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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Trader: New Game

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18 Apr
9:20pm, 18 Apr 2019
1426 posts
I am glad to see that some Traders have heeded my ticker advice and bought me ;-) :-)
18 Apr
9:21pm, 18 Apr 2019
9135 posts
You’ve been in my portfolio for weeks. I need to recoup my 5 credit outlay
18 Apr
9:24pm, 18 Apr 2019
1427 posts
I've set you on your way NDWDave :-)
18 Apr
9:28pm, 18 Apr 2019
3072 posts
I bought you for zero credits - seemed like a safe investment ;-)
18 Apr
10:11pm, 18 Apr 2019
3756 posts
Alice the Camel
The only way is up, Flatlander :-)
18 Apr
10:36pm, 18 Apr 2019
38958 posts
I paid 11 for you Flatlander, have you been out running now?
5:35am, 19 Apr 2019
27963 posts
♪♫ Synge ♪♫
Nice one, flatlander, hope your run went well!
8:08am, 19 Apr 2019
1428 posts
Yes, alpenrose, I have, just a little run, and yes, ♪♫ Synge ♪♫, it did.

Yay, I'm off the bottom of the league for the first time in about 3 months! :-) It was sort of proud to be rock bottom - now I'm on my way towards mid table mediocrity and anonymity instead of fame :-p

Don't expect quick big gains, but if you bought me for nothing you have nothing to lose!
12:40pm, 19 Apr 2019
32677 posts
Also bought you Flatlander ages ago for 5pts in it for the longwhole

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About This Thread

Play the game here:


How To Play
As a trader, your job is to pick the runners that you think will increase in value.

You start with 1000 credits, and can use these to purchase shares in runners. If you think their mileage is about to drop, then it's time to sell.

Runner values are calculated based on the total volume of running mileage completed in the last 90 days. Values are recalculated once a day, at midnight UK time.

Runners get a notification when you buy shares, but not when you sell them.

The value of a runner can go up or down, but don't threaten them. Have fun!