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Parkrun Thread

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23 Sep
9:22pm, 23 Sep 2017
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Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
I think maybe TMW could be a bit less judgemental about other people's parenting given I don't think he's a parent himself? Maybe the buggy wouldn't fit through the door and the dad was going to poo himself? And what is the likelihood of a random paedophile spotting an unattended baby and snatching it? The baby was probably more likely to get hit by lightning.
Never heard a sponsor mentioned except back in the day when Sweatshop vouchers were given out as monthly (?) prizes?
Even smallish parkruns seem to have 40ish volunteers, I know some are small roles which can be combined with running or doing an extra lap, but it's quite amazing really :-)
23 Sep
9:28pm, 23 Sep 2017
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Eynsham Red
We fund raised last year at Oxford Parkrun for a defibrillator which we duly acquired. Until this week it had been taken home with the RD and returned for the following Parkrun. Today it was announced that we have, after negotiations with the Park and Oxford City Council, a permanent environmental box to keep the defibrillator outside the cafe in the park so it is available 24/7.
This may be the case with other Parkruns, I don't know, but I felt that this is a great demonstration of Parkrun working with the community.
23 Sep
9:33pm, 23 Sep 2017
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mrs shanksi
We are in discussions with our council to get a permanent box in the park for our defib, we want everyone using the park to benefit from it if needed.
23 Sep
9:41pm, 23 Sep 2017
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We have one. I think the council paid for half. Can't remember. We raised some of the money
23 Sep
9:42pm, 23 Sep 2017
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We take ours home every week. There was discussion of a permanent box but it was decided (by the council whose park it is, in effect, I think) that because a defib is available at the Leisure Centre building very close by it wasn't necessary. I wonder if they were also worried about vandalism :-(

When we had our cardiac arrest it happened as far from the Leisure Centre as the route goes, and we got our defib there much quicker than getting the one from the LC would have been, so it may be a decision that will be reviewed in future.
23 Sep
10:25pm, 23 Sep 2017
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Swindon did a defib' demo after today's parkrun that I attended. Their defib box is also permanently on the wall outside the cafe where the parkrun starts. As always a nicely organised parkrun. I think they have to be with 500 runners.
23 Sep
10:41pm, 23 Sep 2017
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Our parkrun has a portable defib the ED takes home each week but many are moving to having fixed ones available to all. It’s now a requirement for all new parkruns to have one within 5 mins of the parkrun - that can be a fixed community one.
8:35am, 24 Sep 2017
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40 volunteers!? We have enough trouble getting the 20 or so we need to cover our field of 200-250 - even allowing for a handful of pacers (which we've never had), what do they all do?

Interesting to learn that a number of events have portable defibs - we've been holding off buying one of those in the hope we can persuade the National Trust to see the value in having something permanent in the park which would also support all the lake users. Sadly, while the on-site team are keen, the slightly more elevated 'Powers that Be' can't quite see the reputational impact that may flow from an incident involving somebody using their brand new watersports facility who didn't have access to a defib despite the fact there was one locked in a cupboard on-site.
11:36am, 24 Sep 2017
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Too Much Water
Touch of the Andrea Leadsom there in your comment Fleecy - for what were a few throwaway remarks it seems to have generated a lot of interest.

(Btw there was room in the loo, it's also a disabled loo)

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