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24 Apr 2017

Fetchpoint (London and Milton Keynes!)

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What an awesome (and knackering day) yesterday!

We woke up at 6am to get breakfast with the runners, then wheeled our suitcases full of oranges, jelly babies and flat coke across to The Highway to set up our patch at mile 22. Tower Bridge was already quite busy with 4-5 different charities setting up their flags and balloon arches - so we were a bit nervous about making sure we got the spot we wanted. I quite literally melted two of the wheels off my suitcase.

Luckily our bit of the road was quiet, so we were able to pick two good trees to stake out our territory. We had the bright idea of using a bit of string to make a little barrier to keep the muggles out - and it seemed to work really well. After a bit of faffing about, we chose a good spot for the banner, and sweet-talked the volunteer crew who were setting up the official signage to leave us a 16ft gap :-)

Kwala was first on the scene, and immediately went off to the Texaco to get us all a much-needed coffee. Bint, PaulaMc and a passing Roobarb followed shortly after, and with Garfield following up with the bag of Fetchpoint supplies, a formidable early crew set about assembling our camp for the day.

Last year, we tied lots of our balloons to the fence, which proved to be too tempting for lots of the passing children - so this year, we made them cry by stringing them up between the trees (the balloons, not the kids). I'm pleased to say there were two on hand at packing up time, so we gave them all the balloons they could carry.

The Fetchies kept on coming - too many to name them all, although I will try to put you all in my stickerbook :-) (or add me, and I'll add you back). Soon we we'd filled the fence, and were three people deep! The elites and chairs came through, and we gave them all a holler - but I don't mind saying, I'm in it for the rest of us.

I really love that moment when a friendly face emerges from the soup of runners. I was almost at the leading edge of our group, so I would yell "incoming" every time I spotted someone. The volume would go through the roof, and the smiles and impromptu celebrations from the starring runner always brought with it a huge endorphin rush on both sides of the fence.

Before very long, the front runners came back past us, and we were having to focus on two streams of traffic going in opposite directions. I got some great high fives early on from some of our front runners, who despite not slowing down from sonic speed made it clear that they appreciated our presence :-)

The trickle became a rush, and we started handing out our oranges - it was like being attacked by fruit-loving locusts :-) I was yelling and pointing and gesticulating at Fetch and non-Fetch runners so much, and getting so excited that I couldn't get my words out. I was on top of the moon :-)

Seven hours after the race began, and ten hours after we'd arrived at Fetchpoint, we called it a day, after seeing our final runner go past. The aforementioned kids were happy to tidy up the balloons, or at least to take responsibility for littering them elsewhere - and we made our way with weary bodies to The Chandos for a quick pint and a catch up with more Fetchies.

Knackered and hungry, we got back to our hotel at about 7ish, and I sank into a chicken curry and a pint of San Miguel, before one last drag-trundle to the hotel room, and bed.

I won't attempt to list any of the people I saw, because (a) I'd be here a long time, and (b) I don't want to miss anyone out - but I can say that I very quickly got really quite jealous of you all, hoovering up the marathon experience, and on your way to collect your medals, and goodies. You'll have your memories too - but I'm not jealous about that, because I've got some great ones as well!

We're doing another Fetchpoint, at Milton Keynes Marathon - on May 1st. It may not be so big, but it will be just as earnest. In customary fashion, we'll be hanging out just after the 22 mile marker, with the Fetch banner. If you're running, or if you'd like to come along and hang out for a few hours, we'd love to see you. We'll be on a nice grassy area, so bring a chair - and I'll bring a gazebo in case it rains. Join this group if you're interested, and I'll update you closer to the time.

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  • I very much appreciated your presence, high fiving you was one of the highlights of my race. :-)
    4:50pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • You were going like a train postieboy :-)
    4:52pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • It's these sorts of gestures that make fetcheveryone so amazing. Great job Fetch and Katie.
    5:02pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Well done all of you :-)
    5:10pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Sounds like a great day out, well done all the fetchpointers!
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    5:12pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Yeah! Brilliant. :-)
    5:12pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • I wasn't running or anywhere near it, but it gave me such a thrill to see you all on the TV coverage and more importantly to know that you were there dishing out hugs, oranges, jelly babies and whatever else Fetchies needed.
    The Scribbler
    6:09pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • I love Fetch point. Such an awesome day. Will come back and do it one day! Well done all.
    6:15pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Fab! As well as spotting you a couple of times on the highlights one of my club mates was stationed just past you and I can see your balloons in his pics!
    6:34pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Not the same without you all! :-)
    6:43pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Love Fetchpoint so much - it's become one of my favourite days of the year! Well done awesome Fetchies, on both sides of the fence! Runners rock
    6:54pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Well done. Such a good job :-)
    7:04pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • I'll be at MK but in the finish area as a marshall, so do come and say hello if you recognise me. I think they will make us wear event t shirts or similar but I'll try to flash a Fetch buff or similar.
    7:11pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Well done all the fetchies running yesterday!
    Never knew handing out oranges could be such fun!
    If I'm still standing after the MK Half, I may come over and do a bit of fetchpoint cheering afterwards :-)

    7:59pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • I have bruises all up my arms from leaning on the barriers, I fell asleep on the sofa halfway through my first glass of wine - but I wouldn't miss it for anything other than being on the road side of the fence. Fetchpoint rules, Fetcheveryone rules - Ian, you rock :-)
    8:30pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • What a brilliant blog, ' I'm in it for the rest of us' would appear to sum it up nicely.
    9:16pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • Totally appreciated the cheer when I ran past waving on the other side of the road, and the High5s, orange and encouragement when I walked past forlornly the second time. It was a massive lift, thanks!
    9:37pm, 24th Apr 2017
  • London's my favourite race and the fetchpoint has always inspired me twice along the way. Really enjoyed being on the other side of the fence and meeting or re-meeting fellow interweb runners - update: *still alive* 💔!
    154 Rob
    8:32am, 25th Apr 2017
  • Dedication to the cause, frienship and support - that's why you should have won first prize in last weeks award show:-)
    9:53am, 25th Apr 2017
  • Love Fetchpoint. One of my fave memories of my two VLMs and very grateful for the support to me when I was running and to my family when they were supporting. You are all superstars! :-) G
    10:01am, 25th Apr 2017
  • I enjoyed 2 things about VLM. Mile 13 and mile 22. Hated the rest. Can't think how that worked :-)
    11:38am, 25th Apr 2017
  • Sounds like yet another fabulous day. Must try to get there next there. I've only done one and really want to do it again. Fetcheveryone is just wonderful :-)
    11:41am, 25th Apr 2017
  • Brillopads, all of yez xxx
    1:13pm, 25th Apr 2017
  • You all did a great job. I will always remember Fetchpoint from when I did London in 2008, it was awesome !
    5:12pm, 25th Apr 2017

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22 Apr 2017

Base camp, VMLM

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I think my arms are longer than they used to be. I've just lugged this case, and the enormous banner from Tower Bridge tube to the deceptively far away Tower Bridge Premier Inn.

