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British 10K London Run

Listed by godders83
Lambeth, Lambeth London SE1 UK
76 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
alipally Mornington Chasers 39:03 39:18 41:00 67.78
Allie Unaffiliated 55:55 59:56 1:01:00 59:56 50.61
Argyle Boy Unaffiliated 45:10 45:10 45:10 60.71
aron Unaffiliated 38:50 42:35 42:35 66.94
becca7 100 Marathon Club, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Wigston Phoenix, LDWA 45:03 1:02:00 1:02:00 49.60
Becyo Unaffiliated 53:44 53:44 50:00 53:44 56.43
Ben Belton Unaffiliated
Bod Unaffiliated 55:05 1:07:13 1:09:36 39.41
buttercup600 Unaffiliated 1:06:45 1:06:45 1:15:00 1:09:25 44.49
Ceaser Unaffiliated 50:01 53:12 56:33 47.71
ClaireT Victoria Park - City of Glasgow AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 38:11 38:11 40:00 40:37 74.87
Covert Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC 39:11 1:03:52 1:03:52 42.72
curlygirly Springfield Striders RC 39:26 44:58 46:00 44:58 68.69
Darth Vader Royston Runners 41:17 43:28 52:00 43:28 68.96
Dave29 Bishops Stortford RC 47:39 56:10 56:10 48.58
Daz M Bedford Harriers AC 41:55 51:14 52:00 51:14 55.04
elio Unaffiliated 37:57 48:19 48:19 55.57
everready Unaffiliated 49:59 49:59 48:30 49:59 55.21
fatgeet Croydon Harriers 47:51 47:51 50:00 59:26 49.27
Frobester Unaffiliated 48:39 53:24
Gayle Unaffiliated 57:35 1:06:00 1:15:00 1:07:00 45.31
gjc Unaffiliated 45:28 47:45 50:00 50:15 58.72
GooseyLucy Unaffiliated 1:08:00 1:08:00 1:10:00 1:08:00 44.60
GuyT Unaffiliated 46:51 49:14 50:47 57.22
hammerbunny Great Bentley RC 36:21 42:24 45:44 60.35
it was a bet Unaffiliated 1:08:00 1:08:00 1:08:00 44.72
JLP Unaffiliated 53:30 53:30 57:59 53.27
Juan Unaffiliated 50:30 50:30 1:00:00 55:00 51.83
jules67 Unaffiliated 49:02 49:02 50:00 49:37 63.70
kaybear Wimbledon Windmilers 52:27 54:35 57:00 55:50 55.58
kdp Hillingdon AC 56:55 56:55 1:00:00 56:55 51.05
Kenny_Boy Serpentine RC 41:33 48:00 48:00 57.89
Kevk Unaffiliated 1:02:00 57:30
kevtherev Unaffiliated 1:04:30 1:04:30 1:00:00 1:04:30 47.96
Lady P Unaffiliated 1:13:23 1:13:23 1:12:00 1:13:23 43.38
LadyBee Unaffiliated 46:50 49:40 55:00 49:40 61.07
longboat Harpenden Arrows 43:29 56:19 1:02:00 44.24
Lully FERC 1:01:38 1:06:00 1:06:00 47.26
Maj Bogs of Somerset 57:42 57:42 58:58 51.50
martynjlane Unaffiliated 42:57 43:15 46:00 45:29 61.10
mbc Unaffiliated 39:32 42:40 43:55 65.67
mikeharrison Hillcrest Villagers AC 45:22 45:22 45:22 60.83
MilestheCat Unaffiliated 41:20 41:20 41:20 75.08
millrunner Liss Runners 48:20 50:59 1:02:00 52:31 62.47
monkey harris Unaffiliated 49:07 50:38 59:59 50:38 56.11
Mousethatran Unaffiliated 1:02:24 1:06:31 1:06:31 45.65
mydadcanrunlikeacheetah Stragglers 52:10 52:10 57:00 52:10 58.38
Naomi P Unaffiliated 42:50 47:58 50:00 47:58 63.24
nick_evans Unaffiliated 42:25 43:24 50:00 45:00 62.48
Noodle Unaffiliated 53:23 1:03:05 1:20:00 1:03:05 42.58
not built for speed 26.2 Road Runners Club 46:48 57:35 58:37 51.75
OnceATexan Unaffiliated 55:50
oprah Unaffiliated 44:28 57:58 57:58 52.34
Paolo Plodder Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 49:20 56:56 57:30 56:56 53.06
petefrancis Unaffiliated 52:00 52:00 50:00 52:00 52.04
pschof1802 Unaffiliated 53:26 1:02:49 1:02:49 50.92
pullo Unaffiliated 48:43 48:43 52:20 60.11
roverman 100 Marathon Club 50:26 51:45 51:45 56.15
Rumrunner Trent Park Running Club 47:33 52:08 53:00 54.01
RunLikeTheWind Unaffiliated 1:01:49 1:05:06 1:09:54 50.81
Running Beer 26.2 Road Runners Club 49:09 1:05:59 1:05:00 1:05:59 40.69
runningflea UKnetrunner 55:44 58:24 55:00
runningtink Unaffiliated 1:06:15 1:24:38 1:25:00 35.73
Santy Unaffiliated 50:36
SCD Unaffiliated 55:10 55:10 58:00
Smartypants Unaffiliated 44:33 44:33 47:00 44:33 64.25
solitude_fairy Unaffiliated 1:01:21 1:01:21 1:04:29 48.13
Soooz Unaffiliated 55:56 55:56 55:56 62.66
SPEIRSY Unaffiliated 1:03:55 1:03:55
Stevie C Unaffiliated 57:02 57:02 55:00 57:02 47.45
Sweetner Unaffiliated 42:51 42:51 46:00 65.94
theraithrover South West Veterans AC 40:25 43:40 52:00 45:59 68.41
TommyTank Unaffiliated 43:00 43:00 45:00 59.95
treacle1 Unaffiliated 57:10 57:10 57:42 57:10 49.18
Wabo Eton Manor AC, Orion Harriers 54:35 54:35 55:00 54:35 63.37
Walk This Way Unaffiliated 52:23 52:23 52:23 52.37

