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A group for all those training for a marathon or other road race using the schedules of Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas.

Notes from Members

  • daviec says: Used 18/70 for a sub 3 attempt at Paris and was succesful. Highly recommend the schedules from P&D. Also check out for articles and advice from Pete Pfitzinger. :)
  • Westley says: Used the up to 55 miles per week 18 week schedule for Dublin 08 and shaved ten minutes off my marathon PB. Now following the up to 70 miles per week for Boston '10
  • Marts says: Done 4 sub-3's off my own haphazard made up schedule av 45mpw (best 2:50:44). Will see if structured training suits me better for sub 2:45 attempt
  • Pricey says: Used the "up to 70 miles pw" 18 week schedule for FLM 08
    Also own "Road Racing for Serious Runners" by same authors - would recommend
  • StuartM says: Just started the 18wk/55mpw for Abingdon in October. Training at a faster pace than for my first marathon so hoping for a big improvement.
  • Jigs says: Using 18/55 for sub 3hr attempt at New York 08
  • AJPAR says: Going to try the 18 week/70 for a sub 3 at Edinburgh 09
  • Fido2Dogs says: 18/55, Eindhoven 09, punting for sub 4:15 at least, LT runs looming on horizon now in threatening manner, eek!
  • milemonster says: 2h33m achieved from following 70+ 18 week. Every mid week long run and Sunday long run needs to be progressive.
  • Smout says: Still deciding for VLM 2012
  • Pou Pou LePhoõk says: contemplatiing at the moment
  • The Terminator says: Using 18/70 plan for next April;s 3 in 3 weekends. First 3 weeks am missing a couple of sessions because of Xmas etc but got a fantastic base anyway. Getting book for xmas...
  • Rookery says: Used the 18wk/70 for my first sub-3 at Abingdon 2010, knocking 8mins off my PB
  • LBM says: Decided to incorporate Pfitzinger's 18 week (up to 70 miles pw) schedule for 2011 sub 3 attempt. I'll follow it, but with additional hill and leg workouts and a few other tweaks. *Update: achieved 2:58:20 at Abingdon 2011. Will follow P&D again for VLM 2012, but hopefully this time my winter base training won't be washed out through injury.
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