Despite temporary knackeredness brought on by a pretty lame train ride, we are still excited about what lies ahead. Tomorrow morning, we'll be joining the runners for a very early breakfast, then taking our cases on the second leg of the journey, across to The Highway. Our plan is to get there for about 7.30am, to get our banner set up, and stake out the ground for Fetchpoint. We have plans involving string and tripods to rope the area off to protect it.

For now though, we are just chilling. If there's anyone reading this who needs a bit of company tonight, you're welcome to come and hang out with us - we'll do all we can to keep you calm :-)

More news later - but before you go, check out this awesome hotel art - in particular the rather special alignment.

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  • I raise your string and tripods. I currently have 6 haybales in the back of my car to lug up to central london on the tube, to protect our stretch of footpath for our running club cheer point!
    4:05pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Premier Inn "bedroom art" (for want of a better description) is of an "interesting" style.
    I'm glad that you mentioned string. At first glance I thought that there was a rather large eyeball in the box with the oranges!
    Have a great day tomorrow. I know all the Fetchies running will appreciate your, and the other point's support.
    Eynsham Red
    4:13pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Oh that reminds me I have some truly special hotel art to post
    4:34pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Happy Fetchpointing :-)
    4:46pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • That has reminded me to put out the old Fetch banner to bring tomorrow! Two banners should help us stake out our patch.
    See you at 7.30 :-)
    5:09pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • I was just thinking that McG is the expert on hotel art :-) Good luck tomorrow, have fun!
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    5:17pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Is that just for team 5?? ;-)
    5:34pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Have fun!
    5:48pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • See you tomorrow
    6:01pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • See you tomorrow :-)
    6:19pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • I'll be coming down a "bit" late - so if there's anything you need (although looking at that suitcase it's unlikely) drop me an fmail :-)
    6:20pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Have a great time everyone at Fetchpoint!
    7:49pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Have a great day at Fetchpoint, I'll look out for you on the telly. :-)
    8:04pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Will be there as soon as GWR replacement bus service allows!
    8:16pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • I'm still fidgeting to align.
    Watford Wobble
    8:42pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Runners and supporters; I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.
    9:28pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Have a great time
    10:30pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Have a great day tomorrow. It is a brilliant thing you are doing, Fetchpoint and runners!
    10:41pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Have a great time guys. Well done. I'll be trying to zip around London on the tube. from 9 miles to 20 to 25 to after, looking out for PJH92.
    10:54pm, 22nd Apr 2017
  • You guys ruck. One day in the future I will join you all.
    7:41am, 23rd Apr 2017
  • Top fetchpointing guys. Well done. It's the most inspiring place in the world for a tired runner. Awwwwwwwwww! Fetchpoint! :-) G
    6:30pm, 23rd Apr 2017
  • Thank you for the most excellent support today x
    10:47pm, 23rd Apr 2017

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21 Apr 2017


10:51am | 503 views | 49 Comments
Just a few pics, whilst I am busy mercilessly exploiting our success :-)

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  • Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.

    So well deserved :-)
    10:52am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Medal! definitely well deserved. :-):-)
    10:55am, 21st Apr 2017
  • For Santa!
    10:55am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Thoroughly well deserved (well actually you deserve more) :-)
    10:56am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Medal!For Santa!Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
    Next year gold!
    10:58am, 21st Apr 2017
  • :-)
    10:58am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Medal! Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Medal! Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Medal!
    Fenland (Fenners) Runner
    11:02am, 21st Apr 2017
  • ❤️👍👏
    11:03am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Next year you can get a campaign manager and Win This Thing! Big congrats though and you both look lovely :-)
    11:04am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Excellent, well deserved :-)
    Fenland Flier
    11:04am, 21st Apr 2017
  • well done, onward and up ward Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
    Doc Moye
    11:05am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Congratulations! Best bling of the year :-)
    11:08am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.Medal!Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
    Chuffed to bits :-)
    11:14am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.runMedal!runOh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
    11:24am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Very well deserved. For Santa!
    11:30am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Wonderful :-)
    11:38am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Excellent and well-deserved :-)
    11:54am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Congratulations :-) Next year we are going to beat Run Mummy Run :-)
    11:54am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Awesome
    12:27pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Brilliant!
    12:42pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Medal! Star :-)
    12:49pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Many congratulations. Very well deserved. :-) G
    12:54pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Everyone knows bronze is the new gold!! Well done Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
    12:57pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Wonderful, wonderful news :-)
    1:02pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • 👍 👌 😀
    1:05pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Toot tooty toot
    1:20pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Ace ! We love Fetch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Speckled Henny-Penny
    1:20pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Fantastic. Loads of Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years. required xx
    1:33pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Congratulations!Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.Oh shove on a party hat and get into the spirit of things, go on. You won't have to do it again for another sixty years.
    1:39pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Well done and well deserved! Next year, I reckon you should make a Fetchie sticker that peeps can only get when they have voted for you :D
    1:54pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Nice one!
    2:59pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • *love* Fetch
    *love* Fetchies
    3:06pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Sorry that was meant to be *hearts*s
    3:06pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Awwwwwwwwww!
    3:08pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Run Mummy Run are mercilessly markety, next year let's go for silver!
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    3:26pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Great result - well deserved.
    3:32pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Whoop whoops!

