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Read a book from every year of your life challenge

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7 Jan
9:16pm, 7 Jan 2017
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Warped sense of humour? Sounds like my cup of tea
7 Jan
9:59pm, 7 Jan 2017
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Stevie - This is the Amazon link for the kindle book that includes The Long Walk and the Running Man
Link to

Thanks, its on order :-)
9 Jan
11:45pm, 9 Jan 2017
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Just finishing my 1963 book - Puckoon by Spike Milligan.

Greppers had warned me the humour might not stand up 50 years on, and he was so very right. There are some funny bits in it but much of it is so unbelievably dated that it's cringey to read it.

It's about the partition of Ireland into North and South with the border being drawn right through the middle of the village of Puckoon. It's full of assorted comedy Oirish types who say 'dese' and 'dat'. The wives are all overweight and wield rolling pins on their drunken menfolk. It's like being stuck in a Les Dawson sketch.

Much higher hopes for my 1964 book: A Very Easy Death by Simone de Beauvoir (Simon the Beaver).
10 Jan
12:05am, 10 Jan 2017
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I think I've decided on Lies, Inc. as my 1984 book. Which is a shame because it isn't available in the public library. However, I have about £6 left on my Waterstones card so will have a look tomorrow.
10 Jan
6:20am, 10 Jan 2017
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The troubles is also about Ireland (1970 book) but the target is English colonialism. I am enjoying it although the dialogue all seems a bit unlikely
10 Jan
3:31pm, 10 Jan 2017
First-time poster!!
Hello all, I'm coming late to this and I'm not normally active on the Fetch forums so I hope it's all right to join in. I saw this before Christmas and thought it was a great idea. So far I've done:
1965 How far to Bethlehem? - Nora Ephron
1966 Flowers for Algernon - Daniel Keys
1967 The Secret of Santa Vittoria - Robert Crichton ( I took this from the NYT bestsellers list for 1967 but I found out later it was actually published in 1966. But never mind, I'm not going to be too pedantic about this.)
1968 A Kestrel for a Knave - Barry Hines - that was a re-read

I'm currently trying 1969 Life in a Medieval City - Frances Gies and Joseh Gies. I'm finding it a bit hard going and I'm only on the Introduction.

I have also been jotting down possible ideas for future years as I go. It's very interesting to see what everyone else is choosing.
10 Jan
3:36pm, 10 Jan 2017
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Welcome to the thread Clare and well done on all those books so far too :-)
10 Jan
4:52pm, 10 Jan 2017
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Welcome to active posting, Clare. Maybe if I didn't waste/spend so much time on the forums I'd have read more than 1.25 books on my list :-)

Enjoying Winter in Madrid so far.
10 Jan
4:59pm, 10 Jan 2017
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Red Squirrel
I've only just found this thread.

What a fab idea!
10 Jan
5:24pm, 10 Jan 2017
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I have started my second book for 1965. I'm not doing this right.

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The plan to read a book that was first published from each year of your life.
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