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4:45pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Bonners: Bodelwyddan Castle and Penmaenmawr fell race would make an 'interesting' double. ;-)
4:46pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Well, that's annoying - I not only remembered my barcode but got it scanned with a nice beep - and I'm on the list with an 'unknown' with an unknown with a time very close to mine.
Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Oh well, back in three week so I can try to record an official SB then. :-)
4:52pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Doogs, if your barcode definitely scanned email them. This happened to me once and when the RD checked back my barcode had recorded but the finish token hadn't. They then put my result in. I now wait for the beep on my finish token before leaving the scanner!
4:56pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Yup a quick email will do you right, Doooogs
4:59pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Sigh/Ronners & Fresh Start...

Yeah can imagine that down & back up by the Jamboree Stone can be pretty soul destroying (I don’t like going up there on a 🚲!)

FS: was there an issue at the Finish Funnel?

There were a couple during the Test Event including a collision, which could have been nasty...
one of the token marshals decided to stand her ground; when a guided blind runner finished & ran straight into her!
IMO Marshal was a little silly; especially as she knew who the blind runner was & had plenty of time to step back...

I had planned to be there: introduced myself to Organiser at Test Event & helped out; gave him my email details & explained my past experience (set up Brueton & was one of Team of 4 RDs at Cannon Hill for the 1st 18-24 months) heard nothing off him; so, I stayed in bed & had a leisurely bike ride at 10!
5:02pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Did Heartwood parkrun for the 2nd time today. It's the parkrun closest to my dad's house.

Was very sad to hear the announcement that they are closing down in October. Not sure of the exact reasons - the item on their news page was obviously very carefully worded. I know they did take a break in the early spring to let the park 'recover', but I think the horses on the bridleways would cause more damage than the runners once a week. Hope they find a new site.
5:09pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Sorry to have missed you TeeBee..... If I'd known I'd have seen you at Heartwood. It's a lovely parkrun and such a shame it's closing. I agree about the horses.
5:20pm, 18 Aug 2018
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I thought about letting you know I was coming Doc, but then saw you were going to Pocket.
5:50pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Shame. My plans often aren't fixed until the moment I go out the door. ... So do let me know if you are back again
6:21pm, 18 Aug 2018
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Lizzie W
I believe "the handshake" goes something like:
Or waving a Fetch buff, or offering Cake!?

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