    I think you are better than bronze too!!
    4:07pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • I'm still not sure who could have been better than Fetch but huge congrats anyway!!
    5:39pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • yay Awwwwwwwwww! :-)
    6:10pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Lovely photo, &!as LD said, what could be better than fetch. Next year..
    7:18pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • I find it hard to believe that there are two better online communities than this one ;-)
    7:36pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Well done xxx
    7:47pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Fabulous xx
    9:23pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Yay, well done!
    9:44pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • Congratulations!!! 😃😃😃
    11:59pm, 21st Apr 2017
  • *applauds*
    3:31am, 22nd Apr 2017
  • I don't believe that the pic of you and Katie B is 3rd. Katie is your real prize. Well batted that man.
    6:46am, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Well done!
    7:06am, 22nd Apr 2017
  • Well done!
    3:44pm, 22nd Apr 2017

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20 Apr 2017

Just for D2

10:17pm | 475 views | 42 Comments
We're here :-) The man has just come onto the stage, and he's doing the opening chit-chat. Breathless optimism.
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  • :-)
    10:19pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • 👍
    10:23pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • ... :-) ...
    10:23pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10:24pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • 🖑🖐
    10:24pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • COME ON! :-)
    10:25pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • :-)
    10:29pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • At a quiet moment, yell 'Praise Jesus!' That always stirs a crowd.
    10:30pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Or 'Get in there!!'
    10:30pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • According to the website the awards ceremony ends at 11, so not long to wait.....
    10:35pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • What's happening?!
    10:40pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Fingers crossed
    10:41pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I think Fetch's heart rate is 'slightly' raised......
    10:42pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Ooooh exciting.
    10:47pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • There are alot of awards, they've dine shoes and are on to books now
    10:47pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • How do you know B?
    10:50pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Bronze for best on-line community Medal! Well done Fetch :-)
    10:52pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • She's hiding inside a cake...
    10:52pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I searched for Running awards twotter and they are posting them on there (I'm not on twotter, you can see it without being)
    10:52pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Whoop Whoop Bronze (never heard of the ones that took Gold and Silver myself though... ) :-)
    10:53pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Well done Fetch - silver or gold would have been too showy :-)
    10:55pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Only bronze???? Seriously though, well done!
    10:55pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Gold in all our heads and hearts, though *crab*
    10:57pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Exciting!!!!
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    11:00pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Fantastic, congratulations!
    11:03pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Nice one. Bronze is good as it means fetch is still avant garden rather than totally mainstream. Next year though...
    11:06pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good result! :-)

    11:07pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Yay, well done Fetch we love you.
    11:14pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Ya beauty!!! Podium finish!!
    Maz Heeps
    11:29pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Well done on the bronze. We were the loud ones upstairs (with Ealing half marathon)
    12:05am, 21st Apr 2017
  • http://www.youtube.com/v/Tk1Q-5M2-qA
    5:47am, 21st Apr 2017
  • :-)Awwwwwwwwww!:-)
    5:49am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Well done! Hope you enjoyed your evening :-) Loved the photos I saw on Twitter :-)
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    6:35am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Brill
    Doc Moye
    6:44am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Fabulous :-)
    6:54am, 21st Apr 2017
  • well done!
    7:35am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Congratulations that's fantastic well done xx
    7:44am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Congratulations to all in Fetchland....especially the Boss :-) :-)
    7:49am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Awesome - it's great you've got public recognition for all your work and innovation.
    8:23am, 21st Apr 2017
  • It's on the podium ! Great stuff Fetch and thanks for a unique and tremendous place.
    Doctor K
    8:36am, 21st Apr 2017
  • I expect it will be gold in ten years when the improvements in drug testing lead to the disqualification of the two above you.
    9:05am, 21st Apr 2017
  • Have a good evening.
    10:40am, 21st Apr 2017

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20 Apr 2017

Off to the awards

4:00pm | 561 views | 57 Comments
Tonight Katie and I will be putting on our best frocks, and heading to "The Running Awards" at the O2. We're in a shortlist of 12 in the "Best Online Running Community" category.

To me, the amazing thing is not that we're in a shortlist, or that I get to see Katie in a frock (which is undeniably a treat that I am forever thankful for), but the fact that we are still here, and looking forward to the future with breathless optimism :-)

It's been a little over four months since I was Given The Opportunity to run FE independently. Despite those first few days when it felt like our world had turned upside down, I've felt the sort of sureness and confidence in everything that we have built together, that frankly, it feels like I've already won something far more important.

I got an email from the organisers of the event, asking if we were coming - and my initial reaction on looking at the prices was a 'no'. The money that FE generates comes from our advertising, but also largely from you, lovely voluntary subscribers - and it didn't feel right or necessary spending it on this sort of thing. But my initial refusal was met with the offer of a bit of discount, and so for the still not-inconsiderable sum of £100+VAT, Katie and I decided that we'd give it a go. If nothing else, there will be lots of other people from the running business community there, and it would be good to say hello to them.

Yeah, that's right - running business. It is, these days - and I guess I should count myself amongst them, even if my empire is such that I sometimes withhold from making a phone call until the washing machine's finished.

So (sorry Sharkie) if we don't come away with anything tonight, it won't matter - because I know that what we have here in our corner of the internet is what makes a difference. It's always lovely when people tell me about the stuff they've done through the site, or the people they've met - but I feel like I've got just as much and more. And I am really very grateful to Everyone.

The awards ceremony starts at 10, and our Tesco Value Tickets mean we don't get to go in until 9.30 - but if you're around and would like to follow our progress, I'll be tweeting some updates @fetcheveryone :-)

Thank you. I mean it.