This event is listed on these dates:

Familiar route, few spectators
Naomi P
I reckon a good time will be all but impossible: crowds, no chip timing (that I'm aware of, but will be happy to be proved wrong) etc. Still, would love to know my 10k performance and this will be a great chance to get out with a few mates who think anything further is a bit obsessive. Erm, they may have a point!
UPDATE: managed to get right up at the sharp end which really helped, no congestion at all. Was optimistically hoping to break 50, and pulled a fast couple of k out at the end to finish in 47 minutes and 58. Still saw lots of people at the 2k mark when I came in. This race could really do with chip timing considering the entry fee and is more for fun runners than club runners. Would rather be given a cup of tea than a medal for this one...
Good pb. Got near(ish) the front but still hopping around slower runners/walkers for the first km or so. How difficult is it to put in timing pens? Enjoyed the race once it got going properly.
Am only entered in this race because my wife fancies a trip from S Wales up to London. Please don't bet on this race as there are too many entrants for a possible P.B.Did comlete 10k at Llanelli in 51:47 two weeks ago but think this will have to be just for fun. Should'nt have belived all the hype could have been a P.B. if i'd gone for it but happy enough with time.
being flat I hope to get round in 58 secs quicker
Crossed the line in 54.35!!! At 10 (acc to garmin) my time was 53. It was one of those massive races where you are weaving in and out all the time. I did feel really good today!
3rd time doing this race and really enjoy getting to run through the streets of Central London. Crowd support is amazing! Like the slight change of course near the finish. Pleased to improve on last years time by ~30s, but question the accuracy of distance as Garmin measured it as 10.39K. Would be nice to get some chip timing on the go!
I just wish people were staggered better, it was sooo frustrating tripping over slow runners, and tripping over disgarded water and orange bottles
First 10K in many years!! Very crowded and didn't enjoy the course (too many loops) but no excuses. Enjoyed it albeit a little slow and undertrained.
Managed to escape the worst of the congestion but had to skip and dodge for the first 2k or so. very pleased with a PB. Weather not as bad as forecast and the temperature was ok for running. Certainly consider this one again next year.
my chance to run the streets of london. just doing this for fun really. am running for the arthritis charity.
Somehow started just about at the back...spent 90% of the race weaving in and out...only cleared a little in the last kilometre...but it's a PB!
Was near the back of the queue to start and it was frustrating to wait 40 minutes in the rain to even get through the start gate. However a PB by 5 minutes more than compensates. The course is great, mostly flat or downhill and the spectators were super. Almost continual dodging and weaving required and more perhaps might have been done to let people who were intending to walk round know that they should start at the back and keep to the side.
Hoping to get under 1 hour on this but haven't run for months due to too much work (and other poor excuses). Persuaded to enter by a friend. Must get back into training!
not built for speed
really busy - am pleased to come within 1 mn of pb, next race will definitley smash it!
monkey harris
first ever 10k race for me, and just around the corner from me can't be bad;-)
Running Beer
Never run this far before so won't be hard getting a PB at least :o)
Lady P
This is my first 10k - am a bit nervous about coming last. Thought it a great venuie to help spur me along
Not sure where I am going to park yet any ideas?

