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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

parkrun thread

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18 Feb
11:18pm, 18 Feb 2019
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57.5 Degrees of Pain
Started 28/02/09 at the 13th Scottish event in Pollok Park. Moved back from the upstate New York winter where training was a challenge, ran the Kirkintilloch 12.5k race and read about a free 5k in a copy of the Scottish Running Guide I picked up there. Being jobless, free was good!

Managed 26th place in 20.07, probably my lowest ever placing when running hard (mainly due to frequenting small events ever since). Then PBed at my next 7 events (marathon training works great when you don't have a job) and managed 13 runs in total (plus one volunteer stint and my only forgotten barcode) before helping set up Inverness in Sept 2011. RDed 50 times between then and early 2018, then selfishly focussed on trying to get to 200 runs for my 10th anniversary. Due to significant luck with weather this winter I'm on 198 with 2 Saturdays to go.
12:00am, 19 Feb 2019
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1st August 2009 - did three Wimbledon ones, then didn't run one again until Tunbridge Wells started up in 2014.

I remember being nervous, and incredulous that people were running to warm up! haha
7:54am, 19 Feb 2019
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Old Croc
I think I need to add that 57DoP also helped set up Elgin - an invaluable help in our team.
9:58am, 19 Feb 2019
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Not sure how to link to a specific Facebook post but have a look at Bedworth parkrun's page - I like their volunteer request. Uses humour to point out consequences of not getting enough volunteers.
1:39pm, 19 Feb 2019
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Well done Bedworth, made me smile.
6:02pm, 19 Feb 2019
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8:34pm, 19 Feb 2019
26473 posts
Very good :)
9:41pm, 19 Feb 2019
947 posts
That Bedworth Facebook post, brilliant.

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About This Thread

A discussion of all things parkrun.

Here's a wiki giving brief reviews of parkruns up and down the land:


Note: Hendo is a boy.

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