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  • I'm glad you're going and hope you have a fantastic time and network like demons :-)
    There is no site like this one. There are other running sites, and goodness knows I've sniffed at the edges of a few of them, but none of them have what we have here.
    4:07pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Best of luck and if nothing else it should be a good opportunity to tap up some new potential advertisers.... let's hope that means its a win-win (literally)
    4:08pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Have a great time. I, and I think many others will, agree that this is the best place to be regardless of the outcome of the awards. Well done on getting shortlisted :-)
    4:08pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • If you need any more proof, here is an article that proves that social media helps runners to improve: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
    4:09pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Have a fabulous evening, both of you. You've more than earned it. If countries could be run like this site, the world would be a far nicer, more caring place *crab*
    4:09pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Pob lwc
    John Bach
    4:15pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • What V'rap and everyone else said! I'm also very glad you decided to go Good luck! Love SarahL :-) hope that you have a lovely evening and the networking is useful.
    Looking forward to the Twitter updates :-)
    4:18pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Have a fab evening :-) That's a tax deductible expense, right?
    4:19pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I'm more excited than I can say!! I don't have access to birdie sounds, please can you put something on fb or I wont be able to sleep :-)
    4:23pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Hope you win, no one deserves a reward more :-)
    4:27pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • D2 - any pics will have the #fetchgallery hashtag, so they should show up in the gallery. But I will try to squeeze in some micro-blogs too :-)
    4:27pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Award, not reward but you deserve that as well
    4:28pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Even if it's not the full sit-down, I hope there are nibbles and a glass of plonk included at that price. Good luck Good luck! Love SarahL Cake!.
    4:29pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck, Fetch.
    Fenland (Fenners) Runner
    4:31pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Of course you should both be there! Have a great time, this is an amazing place you have created. xx
    4:38pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Best of luck. I'm sure I've voted at least six times. That ought to do it, right? I'll be waiting in Twitterland.
    4:39pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck, and enjoy!
    4:41pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Yes of course you both should be there. Have fun if you can, and as you're with the lovely Katie (in posh frock) how can you not? :-) Star Star Star Star Star - that's you!
    4:47pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck - fingers crossed for you! 😀
    4:49pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I'm glad you are both going, you deserve it and someone has to pick up that nice, shiny trophy - right? Have a nice time. :-)
    4:51pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • PS if they give the award to someone else please tell them from us that they have got it wrong
    4:53pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • What they've all said, especially B ^ - this site is to be treasured. Hope you have a good time :-)
    4:58pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I am welling up at your 'speech' already. Have a brilliant night. I'll be watching on Twitter (but I bet you'll be up way beyond my bedtime).
    The Scribbler
    4:59pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • FTW! Medal! Or For The Fun?! *penguin* Enjoy either way. For Santa! You guys are tops! Thanks as ever for FE. :-) G
    5:01pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Doh, I meant linux penguin of course. That's the whole point, as in best bib and tucker! it's time to play the music... ! :-) G
    5:03pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck, enjoy it and your place on the shortlist is very well deserved! Personally, I think you should win outright! I wouldn't go anywhere else. :-)
    5:05pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • good luck, looking forward to seeing Katie's frock. And yours, obviously :-)
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    5:09pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck! Love SarahL for tonight :-)
    Valyrian Plastic
    5:09pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck Fetchie boy...
    5:22pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck, bet it's more fun than the fruit and veg awards
    5:23pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Enjoy and good luck. :-)
    5:30pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Best of luck! Have a fab time xx
    Alice the Camel
    5:34pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • We love you! I may not be much of a runner just now but fetch is my home from home and I couldn't be without it
    5:39pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • So pleased you're going. Will cross everything... have a great night. I love fetch even though I no longer run. Good luck!
    5:47pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Got everything crossed for you. Enjoy your fancy-pants night out.
    5:53pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Fingers crossed. Say hello to 401's Ben and Kyle (hopefully not award competitors).
    6:02pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck - this site is 'kinda' special, and it's your guiding hand that keeps it so.
    6:07pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Have fun; we love you guys - if you don't win, we want a recount x
    6:08pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • It only right and proper that you should be there and spend company money on doing so. And wouldn't it be deductible, like membership of a professional body?
    6:17pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • oohh exciting, enjoy your night oot and I've got everything crossed
    6:21pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • good luck and if there is any justice you will win!!!
    6:23pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I hope you both have a lovely evening, make some new friends, and network like crazy.
    6:58pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Have fun, you deserve it. I'd be really interested to see what difference it makes to site traffic when you win. If that is, yes I mean if.........if you can tell there is a difference in site traffic. Of course you'll win! If not you have a moral victory as the site is great :-)
    7:18pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck Come on Fetch !!!
    Doctor K
    7:39pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Go Fetch
    7:52pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Have a great time and Good luck! Love SarahL with the award. I feel sorry for runners who haven't yet discovered FE :-)
    7:56pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • If you win be sure to say hello to Prague in your acceptance speech
    8:07pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • enjoy.
    8:12pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck and have a great time!:-)
    8:32pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck and enjoy it...the first of many independant FE nominations no doubt!
    8:50pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Ian you blog brought a tear to my eyes. You deserve every success with your fantastic informative website and tonight will highlight your work even more.
    You two are two very special people and I wish you every success tonight
    Keep up the good work. Mobot 😘
    9:01pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • enjoy and good luck
    9:15pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck!
    9:17pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck. :-)
    9:42pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • I'm at the running awards tonight too! Good luck x
    10:10pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Good luck and enjoy yourselves. :-)
    10:35pm, 20th Apr 2017
  • Hope you are having a great night. You deserve it. My FE subscription is probably the best value for money of any of my outgoings xx
    10:57pm, 20th Apr 2017

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18 Apr 2017


8:54am | 886 views | 60 Comments
Today I'm making a vlog about donating blood, on behalf of the NHS Blood Donation Service :-) I'll be filming the donation process, so you can see what it's like, and I'll be recording my training over the next week, to see what sort of impact it has when you give away a pint of your oxygen-carrying juice.