Have had another cold recently so haven't trained much over the last two weeks.
Too many people to do a quick time, even though it is a flat course. Very chaotic at start and finish. Good atmosphere though.
Really pleased with my time. A minute better than 2006, and with half the training since my knee's been buggered! Lovely route, as always, really enjoyed it. A few bottlenecks along the way, and could have done without the wind, but really great race. :)
Stevie C
Looking to get a PB

A lot of bottle necks, the race would have been better with staggered starts, but generally alright.
Loved running through the streets of London. Really enjoyable race!
Much better than i expected actually, for my first running only race!
Daz M
Great atmosphere and superb support from the crowd although Slow runners spoilt it and need to read the rules as a pb was very hard to achieve as they did not keep to one side as advised in the race rules- too much weaving for me...but i would probably do it again
Too many people!!!!
Wasn't going to race this as no where near fit enough so decided to just run with sister and pace her instead. Got her a PB by 9 mins 32 secs!
great atmosphere great day but very rainy and windy in parts. i agree with claire t though- my garmin also read over 10k!
Slow start.. 24000 runners!

First 5k 24 minutes
Second 20mins 33 secs - negative split
Run/Walk with Dad. His first race in about 15 years! **UPDATE** Ran with Dad. His furthest run in 15 years is 3 miles, I am very proud to say he ran the whole way! He now wants to do another Half marathon! He has the bug. Fantastic race, great stmosphere, good orginasation. I was worried after hearing bad reports, but we had a fantastic time. Only real downer was I got my arm caught up in someones lead from their iPod, no idea how, but it really hurt.
My first 10k very pleased with time as conjestion first1.5k which slowed me a little
Set off just behind first runners - crossed line with official clock showing 45 mins 28 secs. Own timing was 45 min 00.19 seconds.
Difficult to get to start. This fustrated me and I waqs determined not to be defeated therefore tried even harder to get to the finish in good time.
A PB! very busy as usual and why do walkers insit on going to the front. The key to getting a good time her is making sure you are in the first 500-1,000 people at the start.
Paolo Plodder
Struggled a bit, but not fantastic preparation. Must do better next time!
First 10k, but the number of people jogging and walking made it impossible to actually run. Good experience but not a well organising event.
My first 10km race. Encouraged to join by a work colleague. Did a lot better than I thought considering I weighed 16.3 stone at the time and my longest run was 3 miles!

Race Noticeboard

For useful updates, lift shares, cancellations etc:
  • On 26th Apr 2008 at 2:28pm, Stevie C wrote: First race of the year ran my first 10k last year in 59 mins and was delighted. looking to improve on that this year
  • On 26th Apr 2008 at 2:32pm, Stevie C wrote: This is my first race this year. I ran a 10k in July last year in 59 mins and was delighted so im looking forward to trying to improve on this.
  • On 16th May 2008 at 3:19pm, Dave B wrote: If anybody has a spare number or has to pull out, drop me a mail. Would like to do this one
  • On 7th Jun 2008 at 10:00pm, theraithrover wrote: Looking for lift from Bath area. Will contribute 60% of petrol costs.
  • On 11th Jul 2008 at 1:36pm, Paolo Plodder wrote: Fantastic support from both co runners and followers helps spur you on