Run to the Beat

Listed by Mrs Winkle
  • Rated 62%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (49) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
1step2far Tri-Anglia 2:23:54 2:29:00 2:35:24 41.96
Adam Miller Exmouth Harriers AAC 1:20:41 1:22:34 1:25:31 68.28
aothen Greenwich Tritons 1:39:21 1:42:07 1:45:00 1:45:40 55.70
araqnid Unaffiliated 2:03:39 2:08:17 2:00:00 2:08:17 45.52
Bintmcskint Well I guess this porves that I'm never going to break 2 hours unless I train properly.  Have been concentrating too much on triathlon training and have done barely any running.  Weather was awful but was well on course for sub 2 hours at the halfway point then body just gave up on me.  Six weeks to St Neots half.  Want to do so much better there.  Am thoroughly disappointed. Dulwich Park Runners 1:39:28 1:58:08 1:55:00 2:03:17 55.48
Caroline-R Serpentine RC 2:02:37 2:04:00 2:04:00 52.95
Crazy Grazy 1 Hour delay, standing in rain, did not lead to a great race experience. Unaffiliated 1:36:00 1:42:32 1:40:00 1:42:32 57.23
elle Unaffiliated 2:07:51 2:19:41 2:19:41 47.32
Footpad Good training run for the Great South Run..... wind + Rain plus it got cold! Actually after reading other peoples comments I agree it was 13.3 miles and if that is true then I got a PB!! well I will just have to officially do it in 4 weeks time at the Grand Union Canal HM if the towpath allows me to overtake!
Felt sorry for the baggage people at the end as the bags were all thrown into the back of a truck and they had people shouting at them which was a pain for everyone.
Didn't have to wait for water but did get cut up by people going to the first cup offered instead of going further along the line to get a drink. 
I wont do this next year. Prefer Reading, Wokingham and Wycombe as all are well organised.
Whose idea was it to have this event at the arse end of nowhere anyway.... not a problem unless the trains fail and you have to walk 4 miles from Surrey Quays! Unaffiliated 1:47:22 1:58:51 1:59:08 51.55
GazzaC I thought that this was a complete shambles and a massive marketing scam. The start was delayed, they completely cocked the colours up telling you where you should be lining up which meant zig zagging for the first 3 miles past slower runners. The toilet situation within the dome was apparently worse for the suporters during the race than before. It certainly not one that I will do again. Garmin suggested it was 13.32 miles. Anyone else have this?? Unaffiliated 1:44:29 1:44:29 1:47:00 1:47:04 54.97
GemSharpe Unaffiliated 1:44:58 2:07:12 2:30:00 2:07:12 51.26
girlpower Unaffiliated 1:54:00 1:54:00 1:54:00 57.59
Go-go-gotink Unaffiliated 2:20:00 2:20:00 2:20:00 47.21
Hipster Unaffiliated 1:35:46 1:35:46 1:36:00 1:36:40 60.56
Inappropriate Tom My First 1/2 Marathon Fell Runners Association, North Herts Road Runners 1:38:00 1:51:00 1:51:00 1:51:00 52.60
JP1979 Unaffiliated 1:37:36 1:44:58 1:50:00 1:48:36 54.22
K8 Ealing Eagles Running Club 2:04:41 2:09:00 2:09:00 50.77
kaybear cold, wet and dissappointing
Wimbledon Windmilers 1:54:04 2:11:58 2:00:00 2:11:58 50.54
kdp The most badly organised run I have ever attended.
From the confusion at the start, no signs to even know where to go. Mixing of all colours. Lack of organisers.
Water stations were a joke, waiting at every water station for water to be poured into a cup.
The number of narrow entrances to the grounds caused unnecessary delay, and slowed every one down.
Music was rubbish!
The course was not properly measuredat all, my Germin 305 registered 13.32 miles, its been quite precise at all other events!
Not doing this one again. Hillingdon AC 2:09:22 2:09:22 1:55:00 2:16:02 45.52
KevBev Managed to knock another minute and a half off despite being cold and wet to start with. My Garmin told me it was longer than expected! Deal Tri 1:47:55 1:47:55 1:50:45 1:47:55 55.63
Max71 Got a last minute place (as in, got a place on Monday).   I had wanted to do this as the start is a couple of miles from my front door.  Poor organisation, rude water people and baggage handlers and rucksack left in the rain so all my 'dry' clothes were drenched when I'd finished running.  

Had to wait for the water to be poured at the water stations WTF?.

Run to the beat?  Er....yes for the couple of bands that were around the course.....they had listed many more than that.

Medals not engraved with date or even year....this was the first year.

Weather was my sort of weather which was nice.

Getting out of the O2 on the bus was beyond funny.

I wont do this again....they should have gone to watch Wokingham or Reading first to see how it was done.