It would be great to collect together your comments about whether you donate (and reasons why you may not be able to, or have chosen not to), and any questions you might have about the process etc. I'll try to cover them in my video :-)
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  • I'd like to know if it's morally acceptable to take more than one snack from the table afterwards.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    8:57am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I donate because my brother needed transfusions regularly and because I wasn't able to help more directly.
    My December donation went to his local hospital.
    9:01am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I'm having visions of the old advert with Noel Edmonds :-)
    (I'm a donor. Started because I found myself on St Vincent Street in Glasgow without the price of a More tea, vicar? one day just after my 18th birthday, and once I'd donated they dropped the bombshell that I wasn't allowed a hot drink until after my second donation, so I had to go back, and then I couldn't break the streak. That was 35 years ago.)
    9:04am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I have friends and family who have needed significant volumes of transfusions. I have donated over 50 times now, paying back what they required.
    I did donate before this and will continue to do so - it is a fantastic way to help people in need!
    9:06am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to donate regularly but stopped after having physio acupuncture, but now they allow acupuncture by medical professionals I have my first donation in ages next Monday
    9:13am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I started donting when I was 18 because my employer at the time (Redrow Homes in North Wales) used to host a blood transfusion wagon in their car park once in a while. Carried on donating since then when circumstances allow. Have always been "slow", and always the "wrong arm", have fainted a couple of times (fine while giving, go a bit lightheaded once I'm done though, not scared of needles so no idea why) and do feel wiped out for a day or so afterwards, but having known a fair few people, including my mum, who've needed transfusions the minor inconveniences are massively outweighed by the benefits. Did consider trying to give plasma but find blood donation easier to arrange. I'm very amused by Vrap's reason for first donating :-)
    9:17am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to donate as a young adult, then took a hiatus of 25 years, and have recently started again. I am donating this Friday. I donate because the NHS has looked after me really well over the years, and I want to give something back for those who need it. It doesn't cost me anything other than time.
    Speckled Henny-Penny
    9:34am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I donate and like to spot the changes the service brings in each year. Particularly looking forward to them stopping the pin pricking of the finger that should be there when i next donate after VLM. In terms of impacting on running I have never run the same day. Although I find my club run on the following day a bit harder. I am in my 30s in terms of donations. I have donated since being talked into at work but it has brought home the importance after my wife needed three units after giving birth after my first child. Worse bit is getting the plaster off my hairy arm. My top tip is to have a shower and peel it off when its soaked. Make sure you stay hydrated through the day of donation. I Awwwwwwwwww! the post donation snacks.
    9:36am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I donated once, while at University. I was sitting down, having my cup of juice and biscuit when I began to feel unwell. I called a nurse over and promptly slumped against her skirt. I was put on a bed and covered with a blanket. I got a feeling of pins and needles over my whole body and remember not being able to move my hands at all. About an hour later, I had recovered enough to walk back to my room. I haven't tried giving blood again since.
    9:45am, 18th Apr 2017
  • 2 attempts in my early 20's were slow, and then one where I was unwell like HowFar? Recent attempts thwarted by low iron, not finding veins, and doing so many tests that there were no unpunctured arms... I'd like to be able to but it's not quite happening.
    10:06am, 18th Apr 2017
  • Ex Cardiac PICU nurse and so experienced first hand just how important blood and blood products are.
    It's a no brainer for me in terms of donating while I can. The process is relatively quick and easy. For a while (when we lived near a centre that could do it) I was a Plasma donor because my uncommon blood group is the universal donor group for plasma, and I used to donate every 4 weeks.
    Back to 3 monthly(ish) whole blood donation now though
    eL Bee!
    10:08am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I grew up in East Africa so they don't want my blood, apparently.
    Angus Clydesdale
    10:13am, 18th Apr 2017
  • You know there's a thread for it (of course!) don't you? Link (roll over me to see where I go) Enjoy. Think my last one was my 40th. Tend to do 3 times a year now (squeezed in 4 last year! :-O ) Scotland doesn't have online booking nor the nifty thing where you get a text that says where your blood was used. But our phone and email booking works well. And we have Tunnocks Teacakes and Caramel Wafers. What more need I say?! :-) G
    10:14am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to give blood regularly, when you could just turn up at the advertised session after they'd sent you a reminder and you've made me guilty enough to resume but it's so much more complicated these days - you have to register online, pick a date and venue (no free slots in the next session at the place closest to me at their next session which is not for 6 weeks (1), book an appointment at a specific time etc - they don't make it easy, do they?
    10:24am, 18th Apr 2017
  • Would love to, but unless they've changed their rules, I don't think they'll have mine as I enjoy the delights of a lovely condition, ulcerative colitis. I did manage to donate a couple of pints in my youth before the UC was identified.
    10:25am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I've been donating for about 6 years after reading comments on the thread. After years of thinking about it, I finally got round to doing it. I used to dislike the bit where you had to sit up after doning as I just don't have the core strength, but this was eased with the introduction of the swing chairs ;-)
    10:26am, 18th Apr 2017
  • They have orange club biscuits - how much more temptation do you need? Just one thing though - I can't race for about a week afterwards. Just joggin along is fine but any significant effort and I feel bit ropey. I just organise my donations avoiding races.
    10:32am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I do, but would like to do so more regularly: it's their restrictions on donating when you've travelled somewhere in the last 6/12/whatever months that get in the way. My sister lives in Kenya, so if I'm there once every couple of years of years I seem to be barred more often than I'm accepted. I don't think (reading back) that this is anything to do with what you might be covering in your v-log though :-)
    paul the builder
    10:44am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I would suggest folk schedule a donation far away from any race, and also at a time when they don't need to be 'hard' training in the following few days.
    paul the builder
    10:46am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I just never find time, which is an excuse covering a whole load of feeble reasons. I did give blood once a long time ago. Very slow donator. Felt a bit feint. Need someone to drag me along.
    10:46am, 18th Apr 2017
  • Medically disqualified from giving. I feel a bit gulty about that, which is daft.
    10:49am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I try to donate regularly too. I used to work next door to the Blood Service HQ in Newcastle and so we would encourage each other to go. Then they had a regular session at my other workplace, so nipping out for a lie down and a biscuit on work tie was always appealing. I have found that it's getting a bit trickier as my most local session gets booked up very quickly and they don't take walk-ins. I have also been unable to donate for 6 months after travelling, but thanks to your reminder today, I think I can get booked into a session soon. I've never had any problems feeling weak or dizzy, but I did say no to donating two days before a half marathon.
    The Scribbler
    10:51am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I'm not allowed to. Would if I could. Without people who do donate I probably wouldn't be here.
    10:56am, 18th Apr 2017
  • Donated three times over a long period, one recently, none of which went particularly well. Found training and parkrun in about 4-14 days after donation noticeably underpowered. Parkrun two days after donation was affected, but not as badly. (An area doc has explained to me why such may be.) Interested to read what effects you experience.
    11:02am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I can't donate due to meds I'm on when I queried it they said it was because it would reduce the level of drug in my system and put me at risk. I have tried 3 times but answer is always no the same as bone marrow register 🙁
    early bird
    11:32am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I finally started in more recent years but find that I lack puff while running for a couple of weeks after so try to plan around races.
    11:35am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I do wish there was a way to screen and approve the bloods which are readily dismissed, such as those who ever lived abroad, recent(ish) tattoos, sexual proclivities, medical history etc etc.

