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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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British 10k

Listed by fetcheveryone
Mayfair, Mayfair London W1 UK
60 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
akmilne Fife AC 40:17 46:23 46:23 59.91
Always Injured Ware Joggers 49:35 49:35 49:35 54.78
ATOM. Pirate Ship Of Fools, Zoom Tri Club 46:20 47:48 59:59 1:01:53 44.91
Badger FERC 47:40 52:44 59:02 48.12
Beaker FERC 53:33 1:00:31 1:02:39 43.36
becca7 100 Marathon Club, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Wigston Phoenix, LDWA 45:03 1:10:00 1:10:00 42.93
bj Larkfield AC 45:53 47:45 48:00 54:24 49.36
BlastedHills Ware Joggers 1:02:04 1:03:00 1:05:00 1:03:00 50.60
Chazzee Serpentine RC, Westbury Harriers 39:25 50:00 50:00 53.70
Covert Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC 39:11 41:02 41:00 42:12 63.93
Dave29 Bishops Stortford RC 47:39 55:28 1:05:00 41.51
degennal Serpentine RC 55:03 55:03 55:03 54.34
DiscoSteve Unaffiliated 51:27 55:25 58:50 46.00
Dorset Roger Unaffiliated 50:02 54:28 58:50 47.93
Em Unaffiliated 51:08 51:08 52:56 52:54 56.81
fetcheveryone FERC 44:00 50:27 52:00 1:12:00 37.33
Geoff new Milton Keynes AC, Redway Runners 41:50 48:57 52:58 53.64
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 41:35 42:14 46:15 60.52
golfpag Ware Joggers 48:43 52:34 55:00 52:34 55.71
gomorrah Unaffiliated 1:10:04 1:10:04 1:16:00 35.42
Hanneke FELL PONIES 47:50 55:53 50:00 55:53 55.41
hopisen Unaffiliated 47:32 1:00:00 1:00:00 45.10
JPS Unaffiliated 54:38 1:05:25 1:10:00 1:05:25 42.79
KatieB Bedford Harriers AC 45:00 49:20 51:39 59.34
kozzie Ware Joggers 56:51 1:04:59 1:10:28 45.72
Listy BeaRCats running club 53:41 56:58 1:01:45 48.57
Lorraine Running 4 Women Club 52:27 56:35 58:00 59:00 51.88
Lyds Unaffiliated 58:59 1:09:18 1:16:00 39.36
MartinCunningham Southern Counties Veterans AC, Petts Wood Runners 38:46 51:30 1:00:00 58:17 49.86
mava Sevenoaks AC 59:20 59:20 1:02:05 50.58
Meldy Unaffiliated 1:06:00
mikeharrison Hillcrest Villagers AC 45:22 57:23 58:00 57:24 47.32
mikke Unaffiliated 42:23 51:00 51:00 52.90
mucker Bearbrook Joggers RC 45:55 45:55 46:40 57.59
Musical Journey FERC 49:00 51:00 50:00 51:00 53.79
naticle Unaffiliated 1:01:41
Paolo Plodder Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 49:20 57:17 57:17 51.51
PieNapper Unaffiliated 42:52 42:52 42:30 43:54 62.49
Puffing Bertie Unaffiliated 53:43 57:02 1:04:03 47.36
Rach E Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet 36:58 43:07 47:30 47:29 63.00
ralphralph Unaffiliated 44:40 50:08 50:08 60.26
RG Postie (RGP) Reading Roadrunners 45:48 48:06 51:17 53.21
Richard Day Stowmarket Striders RC 47:05 49:00 49:00 55.20
Running Postie Portsmouth Joggers Club 42:24 42:24 45:00 44:22 69.75
Runningmachine Wadhurst Runners 41:20 49:03 49:03 63.61
RunningRev UKnetrunner 43:50 1:20:00 1:20:00 33.58
SarahL FERC 43:59 55:00 55:00 54.39
Sezz Trent Park Running Club 54:23 55:05 1:01:29 49.33
shoeless Unaffiliated 1:14:50 1:22:10 1:22:10 36.41
simmicee Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC 44:18 45:50 45:50 65.73
strut 25 Unaffiliated 47:39 57:00 58:00 47.58
Synthpop Unaffiliated 48:22 58:35 58:35 46.19
Tappers Walton AC 42:49 46:13 51:39 53.80
taulpaul Birmingham Swifts 42:00 42:00 44:12 61.73
The Croc Unaffiliated 41:30 44:59 48:30 58.15
The Shadow Unaffiliated 49:23 50:35 50:00 51:00 54.89
TheBeetroot Unaffiliated 1:06:52 1:16:55 1:20:00 1:21:15 38.95
vava Running 4 Women Club 54:22 1:00:00 1:10:00 1:08:00 44.19
wrinty Avon Valley Runners 34:31 37:24 38:00 39:51 70.77
zuzi Edinburgh Road Club 52:41

This event is listed on these dates:

A minute sower than my PB, but as I hadn't trained for this I am quite happy with the time.
Oh dear - hungover time. Will try to remember that a beer festival the day before a race is not a good idea :-)
Did this last year guys, sure you will like the encouraging girls dancing along the embankment!!!! We went to a lovely piza place after near Waterloo along the other side. Great day out and had a fab run, nearly caught "his lordship"!!

