Fetch Five - Run For Your Soul 1

Tue June 6 2006
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BlueWombat ... by the skin of my teeth.

I'll sing you one-oh, green grow the rushes oh.
What is your one-oh?
One is one, but not alone, and never more shall be so. Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Cambridge University Hare & Hounds 5:52 6:45 6:42 59.93
Clumsula Stepped out into Post Acopolyptic scorched wasteland for first part of challenge. The air was heavy with the stench of sulphur,muck spreading and the local chinese takeaway.
I was accompanied by my eldest for protection and/or sacrifice - whatever was required. With the hounds of hell nipping at our heels we ran for our very lives, just as well the hounds were 12 year old yorkshire terriers, we managed to shake them off with our astounding lack of speed or ability.
I managed to save my soul in part one of my challenge, barely, and feel Gobi's hot breath down the back of my neck, as we carried on for Part II................. Unaffiliated 11:00 10:13 42.59
D2 My previous pb was a couple of weeks ago at 11.07 so hope I can do this!! Havent decided on date yet
UPDATE..............Well this is my last race report and I’m very confused now as to whether my name is Steady on Amber or Come on Amber but hopefully you know me as the big fierce training partner of D.  She has been very nice about me recently probably because of our final result; Gobi 1 – D 5.  She says she could not have done it without me ‘cos I; keep her company, keep her amused and keep her safe.
We nearly did not finish this series as D was struck down by one of Gobi’s  wing-ed assassins (horsefly) which left her with what the doc called “an extreme reaction” and a leg the same width all the way down and no bend in her ankle or knee.  But with some studious application of frozen peas, obviously a devils antidote, we managed to accomplish the one and two mile races concurrently yesterday.
My previous reports have been a mixture of ‘Spring Watch’ sponsored by the Derbyshire Tourist Board and a novel by Dennis Wheatley, but today there is no description of the scenery as it flashed past toooooo fast.
Usually I’m miles in front but to be honest I had to concentrate to keep up, 2 miles in 20.28 and 1 mile in 9.59. Huge personal bests all round.
Unaffiliated 11:00 9:55 56.74
Duncs quickest of my miles from my interval session. Maybe if I'd spotted this beforehand I would have tried a bit harder. 100 Marathon Club 6:02 7:44 49.65
EyeSpy21 This event completes my profile - I have pb'd at all 7 of my distances over a three month period.  I have nothing funny or witty to say regarding the devil or my soul but I am loving my running and am off to do some more training ready to do it all again in another three months ...give or take a little arthroscopy along the way.  Maybe I'm just taking this running lark too seriously now... I was kind of thinking that last night when I just HAD to overtake the guy plodding up the hill in front of me.

http://trail.motionbased.com/trail/activity/892151 Unaffiliated 7:20 6:58 61.60
hammerite Well I've not trained or raced but I thought I'd add this for my time aboard the beer bike!

I went to make a bad name for British people abroad in the country of Lithuania, in the aid of honouring the Stag. As tradition goes the Stag was the drunkest person in Vilnius that weekend, and being the best man I was the second drunkest. However, I did manage some exercise, drinking beer by the litre is heavy work, and the cross training of cycling aboard the beer bike (a real contraption) made for real effort.

11 of us were aboard pedalling like hell to get round the streets of Vilnius, at a leisurely 6kmph (people were overtaking whilst walking). And due to the brake happy nature of our driver it was particularly hard work. However we stayed hydrated with the aid of our own barmaid! One of the best races I've done! Bedford Harriers AC 5:51 5:54 20:00 20:00 18.55
Hollywoof! BEFORE: Going to do this with a Garmin. Should be on for a PB I think. Will probably do this as the first part of a session in which I finish with the 2 mile attempt!

DURING: Change of plan - did this as part of the Straggler's 25th birthday relay races - had a 5.1 km leg to run - so I did the 1 mile and 2 mile races within it :-)

AFTER: This was supposed to be me accelerating for the finish - but I was pooped - so oops! Unaffiliated 6:30 6:57 54.00
Jenelopy It would be really nice to beat my time from last year (of 10:04), but I have a cold and really hate hot weather, so who knows...