    Even if it involved a visit for testing and screening then a second follow up visit to donate. So many prohibitions must make donated levels lower than they realistically need to.....

    I've donated quite a few times, but knocked off timing by ear piercing or tattoos and then iron levels sometimes.
    Maz Heeps
    11:36am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I donated 3 times but each time they removed the needle I sweated and needed fresh air so they stopped me donating. The same has happened twice at blood tests but not every time. It's a great thing to do and wish I could have continued and put up with a few minutes discomfort but it wasn't my choice.
    Fenland Flier
    11:47am, 18th Apr 2017
  • I started donating as soon as I turned 18, used to go with my Mum. Then I had a break for a bit, generally due to body piercings and just being a student.
    I was also excluded through acupuncture at one point, but this is now OK.
    I try to donate as often as possible. I find the whole process relatively painless and for me it is quite quick.
    It normally takes me a good week to get back to normal fitness levels for training.
    I do love a mint club biscuit afterwards.
    I am currently looking at platelet donation, but nowhere really local that does this.
    12:06pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I was about to start donating back in 2011, but then was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and put on drugs which precluded me donating. I've actually been off those drugs for nearly 12 months now, I ought to find out how long I have to be off medication before they would allow me to donate. My guess is that they will never want to take my blood after being on anti-rheumatic drugs.
    12:09pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I've donated in the mid teens and never had any issues (other than there not being any purple clubs after) but you definitely can't train as hard for a week or so afterwards.

    That and the restrictions for having been tattoo'd are annoying.
    12:16pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I have a rare blood group and would be happy to donate. However, sessions are usually when I'm at work or on the rare occasion there is an evening session, fully booked in seconds and I am turned away if I show up on the fly. What annoys even more is the evening session is booked by people who could quite clearly have attended earlier in the day (but that's not the fault of the Blood Service)

    It seems to me that the Blood Service do little to encourage working people (at least where I live) to donate.
    12:59pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I don't donate any longer for a number of reasons, low HB or borderline HB nothing more frustrating than attending waiting ages then being sent home. The other reason being that I like exotic holidays and they don't want blood if you have been anywhere vaguely malarial. So Thailand last year, Vietnam year before rules me out :-( As above I wish they could screen rather than stopping people donating.
    Nutso Lazytoad!
    1:04pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to give regularly,started when at uni. I think i have given about 25 pints. I had to receive 2 pints after child birth went a little wrong and can no longer donate because I have received. I don't understand that so if you can vlog the reasoning I would be interested.
    Elsie Too
    1:11pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I started donating once I'd had children - as it was only then that I discovered I was O neg and therefore quite useful. I am lucky in that I can do it in Manchester now so I can fit around the working day - and my hours are flexible so I can make the time up. I'm a sucker for an orange club biscuit! I find it does affect my ability to train well afterwards - for about a week - the best recovery I ever had was when I had no choice but to lead a Couch to 5k session of walk/run that same evening - I have always meant to repeat the experiment!
    1:25pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • They don't want my blood as I have Crohn's disease.
    1:25pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I donated regularly whenever I was permitted to, which was every four months because of the iron filings in it. I've had malaria so my blood was taken for research into tropical diseases. Then it was decided it was good enough for real people, then that it wasn't, then that it was. Now I've been told that as an ABpos mother, my blood might kill real people (nothing to do with tropical disease!) so I've been temporarily disqualified (but they might come back and ask for more if they get really desperate - which seems unlikely). I'm guessing they took my name off the bone marrow list too.
    1:49pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I've got the genes for haemochromatosis and am encouraged by my consulatant to dontate to help keep my iron levels down. Am due to donate next week so must make an appointment:-)
    2:09pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I donate 3-4 times a year, but always spend a bit of time trying to work out when the next planned race is before committing! I am okay with cycling home after, but the even relatively small hill on my route is a struggle for the next 2 or 3 days on my bike. I don't run for about 48 hours after, and that same hill isn't good for about a week. Of course, I don't run that fast anyway! My heart rate tends to be a bit higher for a few days too.
    2:15pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to donate regularly but they wouldn't let me continue when I began to get lighted headed and woozy after the donations. My medical history since precludes me now sadly.
    2:16pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • Would like to, but did around 5 donations and ended up not at all well with anaemia despite being cleared each time to donate. Went along after I was supposedly back to normal, on ferrous sulphate, and failed the haemoglobin test. Never seemed to recover between donations (my 5k time would get 5 mins slower, then only recover 3 mins before it was time to donate again), so I've come to the conclusion that I just don't have enough spare. I tried.
    2:20pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I'm another former blood donor, now medically disqualified. Towards the end of my donating "career", it was getting increasingly difficult to donate due to the administration (booking, inconvenient times, etc.) and it seems from what others have written it has become more frustrating.

    Every time I donated, I told the staff I bled easily after donation and therefore needed something more substantial than an elastoplast, every time they said I didn't need anything, each time I bled and needed a wound dressing :-O!

    Donating didn't have any effect on my exercise afterwards (although sensibly I didn't try long or intense runs).

