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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

parkrun thread

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22 Apr
10:42am, 22 Apr 2019
28154 posts
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
Thank Chunkywizard, that’s interesting to see.
22 Apr
10:42am, 22 Apr 2019
28155 posts
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
22 Apr
11:04am, 22 Apr 2019
1361 posts
York uses a double funnel marked with small cones very successfully, and brings out the letter cards when it gets really busy. They don’t use a tape, just a marshal at each end of the first part of the funnel directing runners. Only (occasional) problems I’ve noticed have been when tired runners don’t understand, but nothing the marshals haven’t been able to sort, I think.
22 Apr
12:25pm, 22 Apr 2019
14398 posts
LD - Edinburgh have had similar issues this year as numbers increased and have tried double and S shaped funnels but neither really worked. They have managed to find a way to make it longer and basically the marshals need to bully people to move faster and close the gaps. I was timekeeper on Saturday and it was almost OK ,only 2 or 3 times that we threatened having a Q back over the line.
10:06am, 23 Apr 2019
681 posts
I'm pretty sure the ED at Bushy doesn't have a diagram of a three funnel finish system because I'm the ED at Bushy and I don't have one! There may have been one created before my time but we do all we can to avoid a triple funnel!
The diagram before is great, as suggested we use letters every time you switch lanes and we're lucky to have experienced volunteers but would suggest the most crucial roles are at the front of the funnel switching the lanes and then at the 'back gate' as we call it getting people back into the right order before the get their tokens...
10:11am, 23 Apr 2019
10242 posts
Oh ma heid! the thought of it!

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A discussion of all things parkrun.

Here's a wiki giving brief reviews of parkruns up and down the land:


Note: Hendo is a boy.

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