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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Trader: New Game

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25 Jun
10:25am, 25 Jun 2019
28492 posts
♪♫ Synge ♪♫
An occasional update on our flouncers' mini-league, now about two months in:
DocMoye: 19th - 3379 (was 70th/1845)
Me: 23rd - 3206 (was 86th/1672)
Goofee: 54th - 2340 (was 90th/1634)

So an "active" short-term strategy without access to Who's Training? can be quite productive.

It looks as if FergusG and Alice have been joined by PenW in the group of diligent readers of Who's Training? - is anyone else doing that regularly?
25 Jun
10:27am, 25 Jun 2019
28801 posts
Getting most of my points now at weekends. But I do wish people wouldn't DNS for races 😂
25 Jun
10:42am, 25 Jun 2019
1739 posts
To be honest I don’t look at who’s been training that often anymore. It takes too long and I often can’t be bothered. I mainly check out who is racing the longer races and keep an eye out, and also get most of my points at weekends.
25 Jun
6:56pm, 25 Jun 2019
3169 posts
Monday’s are usually a let down, unless an ultra runner is late in uploading their run.
7 Jul
3:33pm, 7 Jul 2019
9789 posts
I’m currently the biggest faller despite a 40 mile week. A couple of ultras dropping off from 90 days ago
7 Jul
8:02pm, 7 Jul 2019
3791 posts
Alice the Camel
I’m not selling you until you’ve earned me back what I’ve lost this week Dave!!:-)
7 Jul
8:25pm, 7 Jul 2019
9790 posts
I should be a medium term hold as I didn’t do much running after those ultras
7 Jul
8:28pm, 7 Jul 2019
3792 posts
Alice the Camel
I can wait...!
10 Jul
2:46pm, 10 Jul 2019
4756 posts
I put this in the game ticker tape a while back but it may have disappeared - sell, sell, sell.

I'm injured and not running for the foreseeable - at least a fortnight
11 Jul
8:28pm, 11 Jul 2019
3291 posts
mr d
Me too Minardi.

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As a trader, your job is to pick the runners that you think will increase in value.

You start with 1000 credits, and can use these to purchase shares in runners. If you think their mileage is about to drop, then it's time to sell.

Runner values are calculated based on the total volume of running mileage completed in the last 90 days. Values are recalculated once a day, at midnight UK time.

Runners get a notification when you buy shares, but not when you sell them.

The value of a runner can go up or down, but don't threaten them. Have fun!