    My blood group is uncommon, plus I was CMV negative (uncommon) and I was asked to donate monthly (?) for neonates, but my employer (NHS) refused to allow me to attend :-(.
    2:32pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to donate on a regular basis, then due to dentistry treatment/holidays in India/being unwell there were several years when I couldn't donate, I got out of the habit and before I knew it was too old to be able to donate, it's a shame really as I am sure my blood is still good and could help someone. I would certainly recommend blood donating.
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    2:33pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • Bet he wishes he hadn't asked!!
    Maz Heeps
    2:39pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • Actually I have just checked the website and it appears I am not too old!! Did they extended the age range?
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    2:39pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • They are always changing things, MrsJigs!
    I've been knocked back a few times for low iron, but you've reminded me I should book an appointment. It's much easier now I don't have to take the kids along and use the power of my voice alone to stop them from either fighting or eating 8 packets of biscuits in a sitting (and that was just ds2!) Whenever I go to Lake Garda I have to take a few months off donating, they ask where in Italy I've been and show me a map with a teeny tiny square where you can't donate, and that's where I've just been!
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    3:12pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • Regular donor here. Have a appt next week which will be 47 I think. I'm v proud of it :-)
    3:46pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I didn't start giving blood until 2013 (the year I was 50) but have donated 8 times since then. I'm not sure why I'd never done it before other than my slight and irrational fear of needles in veins (which I seem to have overcome), and a lack of convenient opportunities to do so because of living out in the sticks. I can't remember being actively encourage to donate in my 20s or 30s though - maybe that's a local rather than a national thing?
    I started when a donation van began turning up in the car park of my office which was so convenient that it would have been rude not to. Unfortunately, that service was stopped but I go as regularly as I can now to a local community centre. I've been refused a couple of times for low iron levels but have taken iron supplements since then and not had a problem.
    I wouldn't run on the day of a donation and have noticed previously that running a day or two afterwards is a bit more difficult than usual.
    3:56pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I've donated. Started after I had my son and needed a transfusion to give back. When I investigated as a student I didn't weigh enough! Then they brought the rule that if you had received a transfusion you couldn't donate so had to stop. Now I am iron deficient so couldn't even if they would take it :-(
    5:12pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to donate until 2011 when the rules were changed and people who had received blood products prior to 1985 (I think) rather than just blood, weren't allowed to donate anymore. I didn't find out until I was in the donation wagon, and a nurse took me into a little cubicle. It was quite embarrassing walking out past all the other donors.
    5:50pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • It's lucky I have common blood, as I am excluded on - uh - lifestyle grounds. I'm needlephobic anyway, I'd probably just pass out if they started syphoning out of me!
    JK *chameleon*
    8:35pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I have donated a lot over 25 started when in the Army and did not have much choice. Have not been recently one reason the massive queues after a change in the way it worked and believe it since I have been doing marathons. I got shown the door the last time I went as I had run earlier. Years ago they used to come to the local leisure centre and would give blood after a work out the nurses would always joke how quick we filled the bag. It had proved almost impossible around and training to fit in when they come and I no longer get any notifications when they are in the area
    8:47pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I used to be a regular doner until I developed kidney disease, at which point my Hb level was becoming quite low. Subsequently I've had a kidney transplant and unfortunately I'm not allowed to donate any more.
    Eynsham Red
    8:48pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • I've only donated once so far but plan to aim for twice a year fitting around races. I run ultras so figure I should give my blood a chance to get back to normal and also not too close to races.
    9:10pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • First started donating in my late teens through work stopped when changed Jobs, have been donating regularly for the past 5 years or so. Always find anything over 5-6 miles hard work for a week or two after donating, so plan donation around races. Am dur=e to donate 2 weeks after VMLM
    9:53pm, 18th Apr 2017
  • First started when a temp as work allowed you to go off for an hour and do it - plus there were biscuits.

    40+ donations later, never had a health issue, and only once turned around after going in as there were 30+ people in the queue (traffic hold ups meant that the session started late)
    9:25am, 19th Apr 2017
  • I used to love donating blood. Something I could do three or four times a year that made me feel good about myself and allowed me to contribute to society and all that good stuff. Then one time I went along and I found out that they couldn't take my donations any more because I'd had brain surgery before a certain date and there was a risk that my donation might be contaminated. I would love to be able to donate again but that's not going to be possible. Thank you to everyone who does donate. I'm someone who benefited from the donations of others and it really means a lot to me.
    4:28pm, 19th Apr 2017
  • Are you ok, Fetch? You didn't keel over and get sent to hospital or anything? It's just been a bit quiet from you since you went.
    4:52pm, 19th Apr 2017
  • I'm good, thanks :-) Will share the vlog in a couple of weeks.
    5:09pm, 19th Apr 2017
  • My reasons for donating are as follows:
    1. You never know when you might need some
    2. I have a reasonably unusual blood group so there will be less of mine around anyway
    3. It's probably the last genuinely altruistic act available to us, in this country at least
    4. As the list of exclusions grows longer, it seems important that those of us who can donate do so.

    My main concern about the process is that in common with almost everything that has been "systemised" in recent years, the donation service is now discouraging/excluding groups of people - BigLeggy gives an example of this further up. I'm not convinced of the effectiveness of the appointments system and I think it can give people the idea that they are "customers", which leads to complaints and flounces, neither of which does the donation rate any good.

    I gave last week. It took 7 minutes + 15 for tea and biscuits.
    4:19pm, 20th Apr 2017

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10 Apr 2017

Hoodies - it's on!

3:09pm | 289 views | 1 Comments
If you want a Fetch hoodie, please join this group:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Assuming I get enough people, I will place an order on the 17th April, so will hopefully be posting hoodies out before the end of the month. They'll be £30-£35 depending on how big a batch I can justify getting.

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  • Love my hoodie, but don't need another yet 😍
    Doc Moye
    5:34pm, 10th Apr 2017

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05 Apr 2017

Updated Training Home Page

1:08pm | 395 views | 26 Comments
This is the page you get when you click 'Train' in the menu. Here's the old version (left) and the new version side by side:

Notes on the big changes:

1) the introductory paragraph no longer shows for people who have started to use the training log.
2) the 'import' links slide open when you tap the shiny green 'add training' button
3) the lifetime mileage totals have been made a bit smaller, and put into the bar at the top.
4) click the lifetime totals, and they cycle through your annual totals (new), your monthly totals (new), and then your running training league position.
5) planned sessions is only visible when you've got planned sessions.
6) Recent entries and graph much closer to the top.
7) The run categories (e.g. tempo, intervals) in the recent entries are clickable, and lead to a new page where you can see your last ten runs in this category, complete with a pace distribution.
8) Little up/down arrows on the weight form.

