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Interview with Jono.

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on a well deserved MoTM win. My question is if money and time were no object what route or race would you want to do?

Jono. says: mmmmm, well I've always hankered after the New York Marathon. I've been very lucky to visit that city on more than one occasion and I love it - I had a spell of sailing in and out of NY harbour. BUT everybody wants to run that so, I quite fancy the Tokyo Marathon, Japan as a country fascinates me - Mrs J has been and said its mind blowing!

Plan is to run the marathon, go back to hotel room, showered change and end up slaughtered in a karaoke bar singing *All night Long* by Rainbow (other rainbow hits are available).

Couple of problems - can't afford to go and I can't hold a note :-)
McGoohan asks: Congrats Jono, it's been a long time coming. Soooooo, what kit do you think Lego *should* make that they haven't yet done?

Jono. says: Easy - Captain Scarlet Range , Cloudbase, SPV, Destiny angel's interceptor, the captains red car, maximum security vehicle.
Valyrian Plastic asks: Good one, Jono; I hope you find something good to spend your winnings on. I'd like to ask: Which activities (if any) can you do as a family - without anyone complaining or feeling left out?

Jono. says: Bit of a toughie that one - we have had family days out! not many though, I don't even think its really to do with Joe - its just both parents working and having an 18 year old daughter!! times precious so we tend to do things when we can.

Me and Mrs J tend to play tag team - we've had days out to The Seven Valley Railway, Drayton Manor Park & Zoo (Thomas Land is there), the odd castle, farm and we've had a couple of nice breaks to centre parcs.

For a few years we had separate holidays - Joe was quite happy staying at home with one of his parents - then last year we broke the mould by getting Joe to Florida. Although he says he never wants to go again.

We did venture to New York in 2007 - it was a bit of a trauma, we didn't understand Autism, its impact on Joe and afterwards we said we wouldn't risk it again. Joe managed after the 1st 24hrs by me taking him to the Toys R us store in times square - everyday we would buy a Thomas the Tank Engine train.

Luckily Joe was still in a stroller, so we did A LOT of walking, Joe liked that.

The next big adventure is to get Joe to London on a train - he's expressed interest :-)
The Terminator asks: My job here is done 😀 Congrats mate 👍 I could ask a running question but I won't. I have always loved your blogs and obviously appreciate the challenges you face in your family life but am more interested in your Navy days. Basically I'm wondering if you could go back to when you joined the Navy knowing what you do now what advice would you give your young self? Would you encourage him to join still or not?

Jono. says: T you're not just a hippy, you're a mad hippy :-)

phew, erm, - firstly I don't regret anything I have ever done. I believe we are all on a journey and I have ended up where I am - if one thing had slightly changed then who knows where I would be and who with, if anyone.

I would still join the Navy, as an institution it helped me to become the person I am today (I'm not sure that's a good thing!) - I owe the RN quite a lot, it lead me to a job with P&O, meeting Mrs J, eventually leading to civilian employment, being able to work effectively in my field.

I won't go on about the War - I've bored you all enough with that, BUT the interesting thing about the whole episode was the actual business of sailing the ship, young ratings were left and entrusted to get on with seamanship tasks, we replenished fuel / stores regularly, used the ships boats, let go the anchor (more times that I care to remember) - we became efficient sailors - once back in blighty it placed us head and shoulders above our counterparts who hadn't gone down south.
Neilio asks: Well done Jono.Red sauce or brown?

Jono. says: Red mate, always -although I reserve the right to use brown on bacon butties / cheese on toast.
mrs shanksi asks: I'm really pleased you've won this Jono, it's well deserved. It was great to meet you all those years ago, my question is when are you coming up to North East Scotland so we can do another race together?

Jono. says: Do you know Mrs S - the NE of Scotland is the one place I've never been. When I sailed on a fishery protection vessel we stayed on the west coast. Hope you and the family S are well and splendid.
-x-x- asks: Hiya Jono, really pleased you've won, long over due in my opinion. What is the best and worst running advice you've received over the years?

Jono. says: none really Fenners, Fetch is a wonderful place to pick up tips, read about peoples running experiences. The one, possibly bad thing about Fetch is that it can lead you to think that after a while of taking running a bit seriously you can enter all sorts - and erm, you probably shouldn't.

For instance my attempts at ultra marathons were glorified walks - until 2014, Equinox24 was great. well I thought it was :-) 130K in 23.55. That T shirt will never get thrown away.
swittle asks: A great choice, lad. If you could add one thread to Fetch, what would it be? And why?