I DID IT! :)
I DID IT! :)
I DID IT! :)
I have a (very long) term goal of running 3 miles in under 30 minutes, so doing a mile in under 10 minutes (even though i couldnt have contiued at that speed) feels like I am getting somewhere :) Unaffiliated 9:59 9:35 43.76
Longlegs Attempt number two for Gobi to get my soul.  No chance again, I managed to keep my soul if only for this morning.  1 mile attempt was done this morning (Wednesday 7th June) at 7am.  Was worried about this one as speed hasn't been high on my agenda for the last few months,  But managed to scrap under the predicted 6:30 and hit 6:15.  Weather was perfect, not to warm.  Very nice and bright.  Will be giving Gobi another chance for my soul later today when I attempt to do 4 miles in under 32 minutes.  Current Score Longlegs 2 Gobi - 0. Swanley & District AC 5:38 5:40 6:30 6:15 59.41
Lorraine Well what is a girl to do when she lives equall distance from'The Soul Collectors' house and office ......I WILL NOT LET HIM HAVE MY SOUl...it is MINE.Have any of you seen the cupboard where he keeps your souls? I have and believe me Harry Potter had better conditions in his cupbaord under the stairs!!! The answer to all that is to RUN and beat my predicted time....PHEW I have done it and I get to keep my soul for another day! Running 4 Women Club 8:55 8:03 54.51
Lumsdoni Ultra-soul - Leg 6 - 11th July
Sunday - Last mile of my 13mile long run. Saving the hardest leg for last, seems only fitting.  This is an extremely competitive time for me, especially after 12 miles.  We shall see Gobi. We shall see.

One for Gobi, too little too late though 4 -2
Usually have a finish in me so this wasn't out of the realm of possibility, but the heat did for me.  12 miles in and had a couple of short walk breaks before attempting the final leg of my Fetch Five Ultrasoul.  Garmin beeped, I put my foot on the gas and burnt down the road like a comet.............for about 250 yards then ran out of gas and stopped.  Thank Fetch I had already beaten Gobi on 4 runs!  This was a disaster.
May well attempt it again tomorrow morning as this was less of a failure, more of a did not start! Stotfold Runners 7:15 9:00 41.42
MacDaz Unaffiliated 6:30 6:14 60.81
Maclennane Legend has it it's a mile round Horsham Park...I hope it isn't or I was running slower that yesterday's 5K despite lots of sleep, no smoking and no ale. R2D2 Hash House Harriers, Whitchurch Hampshire Adventure Race 6:07 8:00 8:37 43.09
MarkC Oh go on then. Lets see what kind of pace I'm capable of....Answer: 06:18. Don't think I could have picked a warmer day to do it on! Unaffiliated 6:01 6:59 6:18 60.53
Max71 I'm gonna take the first mile from todays run and I know it will be slow especially as I shall be running backwards, through sleet and snow with an armidillo under my arm........Yeah I get to keep my soul.............go max go max go max Unaffiliated 7:41 12:33 11:05 38.31
McGoohan McGoohan's sexathon part 3 - the swim.

The wheels came off this a bit. I went to the pool early doors and swam and swam and swam. Unfortunately, the pensioner population of Epsom and Ewell decided to pay a visit too. The pool filled up with more and more slow bodies. Not that I begrudge them a swim but I was running out of places to do the actual swimming. Therefore, retired after 42 lengths. 

The question is: do I accept defeat, or do I get back in there and try again?

To be concluded...

I went back. I did another 40 lengths (in 30 mins) and had crossed the 22 length point on 16 mins (i.e. cumulative 1 mile with last time's outing).

So: total for 1 mile: 33 mins + 16 mins = 49 mins. Scraped in!

PamB First mile of a quickie 2 miler.  Down to the railway line -- gmap reckons thats a mile and I'm not going to argue!

I wonder if I've been overdoing it with trying to keep my soul though -- my legs are very sore -- much sorer than they should be after a 2 mile run.  Slightly concerned as I have a club rub scheduled tomorrow. Unaffiliated 10:40 9:54 42.40
Princess Purple Bubbles Night before planned *race*... I am sat trying to read any *small print* on the *contract* that states should I fail to get under 20mins for my mile attempt my little royal purple soul becomes the property of the *master* Gobi. Personally I can see why he wants it, I dare say the wee purple glow coming from a little jar stacked with all his others could look rather attractive next to all his running medals...

20minutes I hear you say-well given my recent build up to training and my 53minute effort for my recent 5km I am actually being realistic. I am not attempting to *cheat* and *keep* what is mine but rather approach this methodically!AFterall I do want to save myself from ultra maddness, not sign up for anything beyond a 10k in the  next month or so and be sensible! Yes *sensible* if that is at all possible for this little princess!

Will update tomorrow........must get back to this fine print! (digs out magnify glass in a bid to find a loop hole!)

POST-RACE: Wanders in and SHREDS UP CONTRACT!!!!!!!
The Gobi one will not be getting *my* little purple glowing soul this time! It felt blinking hot out there-my loop was a little bigger than 2.5km but once my faithful and loyal garmin hit the 2.5km I had to hit stop and do a gentle wander warm down to the palace at a sedate stroll. My lungs were fine-a little wheezie from the pollen but it wasn't a Cv issue at all my little royal  legs didnt seem to have any spring or power in them which is *frustrating* especially when you get passed by every man's dream woman with perfect boobs and tight cute bum hardly breaking into a sweat and your red faced,*glowing* with perspiration(women don't sweat!). I shouldn't really complain too much as  my time is quicker than the average pace worked out for my miles at Raby which were 17:6mins!
Temperature was burning-anyone would think I was running around Gobi's devillish hell-hole....think he sent me down there to test me, yes was tested  but I came back to the real world to fight another day and keep my soul!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO my first PB of the YEAR!

