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Parkrun Thread

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22 Nov
4:34pm, 22 Nov 2017
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Bulk purchase maybe. But even if you get the best price in the world, leasing is rarely the cheapest option to buy something - its just an effective mechanism for managing cash flows, and can share the risks / rewards differently to ownership.

But if, say, CarphoneWarehouse agrees to supply 1500 iPhones to parkrun, they would in general offer a better price for a purchase of them vs a lease.
22 Nov
4:53pm, 22 Nov 2017
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"as well as a stipend towards future parkruns IIRC"
the New Events Fund has finished, i think. Certainly donations to your parkrun no longer have the 15% going to it.

"The start-up fee has to pay for all this as well as the ongoing costs (wages and computer systems)"

The £3000 per event, that the events fund themselves, more than covers the cost of the standard equipment + webpage setup time etc
4x barcode scanners - £500
2x timers - £100-200
Laptop - £500
Funnel stakes - £50
Finish Tokens - £?
so ~£1500 of equipment

Fees to UKA for insurance (?)
I could see this being frontloaded, so lets allow £500

How much does some server space for the additonal db entries, & a basic set of webpages cost, & some staff time to do it?
Again, frontload this, so another £500

Thats £2500, so there could be £500 sitting in the 'parkrun bank', until an event needs to replace tokens & other equipment.

Any donations to individual parkruns are also in the 'parkrun bank' until spent, which could be months or years.

Central office costs are covered by the sponsors & sales of stuff, like the apricot shirts & parkrun range at wiggle etc (surely?)

So certainly not flush with cash, but also not starving.
22 Nov
4:56pm, 22 Nov 2017
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Anywhere that does lease out phones do so with the newest models, as that's where the money is.
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23 Nov
12:02am, 23 Nov 2017
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Good news for Yorkies! :-)

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