Baxters River Ness 10K

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  • 10k
  • Road
Entrants (35) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
-caz- Hoping to be in good shape for this, if all my best laid plans work out.  Would love to dip back into the sub 50's for 10k.  OK, already dipped under a few weeks back in Paisley but want to keep this up. Unaffiliated 47:21 49:50 50:00 52:16 51.42
ARB73 Unaffiliated 36:00 39:04 39:04 69.02
Baza Good 10K this one and my PB is on it from 2007. Probably a bit ambitous prediction, but I'm going for it again. Carnegie Harriers 36:28 36:52 36:30 36:52 72.58
bedlam_g Chip time 36.21 - Great for about 4 and a half miles when it felt like an easy training run, then for the last mile and a bit when it began to feel like a normal 10k I didn't seem to have any fight.  Pleased with my time (a legit PB) and my average pace was 2 seconds a mile faster than Paisley, but should have been so much better.  Great course perfect day for a race.  
Mile splits - 5.45 5.40 5.50 5.48 5.54 6.00 1.17. Bellahouston Road Runners, Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 34:01 35:17 36:21 74.83
Boab 11th place, and a small PB.  Happy with that.  Had a cold since Friday and felt shite before race, warm up was a struggle, but as soon as the horn went I felt ok and ploughed through 5K in 16:43 (aye too fast), eased down a little and by about 8K i was sneezing and gobbing greenies, started to struggle a little and when the leading lady and Scobos went past just bofore 9K I tried to inject a little pace back in, but it wasn't there and settled into a pace that would take me to the finish without any drama.  Fantastically well organised race, just like the half marathon and the goodie bag was top drawer.  Spent the next hour or so, watching the marathon with Llamadance.  Was good to meet a few old faces.  Chip time 34:13, gun time 34:14. Unaffiliated 32:25 32:25 34:13 79.12
c-a-t-d Nairn Road Runners 46:57 50:35 50:35 60.12
chappers09 Unaffiliated 38:36 38:36 40:00 38:36 69.21
ClaireT Perfect sunny and crisp conditions for racing, but coughed, spluttered and snottered my way round the course in tune to a seasons worst time. Felt like I was in possesion of somebody else's legs, they wouldn't move any quicker than a trot. Quite funny really! No injuries though, hooray. Big well done to Llamadance for breaking the 40 minutes. Victoria Park - City of Glasgow AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 38:11 38:11 39:34 76.75
dd Lots of reasons and excuses but it just didnt happen for me today :( sorry to those who bet on me. Unaffiliated 1:01:42 1:01:54 1:02:54 49.12
Ellem Lovely race. Ran fine but took it easy - legs tired from hill walking 10 mile 2 days before. East Lothian Triathlon Club 49:56 53:58 58:47 58.31
forkhandles my watch showed 46.46.