(At time of going to press I hadn't nor do I intend to sign up for any ultras,adventure races or anything of a devillishly long distance!!!!!).................well not yet ;)
Scarborough AC 10:20 20:00 16:33 25.34
Purps Well given that my average pace is just over a 12min mile and that I have just had a break from running for 10 day due to shin pain I am hoping to just go a bit quicker than usual. Only had one run since resting and that was a good plod. Fingers crossed. I think I may bet on myself anyway.

Well I came down with tonsilitis on Tuesday 6th June and so had to wait till later in the week until I tried to save my soul.

*race day Sunday 11th June 20:30 weather still warm have spent most of the week resting trying to get over my throat infection. Saturday felt quite good so decided that sunday would be race day. Stopping with my OH so there is no chance of a perfectly flat 1mile route, more slightly undulating. Set out and did a warm up and then cracked on with my 'race' felt good most of the way, the last 200metres were hard work with breathing a little ragged but pushed through to run one of my fastest ever miles. Not bad considering I have only run once in the past 3.5weeks. Unaffiliated 11:59 11:30 10:32 39.81
Rich963 On a very warm day, in my lunch hour, I set out to blast through a mile to at least set a marker.  In the end only managed six seconds under my 5mile pace, but at least it is something to aim at... Stilton Striders RC 7:00 6:24 57.97
Slow Going High risk soul gambling.... I was setting out to do 3x1mile intervals @ 6:50 pace, so decided to stake my soul on even pacing and treat the last interval as the F5-RFYS-1. This turned out to be a mistake of Bart-Simpsonesque proportions. Obviously the Raven and Doberman I saw during my warmup were a portent and I failed in spectacular fashion. Maybe I should have lined my trainers with pages from the bible. UKnetrunner 6:50 7:42 49.23
vix84 Not sure how I'll do on this....am planning to do a 10km race tmw and then the mile on thursday...

will give it my best shot tho, am not really built for speed more for comfort :-)

Update: kept soul at least...felt pretty awful tho....recovery jog was even more painful...surely thats the wrong way round!! Unaffiliated 10:00 9:30 44.14
WildeRover Never timed myself over 1 mile before, so this should be interesting.  There also don't seem to be many 1 mile races around, so this will be an opportunity to record a 1 mile time.  The shortest race I have done is a 2 miler in 14:57 about a month ago, so according to the race predictor, that means a 7:10 mile.  We'll see!
It seems I have a guardian angel looking out for my soul!
I had my route all planned and ready, mapped out via gmap.  I would jog out to the starting point on the golf course and then it was 1 mile back to the park gates.
The first point at which my guardian angel intervened was actually yesterday.  After a week of hellish weather, suddenly the hot spell breaks and we have some overnight rain - not enough to make it slippy or muddy, but just enough to ease the bumps and ruts on the off path sections.  Then today is nowhere near as hot as it has been.  Finally the breeze will actually be at my back coming on the long stretch through the park.  Guardian angel 3, Gobi 0.
I knew that I could run from the underpass to the gates in 4:25.  At that rate I needed to get there in 2:45 or under to be on schedule.  Here again my guardian angel started tampering a bit.  Now, I know that I only glanced briefly at my watch, and I know that coming out of the underpass there is the change from shadow to light, but I could have sworn that my watch said 2:48.  I was 3 secs outside - it was certainly a kick up the rear to speed me up and not get complacent.
As far as I could tell, I was going too slow and had time to make up - I was giving it everything.  300m from home my panting was becoming wheezing.  200m from home I was feeling sick and giddy.  100m from home, was I going to make it?  I glanced at my watch, I had to get home in...............50 seconds.  WHAT?!?!  How had that happened.  It took a few yards for the time to register, a few more yards to compute and a few more yards to be confused - but I knew before I crossed the line that I was well inside.
Rewrite all the prediction formula and race time projections.  I had just smashed the predictions of 7:10 by 23 seconds!
How did I just run that mile in 6:47?  Maybe gmap has too much margin of error for short distances?  Maybe the interval sessions that I have done over the last month have actually paid off?  Or maybe, just maybe it was actually done on the wings of my guardian angel pushing me down the home straight.
The only problem is - now that I have run a mile in that time, that puts the pressure on for a big PB for tomorrow's 4 mile Rose Inn run.  Oh well, no rest for the (not so) wicked. Lliswerry Runners 6:49 7:10 6:47 56.22
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