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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Notes from Members

  • Mandymoo says: Will have a look at transport etc and see if I can make it work. Will come back to you
  • deanmurley says: I'm running in the marathon, so will have family and supporters attending. How do they get involved?
  • fetcheveryone says: Me and KatieB will be there :-)
  • Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) says: Will see if we can make it :-)
  • ChrisHB says: Plan to be there but it will be subject to family wishes.
  • sallykate says: I'm volunteering on bags at the start but if I can help from 10am or so count me in!
  • Zehnderboy says: Failed the ballot, but will not fail Fetchpoint. Count me in
  • Captain S says: I've never been to a fetch point before but I remember the one at last years Milton Keynes marathon bucked me up no end.
  • Fitz says: I'm in. Happy to do the early shift.
  • minardi says: Should be there with Mr T
  • Bintmcskint says: I'm in again :-)
  • Girlie says: Why not- I've loved Fetchpoint from both sides of the fence and its the best place to be if you're not running the damn thing!
  • Iron_Mum says: Looking forward to another epic Fetchpoint day.
  • Rosehip says: You are all very fabulous :)

    I apologise in advance for what may be an avalanche of fmails
  • Weasie says: Moley and I will be there. Ran it twice but never seen it from the other side, really looking forward to it. May bring cake.
Group admin: Rosehip