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Parkrun Thread

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20 Jul
5:31pm, 20 Jul 2017
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Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
20 Jul
6:04pm, 20 Jul 2017
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The first thing I noticed on that elevation table was Gorleston Cliffs being flat (equal 7th). They werent flat when I ran up and down them! Nice parkrun though.
20 Jul
6:24pm, 20 Jul 2017
8699 posts
Maz Heeps
I think that's called getting back into the swing of things SE, surround yourself with runners on the road back xx
20 Jul
7:52pm, 20 Jul 2017
200 posts
Thanks for all the helpful info on Barnstaple! Will let you know how we get on!

About This Thread

Is there a general parkrun thread rather than just the specific ones? If not, can this be it?


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