (Broke my elbow last time I rode my MTB !!!).
    Ride (not very often) a NRS 2 with Pace forks.
  • Mattharper says: Mountain biking and stalking singletracks around Yorkshire.
  • pauliev says: Just found this group. Unable to run at the moment (awaiting surgery on my knee) so got my Trek Y-Glide out of the shed and trying to keep some form of fitness.
    Did a lot of MTB a while ago and my favourite haunt was Hamsterley Forest Co.Durham, dont think I could manage that now though, I was a lot younger then! :)
  • AndrewJ says: More of a runner, but used to (road) bike a lot a good few years ago, but being as I live with Swinley Forest less than 1/2 mile away, I've just invested in a shiny new Cube LTD Race MTB - I swear its lighter than my (ancient) road bike!!
  • filthyfaerie says: Live between the South Downs and the New Forest, beautiful scenery and excellent tracks to ride.
  • Pale Skinny Vegan says: I live in the Wyre Forest and cycle to work most days, about 9 - 14km each way, depending on route, mostly off road along the river bank and canal tow path.
    I ride MTB marathons, anywhere from 50km to 24 hour solo..
    I've also ride trailquests ( orienteering on mountain bikes).
    I ride a Santa Cruz Blur FS and a Santa Cruz Chameleon HT. Both with Rohloff rear hubs.
  • cathrobinson says: I live 5mins ride from Cannock Chase and have a brace of Treks I ride over there. Love it! Who needs running?! ;-)
  • Skyehusky says: I've only been doing this cycling lark for two weeks now. Hadn't been on a bike with gears before! I last cycled 24 years ago as a 12 year old but what I lack in experience I make up in enthusiasm and am gathering as much info as possible. I live in the beautiful Dorset countryside with some mean wooded trails but just a couple of miles from the coast. I still love my running but cycling is certainly on it's tail!
  • Nice guy Eddie says: Hey all, I live in York and Dalby is my local, although I try to get out on the moors and wolds when I can. Singletrack across the moors on a cold clear winters day is my idea of nirvana - I'm also too old for that jumping and tricks shit! currently riding a sweet Santa Cruz superlight which is still surprising me with what it can do. Fmail me if you want some 10-20 miles or so and want some company
  • breezey says: mountain bikes rock,dude.
  • DeeGee says: Just got a Spesh Hardrock, and will try and fit some Mountain Biking into my already busy schedule.
  • Phil_BTT says: Based in hertfordshire so not an abundance of mountains (or even proper hills) but that doesn't stop me spending money on increasingly expensive toys.
  • Ogden Runner says: Running comes first but decided to get back into mountain biking for cross training and to keep the fitness levels up. Realised that my favourite runs are off road trail routes so changed my 10 year old Claud Butler Rock for a new Marin hardtail MTB and absolutely love getting down and dirty on it! You'll mainly find me over Ogden Moor and on trail routes and canal tow paths around West Yorkshire. Just hope it doesn't take over from the running!!
  • Ianmon says: Got into MTB riding a few years ago, before I became a runner in fact. Now I enjoy both. If only I could swim efficiently I would do triathlons! I cycle to work 11 miles each way occasionally, choosing different routes for mtb or road bike. I try to go out on the MTB to Swinley forest (or further afield like the Quantocks or Cwm Carn) most weekends. Have done the Test Valley Tour and Bucks off road challenge rides. I try to MTB also on family holidays or business trips and have ridden in Mexico, California, the Isle of Man, Australia and Tenerife as a result. My son is almost 14 now and is my great MTB buddy - he wants to become a professional downhill racer when he grows up (like most teenage boys). My mileage target for 2011 is 700 miles on the bike (and 500 miles on foot). One day I will join an MTB club like Berks on Bikes...
  • Fenners68 says: Hi

    I live in West Yorkshire and generally ride all over Hebden Bridge, StIves etc.
  • Wazelle says: I want to buy a MTB so I can do the whole of the Thanet Cross Duathlon in 2012.......I need telling what is what
  • Debster says: I live in Kingston so tend to head to the Surrey Hills and North Downs of a weekend or Lake District for hols.
  • fermoitie says: MTB are great for going to and from the pub on dark winter nights across the fields with your mad mates :)
  • Hyperboy says: Hi all i am new to the group.I live in Stenhousemuir near Falkirk and there are numerous cycle tracks and trails where i live.I love cycling on the canal trails and i especially love to get dirty.Fell of yesterday and have got the skint knees and elbows to prove it but fortunately for me i always wear my helmet as when i went over the handlebars i hit the concrete path almost head first:)
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