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Leeds 10K - Jane Tomlinson Run For All

Listed by Scotty_owl
Leeds, Leeds West Yorkshire LS1 UK
67 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
5Krunner Steel City Striders RC 57:04 1:15:30 1:00:00 1:15:30 47.10
alibobs Unaffiliated 1:11:00 1:19:00 1:19:00 39.72
alisonb Unaffiliated 1:05:36 1:05:36 1:05:36 46.24
beech22 Unaffiliated 47:05 50:49 50:00 50:49 52.82
Bret Clayton le Moors Harriers 34:47 37:30
carrot_tit Ackworth Road Runners & a.c., Wakefield Triathlon Club 1:04:56 1:35:03 1:45:00 1:35:03 31.47
Cat2hrs6 Abbey Runners Leeds 52:19 1:02:23 1:14:20 40.81
Cheeseman75 Unaffiliated 44:40 45:39 50:00 49:52 54.24
chestnut Leeds City AC 42:25 44:06 44:06 60.88
Chromey Unaffiliated 42:24 49:40 49:00 52:12 57.37
Cjmac Loftus & Whitby AC 53:09 53:09 54:00 1:02:01 47.56
davec Unaffiliated 43:48 43:48 46:40 45:00 62.20
DAZ75 Unaffiliated 45:02 50:27 52:00 56:34 47.84
dippycat Hyde Park Harriers 44:36 44:42 48:00 47:09 65.48
foofighter Sheffield RC 46:54 50:36 51:37 52:05 55.79
Frisbee Unaffiliated 53:00 53:00 53:00 57.49
g8crasher Unaffiliated 59:45 59:45 59:45 45.67
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 41:35 46:02
Gibbo Pudsey Pacers RC 38:31 43:41 47:21 58.26
gilbank Pickering Running Club 40:29 41:47 44:53 61.12
Grid Bournville Harriers 45:33 58:32 1:10:00 1:00:29 44.50
howmanykatiebs Unaffiliated 55:29 55:29 1:00:00 1:03:02 48.10
Iris Long Eaton Running Club 55:49 59:28 1:00:00 59:59 50.10
Jackie12 South Cheshire Harriers
Jameaters FERC 49:19 53:24 56:09 49.85
Jebs Preston Harriers 53:15 53:15 56:57 54.47
jo_21 Unaffiliated 51:58 51:58 51:58 57.97
Joflo Scarborough AC 41:58 41:58 45:32 66.90
Karen T Unaffiliated 50:53 56:01 59:42 53.75
Karlos23 Unaffiliated 43:56 44:00 47:11 59.33
khm Unaffiliated 49:04 49:04 49:04 57.05
Lanby Unaffiliated 44:29 45:03 47:30 58.91
luis Unaffiliated 38:39 38:54 38:00 40:01 69.95
Meglet Wetherby Runners 59:26 1:07:33 1:10:00 1:11:31 43.19
Nonny_Bunny Unaffiliated 56:58 56:58 56:58 53.23
Noodlebush Pudsey Pacers RC 44:50 46:56 1:00:00 57:10 54.56
Not built for speed 2 Unaffiliated 50:34 50:34 55:05 52.75
Nun Warthead Unaffiliated 49:39 49:39 53:00 55.25
PamB Unaffiliated 59:50 1:03:27 1:03:27 47.27
peachy Great Yarmouth Road Runners 45:34 48:32 49:40 55.57
peachy's wife Unaffiliated 1:36:00 1:36:00 1:30:00 1:36:00 32.16
Pegg FERC 1:02:16 1:25:14 1:20:00 1:25:14 35.26
pequena Unaffiliated 1:02:24 1:04:36 1:14:20 40.81
plasticfantasticorange Unaffiliated 46:27 46:27 50:00 50:00 54.86
PloddinBuddah FERC 1:16:36 1:16:36 1:20:00 1:16:36 35.46
Red J Unaffiliated 1:08:00
Rippers Unaffiliated 45:55 45:55 48:34 62.20
RunningDad Valley Striders AC 36:52 45:42 45:00 45:42 62.38
s.chan Unaffiliated 57:50 59:31 1:00:00 1:02:52 43.05
Scotty_owl South Yorks Police Sports & Social Club 39:39 39:39 41:25 64.83
shazer Unaffiliated 1:13:11 1:13:11 1:10:00 1:13:11 42.05
Sid Sandhurst Joggers 43:20 49:50 49:59 51:59 59.56
Skunk Wakefield Triathlon Club 39:45 45:51 46:59 49:02 54.76
Slider45 Valley Striders AC 34:17 35:21 37:27 72.26
smiley broadling Unaffiliated 55:00 1:00:31 1:06:02 47.25
Stuzza Fell Runners Association 47:51 50:44 53:38 55.45
Suzyspice Unaffiliated 48:20 48:21 49:35 62.29
Tomac Unaffiliated 47:12 47:12 50:00 47:12 58.88
TomF... Barnsley AC 35:18 35:19 38:47 38:33 69.65
TooLilac Unaffiliated 59:30 59:41 1:01:00 59:41 51.32
traceygilbank Pickering Running Club 52:57 52:57 55:38 56.36
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! 100 Marathon Club 50:20 52:46
VickyKnight Wootton Road Runners 46:38 44:00
wAckie Racer Ackworth Road Runners & a.c., UK parkrun Tourists 42:19 49:44 50:00 53:09 54.67
WeebleNana York Knavesmire Harriers 49:18 56:08 57:00 1:00:38 52.20
Yorkshire Pie Unaffiliated 46:54 46:54 49:56 59.93
yorkslass Unaffiliated 1:10:53 1:10:53 1:10:53 39.66