Jono. says: Qourn Thread - why, what, where.
RichHL asks: Hurrah! No real question but how freaking awesome is this? :-)

Jono. says: well Rich, its a little unsettling. A Fetchie once said to me, many years ago, that MoTM was just a popularity contest and lobbying - a few beers had been drunk - if that's true then I'm even more humbled.

I'm going to print the home page off and put it on the pin board next to my desk :-)
bigleggy asks: To be honest with ya - if I had a question for ya I'd probably just ask ya next time we meet. Did you ever get to eat your fish finger sandwiches ?? Oh yeah - and is it your round or mine :-)

Jono. says: oh God yes Leggy, I've had more since. I think its mine.
_andy asks: Yay, nice one! Congrats on being a first-rate member Jono (for this month, at least). Tell us about the monkey. Go on, everything.

Jono. says: I just like Orang-utans Andy & hair.
Sharkie asks: Most excellent Fetchie - well deserved. In your most excellent blogs you always write 'Mom' rather than Mum, or Mam... is your wife American or is it a Midlands expression?

Jono. says: I've asked Mrs J about this, as she scowled at me, over the top of her glasses, she replied *ITS A MIDLANDS THING*.

Unfortunately even after living on Merseyside for 23 years I've not had it all beaten out of me - I'm booked in for more beatings this week.
monsenb1 asks: Well done, richly deserved, I've gotta ask about the beard..what is your ultimate preference for facial hair styles..

Jono. says: right, lot of thought put into this.

Closely shaved at the sides, fairly long and a big droopy tache OR anything as featured in Vikings :-)
Watford Wobble asks: Many congratulations jono. I'm very pleased you are recognised here on Fetch. When I get my bike maybe I'll come up to the peninsular and join you for a ride. Why the orang-utan as your avatar?

Jono. says: or I could come down to the Northampton's :-)
Bintmcskint asks: Congratulations, jono. Well deserved, if I might say so. Here's my usual question...you are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

Here's my usual question...you are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

Jono. says: Food - bag of chips, never ever get tired of eating them.
Book - *The Cruel Sea* - everything written in Montserrat's book is touchable, real.
BigLeggy - clever, funny and very handy with the old tools. He could build us a house, out of the boat we were washed up in.
Angus Clydesdale asks: Brilliant choice of MOTM this month, congrats!
The question is: Pickled egg......in your bag of salt & vinegar crisps or alongside?

Jono. says: alongside
HappyG(rrr) asks: Brilliant, many congrats Jono. Top fella. I think we all respected your diaries from 82. Could you say how forces experience shapes a person, and where running fits in for an ex-serviceman? Hope that's not too personal - you've given such fascinating insight in the past. Feel free to ignore if it's not an appropriate question. Congrats again. Very worthy winner. :-) G

Jono. says: I think it depends on the person G and their experiences - use your experiences positively or don't. The navy was part of my life, not all of it.

I can't really add anything to the last blog I wrote after the diary blogs.

I started running in late 82, I was very unfit. Didn't have a clue about what we were doing, no advice, nothing. Then a lad joined the Avenger - he'd been on the Ambuscade, down south - and he'd run the Royal Navy's field gun team (Devonport)- if you've never seen the field gun being run , u tube it. So he was quite fit and off we go after work, no idea of distances - I think we guesstimated 10 miles at the most - mind you, we'd come back, get showered and then go and get slaughtered ashore.

I've been running on and off ever since - started taking running seriously in 2006, when someone in work had entered the Liverpool 10k and wanted to train with someone.

Running is a great, for both body and mind - I enjoy the solace of it or the companionship of it, you know if you have that conversation with someone in an event, you're never probably going to see them again, but you've shared something.
shanksi asks: Nice one, Jono. Well deserved MotM. So, is this real life, or is this just fantasy?

Jono. says: my life circles around Vikings, Romans, Marvel Comics and the Star Wars universe - so its real.
Corrah asks: Many congratulations Jono :) I'm going to ask my usual question too. What's your favourite post race tipple and snack?

Jono. says: pint, usually a shandy as I'm driving home and Sushi's flapjack.
DocM asks: so pleased you won....you bring us all so many smiles. So imagine you are older and money and family dont play a part in your choice, where in the world would you retire to and what would you spend your retirement doing?

Jono. says: I wouldn't move from the Wirral Doc, love living here. I would like to volunteer to work with children on autistic spectrum and in the Maritime museum, telling punters *they've* got that wrong, then pointing at things.
IanS asks: Well done jono, very pleased that you've won, well deserved :-) My question is: injury permitting, would you rather be running or cycling?

Jono. says: running Ian - I simply love it.
Rebel asks: Well done jono! Have you ever run along the prom when the waves are coming over?

Jono. says: oh yes Rebel, on more than one occasion. its exhilarating, mind you people look at you as if you're soft.
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