Huh, bad run, very hot, didnt feel very good at 8k had a really bad stitch that hurt all the way to the finish. DIdnt enjoy it as much as last year, probably expected to much.

Well done to all those who took part.
Puffing Bertie
Happy with a new pb for PB :-)
Following a week consisting of far too much going out to the pub rather than going out for a run, was just happy to finish this one! Was never going to get a PB today due to above, but this was confirmed early on by the sheer number of people who ran this. Certainly a very popular event!
Sufferred from a lack of sleep before this one (my three year-old son refused to go to sleep until 3am and then the alarm went off at 6am). Started OK, reaching 3K in 11:18 but then the wheels came off and I struggled from there on in but managed to work really hard in the last kilometer to stay on the right side of forty minutes.
Spent run pacing the better half around. Slightly disappointed not to crack the sub-60 for this race (and 4 mins off her PB) but it was too crowded, humid and running through an injury probably didn't help. Doubtful whether this race will be on her calendar next year due to the poor organisation (it defo won't be on my list). Classic comment as she finished the race - "is the race organiser actually a runner?"
I think Haille went past me going the other way once but i blinked so wasn't sure.
Bit dissapointed to be 1 min or so slower than my last 10k but still the best that I've done in this race (3rd time) As always, shambolic in parts but the views make up for it....just!
Heading for 55mins untill 5/6km and then hit the crowds.Pleased with result .So many people of which a large amount seemed to think the idea was too walk!! Will I do it again?
Although very slow, this was my first 10K and training was hindered by a bad knee, so I was pleased to just concentrate on enjoying the race - despite the appalling organisation - and finish feeling strong. (It also included a wee stop at 5K due to over-enthusiastic hydration and lack of facilities at the start!)
Running Postie
unless you start at the front, it is very difficult to have a clear run , due to the shear volume of people.
great support, great day.
Went off too quickly and started to feel tired very soon (too warm and had stayed up watching Live 8 til midnight), plus got the mother of all stitches at around 8k. But soldiered on, albeit 'jogging' in pain, and finished in a respectable time, making me think a PB was on the cards after all.

Didn't really enjoy the day, personally; the race was badly organised, my friend got unnecessary abuse from a marshall at the end and the medal is rubbish, all things considered. Will not be doing this one in future if it's still 'organised' by the same people.
Rach E
I could definitely have gone faster here, particularly as the first 2km consisted of lots of weaving around slower runners (what other race starts beginners with elite runners?!). My first 2kms took over 5 minutes each because of this! However, it was my first 10k, so I enjoyed it and was relatively pleased with my time. It was marrred by unbelievably poor organisation, and I definitely won't be doing this again.
not been running long at all, and VERY not fast, but would love to go sub 1:20...

UPDATE: Close, but no cigar... still, I made it!!
The Shadow
I don't think I'll do this one next year; bit disappointed overall by the lack of organisation but the scenery was superb. Not quite sure what the stewards were doing (nothing!!) but had hoped they'd ensure that 'lane discipline' was enforced so that those not running kept to the side. Cripes - I'm turning into Victor Meldrew. Guess I'll be forever chasing that 50min barrier.
Not a brilliant race, over two mins off my PB. I found it hard to get going and was too hot.
First Race, Enjoyed it
Shambolic start. No starting pens that I could see so got a bit 'swept away' at the start. No Km markers from 4k to 7k which didn't help a newbie. Aside from that enjoyed my first 10k in 18 years!
Terribly badly organised. My first race ever and not a good expereince... no sign of start pens or anything so ended up dodging people throughout the course, even being pushed out of the way and tripped up by other runners! Expensive too. Will never run this again and would not recommend it to anybody! If you have doubts, visit british10kcomplaints.org It will give you some insight!
Musical Journey
The road to New York begun with this race and was pleased with my time. The course took in some great sights although the finish was very confusing and couldn't kept having to postpone the big sprint finish due to the winding loop at the end that seemed to go on forever. Great atmosphere.
Hadn't done any training at all since Town & Gown so wasn't too disappointed with the time.
and that's a personal worst. well done, me!

too many people on this one, wasn't too impressed with finally getting over the start line and finding myself boxed in with folks who were walking from the start, so presumably planning to walk the whole way. Good on you for getting around any way you can, but maybe you could start at the back.
The worst run I've ever done as reflected in the time and by the fact I hyperventilated and ended up in the Red Cross tent when I finished. Suffering for a very busy week and lack of sleep!
The Croc
Not much fun, far too many runners, too hot, rather chaotic start. Can't remember my actual time but know it was poor. Yet I was still elated at the finish and for many hours afterwards.
First ever race, first ever run over 200 yards, minimal training. But 2 Flat Feet and I got round, and raised soooooo much money for a charity close to my heart. Will have to try harder at the running bit next time...
Ran with KatieB
Ran this with Bob, and we jogged round, enjoying the sites and the occasion. I had a little trouble going at this speed, but took the opportunity to focus on getting my knees nice and high (getting a bit of "glide" as Gobi says). Met Loon, and the legendary KatieB (with hair under control), which made the day :-)
Great to run round London with the roads closed!
First race ever. Not used to run on road but I liked the experience.
Would love to be sub 50 for this one.

Had to give up on sub50 pace at about 3-4k. Too many people. Tried to enjoy it after that. Met the legendary fetch which made up for alot!