This event is listed on these dates:

my first 10k and was disappointed to be stuck behind walkers and queued to turnaround point. Certainly did a lot of weaving too! Feel a bit better about my time once i realised it was over 10k. It was primarily a charity event though and I did my bit for macmillan.
Hope it's not too congested. £22 is pretty steep too!
Yay, sub 60 at last!
very windy
Had a decent race. No pb but the watch suggests this 10k was longer than most so time may not be entirely accurate. Wind pretty strong and made the last mile or so tougher. Great atmosphere and a nice goody bag and t-shirt.
Garmin measured 10.3km / 6.41miles - I've been done!!! What a tough race. I knew it was going to be hard due to injury/lack of training, but I'd forgotten how hilly Leeds is and tbh I struggled from mile 2. I always hate the second mile of every run but this one was awful. And it didn't get much better - lots of huffing and puffing and swearing at myself...but I got around it which is what matters. The out and back section was good as one by one the other Fetchies gave me a shout and vice versa, which helped to keep me going. And just when I thought I couldn't run anymore I was asked to smile for the camera by anther Fetch (sorry, I don't know anyone's names!) so I had to start running again - it would have been rude not to. As I got to the top of the downhill section to the finish I thought I'd go for it...then I heard a load of Fetchies shouting me on which was fab so I sprinted for the end - and was surprised I had it in my legs! So the last quarter mile was great...not too sure about the rest.
Sorry I lost you point folks :(
running with the missus again this year, so no pb for me!
wAckie Racer
Garmin clocked it at 6.36miles . Chip time 53mins 09sec , bit disappointing - couldnt find a way through the crowd at various points early on - lots of undulations & headwind - enjoyed the race but no chance of a PB
good race, but was it not windy?
felt great and felt like i paced myself well, but i got too held up at the start. It seemed like a 7 mile race, and i burnt out a bit at the end. Not happy with my time, and so couldn't even by bothered to get a T shirt or a goody bag. Got a smile and a nod of well done from Mike Tomlinson as i finished which was nice!
good race super atmosphere. Saw a few fetchies, but Fetchpoint must have packed up by the time I got through the finish ! Course PB - much better than last year overall a steady race, no niggles. Bit windy, I got a bit too warm near the end.
Garmin shows distance as 10.33K, that's pretty harsh! Really pleased with the time though, aiming for 65-70 minutes and coming in well under that. The wind wasn't too much of a problem, but I was overheating in the last 1.5K. First 10K for three years, it's a solid result.
Started too far back from the start to get a PB. Found myself boxed in until the last 2 km and then it was too late to make up for lost time. No leg issues - just walkers!!! I wouldn't do the run again - too many people for a 10k run and I don't think it was very well organised. Sorry to all those who bet on me! Should have thought about being boxed in and moved closer to the front to avoid people walking.
I really enjoyed this race , found it quite hard hilly and windy and also had a blister after about 1k (bastard thing)
Very crowded start, and congestion also at turnaround point. Just couldn't make up the lost time!
agree with most people that it was just over 10k...got a pb but disappointed cos finished exactly on 45m so still not managed a sub 45m yet. well supported in the city but a bit more sparse once at the loop.. my girlfriend said that the winner was back before some of the runners had crossed the line..ok with the hills but the wind wasnt nice in places..
quite a tough 10k for me, but will definitely do it again next year.
Had to change predicted time by 3 mins due to antibiotics cos of Abcess! Gutted.
Started in middle of a field of 11,000, dressed as the Hulk.
leeds is more hilly than i thought LOL
Very well organised race, a few hills but nothing too bad.

Got a PB out of it so well chuffed.

Would definitely recommend it to someone who had never done it.
first 10k for me found it a little hard going was very crowded at begining and the turning point but still enjoyed it and will def be doing it next year
my first ever race. pretty busy, especially at start on Headrow and at turn-around point, so a little enforce walking. also walked last bit of hill up to 9km. managed sprint finish-where did that come from!
absolutely fab to finish in about right time, next one will be under 71m!
Good race, very busy! PB. My Garmin logged 6.37m!
Official time; Chip (57.16 - 2068), Gun (59.22 -2067)
Second worst result ever! That is what happens when I decide not to run for a while and eat a lot :(
Got stuck at the back!