the race seemsed to be downhill virtually all the way, althogh the first 3 k of so was very narrow, which probably slowed me down. mid race was probably where i caught up the time. still runniing with a stiff neck and the remenants of a cold 2 weeks ago, so not bad Unaffiliated 42:02 46:48 48:00 46:48 59.68
GreigS Unaffiliated 54:20
Gus Sorry for the lost bets guys, not a good run at all, I felt terrible.  Had a dodgy tummy from early morning. Got to 7.5k and my legs just wouldn't go any faster.  Couldn't even manage a sprint to the finish line:(  Lovely place to run though, some of the views were spectaclular, especially being overtaken by two girls in wedding dresses! 
First time I've ever had beetroot and pickled onions in a goodie bag:) Jogscotland On The Run Cumbernauld 1:04:16 1:04:16 1:03:00 1:07:28 52.68
Holburnmum despite feeling very sick all night and not being able to eat at all on sun I managed a pb ! Lovely race but first 2-3k were scary,very crowded and lots of people pushing through. Jogscotland Hazlehead 1:00:36 1:01:50 1:07:13 1:01:50 51.57
IanS Bit disappointing - managed a good first half and equalled my 5K PB but then had trouble breathing and had to ease off :-( Harmeny AC 42:58 43:49 44:49 64.33
Irontubs Smashing run.  No Pb but better than I had hoped.  Unaffiliated 50:54 53:15 53:57 57.89
jillc Really enjoyed this run.  It felt a long 10K but this was my first this year.  Roll on Scone! Unaffiliated 57:14 57:14 57:00 57:14 53.75
Llamadance watch time, will update with chip time if different. Very happy, went off feeling average but running well. 5km split was 19:32. Struggled in the last couple of KM but fear of failure kept me going. Good to see everyone again. Well done to Roo, Boab, bedlam and Baza on PB's. Unaffiliated 39:44 39:44 39:50 39:44 68.83
LorraineS Fan Dabi Dozi Unaffiliated 57:09 58:35 58:35 57.15
Middler First race in over 18 months because of various injuries.  Thought it was a great race, really enjoyed myself and feel ready to get back into serious training and competition mode now. Unaffiliated 50:34 54:48 54:48 59.78
Mightos5 Bellahouston Road Runners, Skye & Lochalsh Running Club 43:30 45:26 47:22 65.23
MikeR. Newburgh Dunes RC 40:00 51:19 1:00:00 51:19 52.06
Old Croc Woosh

was well happy with a chip time 0f 45:45 - a PB if ever there was one.  Cracking wee race - fab organisation at start and finish.  Was even happier to see was 288th out of 2100 finishers!  Usually happy to be in top half of results!

Great to meet some fetchies at start.

Forres Harriers 43:11 45:45 49:00 45:45 61.05
oliviamcdaid First 10K Unaffiliated 59:39 59:39 1:00:00 59:39 50.85
Patagoniac North Highland Harriers
Rooie Unaffiliated 58:08 1:04:00 1:04:00 47.40
run2thehills A massive PB by.........about 10 secs...;-). Was so koping to get under 48 but I guess having a bad cold all this week scuppered that. Ran the first 5K in 22.03, maybe a bit too fast and was going well in the up until the last 3k where I faded badly. Splits for the first half, 4.15, 4.19, 4.14, 4.20, 4.35,  then 4.41, 4.47, 4.52 4.54 and a 4.57.
Its funny the downhill start kind of leaves the legs like lead for the last. Official chip time now in so reduces the massive pb to 6 secs! :-) Stonehaven Running Club 48:36 48:36 48:00 48:36 58.84
Runnerwoo Unaffiliated 1:01:12 1:08:15 1:08:15 45.27
Runningshoe Unaffiliated 48:02 48:02 50:00 48:02 63.15
Santiago Had a good race, was aiming for 48 minutes so pleased to go faster and could probably have went faster if i'd paaced myself better.  had a great night out in inverness afterwards so all in all and great weekend at a very well organised event - hopefully half marathon next! Unaffiliated 45:05 46:14 48:00 46:14 57.79
Scobos Delighted with this one...a few weeks of interuppted training since Glasgow HM lowered my expectations here, so any pressure was off. Spent kms 3-8 chasing Boab with the leading lady, finally catching him just before 9k. Pushed on to the finish, just missing out on a sub-34 (but shoving gallantry aside and outsprinting my Kenyan foe!). 9th place. Good chat with Boab afterwards. Best goody bag of any race in Scotland! Shettleston Harriers 33:08 33:33 34:01 80.40
Splodge21 Not good, just came off of nights and blew out at 4k. OUCH!!!!o) Unaffiliated 50:41 50:41 56:30 48.40
Squeaky Malcolm Fantastic PB even surprised myself! Chip time 43.02 and Gun time of 43.12 Unaffiliated 42:57 43:02 43:02 64.90
Taz Unaffiliated 42:59 43:50 43:30 46:02 60.67
YasAl Unaffiliated 59:00 59:00

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