Oscar's Everyone Day

Sunday 23rd June 2024
In 2021 Oscar the Grouch proposed one day each year where "we unite as a community and EVERYONE records an activity of some sort - a dog walk, a run, a swim, a ride, ski if you want...".

Sadly we lost Oscar in March, so I'd like to dedicate Everyone Day to him. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us Oscar.

British 10k

Listed by Making_Tracks
Entrants (16) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
_Pre_ I Done It!!!
17 minutes faster than my PB!!! UKnetrunner 1:13:19 1:13:19 1:25:00 1:13:19 36.13
aothen Greenwich Tritons 44:00 48:07 50:00 48:07 55.19
Argyle Boy Very congested at the start, and congested all the way round. I think I could have broken 45 if I could have run in a straight line! Unaffiliated 45:10 48:40 50:00 48:40 54.56
Banny This was the first run after London and after giving myself an extra day to rest and partially because I was out on July 2nd until midnight in a pub (one pint though)! I decided to raise the tempo of my run in accordance with my pace in London and it seemed to work OK. A little faster but not a lot. The start was sluggish though but I always know I will feel better after I have finished.
I am definitely on the move again, I just need to keep going.

1/07/07 - 10k - 55:26 (The British 10k, London
On a rainy Sunday morning on the 1st July I had the pleasure of running around some of the sights of London. I took part in the British 10k. The weather was a mix of a down pour and nice bright skies towards the end of the race. Overall it was a real pleasure to be able to run past some of our best places.

I awoke at 6:00am to get ready knowing I would have to find my missing number. I couldn’t find it so I had to leave for the help desk at Waterloo Place, SW1Y to claim a reserve number. When I was dropped off at Hillingdon station by Julie I met up with some fellow runners, two twenty something’s and a 50+ year old. I was invited to join them on the journey. We chatted about what was in store one of them had told me he ran last year. Arriving at Piccadilly Circus was a most surreal experience. Hundreds of runners in their vests, shorts, shoes etc, streamed through the barriers. It was almost as if athletes were taking London by storm!

As I arrived at the baggage and help desk area I met up with Richard from work, as he was also running too. The atmosphere was building up all the while as thousands upon thousands of people all were double checking their numbers, kit, bag security. All were the usual conversations like how quick they hope to run, who they were running for etc, etc.

As the half hour to 9:35am start time approached the throng of runners made their way to the start line at Hyde Park Corner. We queued for over half an hour to start and the road as far as you could see was just full of people waiting to run in all kinds of colours and dress. Ironically when actually I passed the start line the clock showed 32 minutes, the elite runners who started earlier had already finished! Stefan Baldini ran the British 10k in 28 minutes! My time was to be more humble but that comes later. Some of the highlights of the race for me were the usual suspects. London Eye, Trafalger Square and running towards Parliament Square and St Christopher’s Tower (with Big Ben inside) peering through the tree’s in a green tree lined avenue, truly wonderful. Complete with an actual Spitfire aeroplane on the street corner. Also the runners in their fancy dress costumes. We had clowns, Scooby Do, Batman and Robin, a dragon and a fluffy wooden spoon and many, many more. Fabulous stuff indeed.

I tried to keep a tab on each kilometre but there were a few missing for some reason. I did the best I could the strangest thing was after coming from a cross and back on Westminster Bridge running down a long stretch of Whitehall I thought we were reaching the end as a sign read 400 metres left. To my amazement not only did we go to the end of Whitehall but we turned a corner 180̊̊ and ran back almost the entire length of Whitehall again. The longest 400 metres ever! A whopping 55 minutes and 26 seconds. From the finish line I mooched over to the baggage area to collect my clothes bag and goodie bag. Complete with energy bar and my medal. Whilst making my way to Admiralty arch I called Julie to arrange to meet them on Embankment. I missed them on route and they didn’t see me either. Still that was not unexpected with so many people there. When I did meet up with them outside the House of Parliament we made our way to Parliament Square and had a few sandwiches. But with kids being kids they insisted that I chase them around for about 20 minutes, it pays to be fit! Hayes & Harlington Road Runners 49:36 55:26 55:26 49.42
Crouchie Orpington Road Runners 41:00 41:00 40:00 41:00 64.39
goingbackwards great atmosphere, ran at a steady pace. long way to get goody bag and medal at the end.  Runnymede Runners 54:43 54:43 54:43 55.82
Guesty Congestion on the course made this a tough race to get a steady pace going. Several u-turns too slow things down. With half the number of runners or even by starting runners off according to their expected times, I feel I could have knocked 90 secs off this time easily. Unaffiliated 46:54 46:54 48:00 49:30 54.61
Listy BeaRCats running club 53:41 56:59 1:02:13 48.29
Mauja Unaffiliated 51:05 51:05 1:00:00 1:02:00 42.64
Mazza aka Fitso Unaffiliated 44:49 48:06 48:00 48:06 64.60
OnceATexan Ran with Jeremy, who finished sub 55 min Unaffiliated 55:50 1:03:00 1:10:00 1:03:00 52.38
rangermouse1967 Ran with Chris. Mornington Chasers 46:07 48:47 55:00 56:05 48.20
Simontr Bushfield Joggers 46:50 47:00 49:44 58.26
Spiggot Unaffiliated 45:04 55:37 58:05 51.16
Taralyn Very slow and enjoyable. Ran with Mom, Sherri and 1000s of others. Good fun. Unaffiliated 52:00 52:00 1:06:00 45.03
TheBeetroot Yikes, looks like we're going to be flooded and blown away! Don't think this is going to be a PB for me as I've had some awful virus which I'm only just recovering from so my training has been seriously derailed - also had a trip to Berlin and put on about half a stone which isn't going to help! Don't even think about betting on me :-) Unaffiliated 1:06:52 1:10:48 1:08:00 1:10:48 45.24

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