I've guessed my time as I left my garmin at home. Unaffiliated 2:05:18 2:23:00 2:25:00 2:23:00 46.42
mcdent74 Unaffiliated 1:48:00 1:51:27 2:00:00 1:51:27 52.53
mmp Unaffiliated 1:54:16 2:09:55 2:09:55 50.19
monkey harris bad day, heavy rain no transport,3 mile run to start Unaffiliated 1:54:33 1:56:42 1:50:00 2:02:24 49.05
Naive Steve Unaffiliated 1:41:06 2:11:49 2:11:49 44.82
Naomi P Only a week after the Berlin marathon, v poor planning. PB potential? Slim I reckon but it's worth a shot! **UPDATE** Found this tough: the legs were really heavy (maybe two marathons in the past month took it out of me?) and there were a couple of stiff hills. That's after walking 4 miles to get there. I know I can do better, but am pleased with the PB. 
Sure everyone had problems with the wondrous TFL and the long walk to the start, and the torrential rain didn't make things terribly pleasant but I thought the race itself wasn't too badly organised - good mile markers, not too crowded, loads of water stations. I know some people might be put out that it was delayed but there were so many people on public transport (that we were encouraged to use) that I thought it was a good call. Pricey though, and a bit chaotic at the start: tricky to find the bag drop and the colours on the bibs ought to have been sorted out beforehand. Unaffiliated 1:35:02 1:48:51 1:49:00 1:48:51 59.90
not built for speed thought it was v badly organised, with all the emails etc. the bags left in the rain was ridiculous, as all my clothes were soaked :-) the mess tfl made of this morning didn't help matters - by the time i got to the start i was tired!had a good enough race to 10m and then struggled. weather was attrocious. definitely won't be doing this again. 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:49:24 2:16:00 2:10:00 2:19:00 46.91
Phoebe PB Unaffiliated
Referee I agree with most other posts, poorly organised, especially in relation to starting points, didn't have a problem with water station as some are commenting.Music was vertually non existent,weather was terrible with heavy rain and strong winds, but all said and done still enjoyed the race and the experience. Dartford Road Runners 1:28:19 1:42:11 1:42:27 61.98
Rick OShay am just doing this as trg mileage for the Chicago marathon, the week after (and for the experience).

Race was rubbish and agree with the comments made.

This was a race of two halves for me. Firstly, running about 10.5 min per miles with a mate 'Dave' a half marathon virgin. He wanted me to scoot off (so he could have a crafty walk) around mile 7, thereafter I was doing just under 8 min miles Harvel Hash House Harriers 1:40:08 1:43:16 2:00:00 2:04:00 48.41
Rickstie Sure the rain and the trains played havoc on the day but this was a mess. On the day 'Running to the Beat'  equated to jogging past a bloke sat on a trailer with decks playing music every other mile - wasn't motivational at all and a real let-down. There were many gated entrances and pinch points that caused bunching and having the water point along a narrow path in Charlton House caused a lot of frustration.   Signage was appalling, no one knew the start was and the music was so loud at the start/finish point that I couldn't hear the stewards when asking them for directions.  And who's idea was is to make all the runners walk the long way round the Dome after the event when they just wanted to get home and dry? Not recommended for 2009 when there are so many well organised and friendly races out there. Unaffiliated 1:47:56 2:24:55 2:24:55 40.29
Running Beer Run to the beat? What beat? There was music for about 30 seconds every other mile! Really wasn't worth having their music, very glad I took my ipod otherwise it would have been very lonely. We only managed to get the the start 20mins after the delayed start time so there was no risk of me knocking people over by being in my own little ipod world - I had as much space as I wanted. In fact at one point I spread my arms and did an aeroplane impression just to make use of the space. I agree that this was 13.3 miles. I think I could have got my prediction if it had been the right length :o) My leg hurt a lot after 10miles, might have made my prediction if not for that - better get it fixed. (Ps. the mile markers were there...I counted each and every painful one) 26.2 Road Runners Club 1:52:40 2:39:40 2:30:00 2:39:40 36.57
SharonR Good course.  Weather appalling - ranging from heavy rain to light rain!!! Havering '90 Joggers 2:11:36 2:30:30 2:30:30 45.80
sistak my first half marathon Mornington Chasers 1:43:33 1:54:56 2:00:00 1:54:56 56.98
Smallks Rain Rain Rain
Back pain at 12 miles Unaffiliated 1:58:03 2:15:35 2:20:00 2:15:35 43.28
Spiggot Unaffiliated 1:37:58 1:59:47 2:10:00 2:09:54 50.19
squiddly Unaffiliated 1:43:41 1:43:41 1:52:06 58.18
suze78 Dartford Road Runners 1:56:47 2:16:25 2:16:25 47.81
terrycook Serpentine RC 1:37:48 1:51:27 1:51:27 60.56
The Ymp Unaffiliated 2:09:49 2:09:49 2:09:49 45.34
TheBeetroot Unaffiliated 2:37:57 2:58:31 2:45:00 2:58:31 39.69
Toks Trying to be bold and hoping i can break my own pb that i did in reading last year but we will see! UPDATE just managed to run a bit less than 3 hrs but enjoyed my race nevertheless, this is becoas of lack of training!! FERC 2:35:06 2:58:59 2:30:00 2:58:59 36.79
TracyC Dagenham 88 Runners 1:48:02 1:58:44 1:58:44 54.91
TrailingTortoise Fordy Runs 2:02:35 2:25:03 2:15:00 2:25:03 44.95
tri_girl Unaffiliated 1:50:47 1:50:47 1:50:47 61.29
Trini Watch out for the hills @ Mile 5 and the down and a bit steeper up on Artillery Place, just before Mile 7 marker? Flat or downhill from there. Kent AC 1:34:53 1:38:00
uglybug Dartford Road Runners 1:51:49 2:05:01 2:05:01 54.31
youcanrunfasterlynne BBC RC, Mornington Chasers 1:41:04 1:52:00 2:10:00 54.51
ZebraGirl Unaffiliated 2:25:16 2:25:16 2:20:00 2:25:16 46.43

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