I think that's everything. The comments on my previous blog were very useful, as were your poll responses. As far as I'm aware, I've not removed any features from this page, just adjusted them according to your feedback. Feel free to leave more comments.
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  • I like it!
    1:25pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • I still think the graph should be a line graph showing all types of training completed, ie running, cycling and swimming. I think the bar chart is to clunky. Personal opinion only
    1:27pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Nice.

    I noticed that the units for mins per km have gone a bit haywire in the bar graphs for note (7) training types. I am definitely not doing my long runs at 2:54/km:

    [IMAGE 87926]
    1:33pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Oranj
    1:34pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Love the weight tracker :-)
    Watford Wobble
    1:36pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • I like, thank you
    2:11pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Like it :-) no 7 sounds like a fab addition :-)
    2:43pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • A couple of colour changes maybe required to make things readable :-
    The text in the lifetime/annual/monthly mileage boxes is OK for the numbers, but the words, eg Run not very readable, maybe better if white or yellow ?
    The Go button on the new weight tracker is grey, on a grey backround - maybe red ?
    K5 Gus
    3:23pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Gus - the Go button should change to green as soon as you've changed any of the values. Not sure if it's working for the comment.
    3:24pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Ahh, apologies, had not tried to actually change the weight numbers - yep, that works well that way :-)
    K5 Gus
    3:36pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • any chance the sliver of blue/green/black/red against type of activity could be bigger... i.e. my swim was a general, but i didn't know it was a swim, and my run is a general too....
    Maz Heeps
    3:39pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Made it twice as thick.
    3:53pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • That looks good - better, neater.
    7:49pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • I like it :-)
    8:04pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Like the changes to the "lifetime total" thingy at the top of the page. :-)
    8:21pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Lifetime position TBC?
    paul the builder
    8:31pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • I don't like the project joker link sitting in the middle of the page. Feels too much like an advert encroaching on my personal data.
    9:06pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Lifetime boxes - red/run, green/bike & blue/swim - what is the other light blue one?
    10:15pm, 5th Apr 2017
  • Cross training.
    7:01am, 6th Apr 2017
  • Looks good :-)
    7:46am, 6th Apr 2017
  • Much better :-). Although I think you could improve the white text on pale blue background for XT totals - it's hard to read and very glares on the eyes. If you could keep the box positioning the same between clicks I think it'd be nicer aesthetically too.

    Also agree about the project joker; I can see why you're doing it but as it's not going to be relevant to most people the size and colours of the ad are very off-putting.
    10:08am, 6th Apr 2017
  • The cross-training box shouldn't be there.
    10:29am, 6th Apr 2017
  • Its gone now!
    10:31am, 6th Apr 2017
  • As if by magic :-)
    1:14pm, 6th Apr 2017
  • I clicked on the "All graphs" link on the graph and thought it was great to see all the graphs on one page. (If you could do this before I didn't realise it.) :-)
    9:43pm, 6th Apr 2017
  • Yes, that's been there ages.
    9:45pm, 6th Apr 2017

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30 Mar 2017

'Train' page

11:28am | 664 views | 39 Comments
I am planning to shuffle this page around a bit:

Reason being, I think it's a bit crap at the moment :-) Like most long-term users of the site, I've got a fairly good idea of what the training log is about, so the introductory paragraph seems redundant. I'm not planning ahead with my training at the moment (other than Link (roll over me to see where I go) ) so that training plan area isn't doing anything other than making me scroll past it; the boxes are clunky and don't line up nicely; those totals in the top-right boxes feel like they're just filling too much space; and in fact generally, it feels like there's a lot of wasted space up top before I get to anything useful - which for me is my recent runs, and a quick look at the summary graph. I also think it would be useful to include links to things like Project Joker here - and maybe feed back a little bit towards forum threads that focus on training.

If you can spare thirty seconds to help me get a steer, I've done a poll where you can pick your one favourite feature of the page. Link (roll over me to see where I go)

If you've got longer than that, and fancy leaving me some comments about where I can go with this page, that'd be great.
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  • I never liked the plan thing.... it always led to duplicate entries for me (was a while ago)

    "View your training log" could be a bit bolder, or even in a box.... the underscored links are a bit subtle.

    Maz Heeps
    11:41am, 30th Mar 2017
  • Poll completed.

    Not on that page, but would you consider being able to filter out training plan entries from the monthly table on the training log page. It is sometimes useful to be able to compare plan -v- actual, but equally it would be good to be able to see actual only. Thank you for reading :-)
    11:41am, 30th Mar 2017
  • I'd like to see the monthly mileage total somewhere - near the annual total perhaps?
    11:56am, 30th Mar 2017
  • The features I use most are weight tracker, graphs, mileage target and training groups. Would like to see a small weight graph - maybe the last 4 or 8 weeks? Also links to forum threads for mileage targets would be a nice addition. Not a fan of the training plan as, like Maz says, leads to duplicate entries in the log.
    12:00pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I like the training plan - and the strip showing what's coming up on the train page but not the way the activities go into the log.
    Tend to agree with the issues that you have listed ^^^^
    Link to Joker and any new ideas like that you may have would be good.
    12:12pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Seem to be a few that don't like it but please don't lose the planned activities from the log! It's been invaluable to me, to see planned and actual together during my marathon training.
    12:13pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I also like to see a quick view of plan for the next few days, please don't bin it! Agree with Nessie that I'd rather not see planned and actual activities in the log / recent entries view. I spend aaages (ok seconds) every few days binning the stuff I did...
    What would be really awesomely wonderful would be for us to be able to customise which widgets we saw and in which order cos I bet everyone will be different. (Cough... Garmin Connect... cough...)
    12:20pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • When I get to this page it's usually to then click on the "Your Log" tab, is that what Maz Heeps is also referring to?
    12:25pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • you could change it to "You have no training planned over the next 7 days" for those with no plans. A always come to this page to connect to TomTom third party so that needs to be somewhere equally obvious for me. Otherwise I don't spend much time on this page.
    12:54pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • No total distances from the beginning of time for me but monthly and current year totals please.
    Fenland Flier
    1:06pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • When I have a plan I too quite like to see how it stacks up against what I've actually done. I used to like the way when you logged a specific type of running you had a 'your recent x runs' as a quick comparison - I do use the compare tool but it's more fiddly as I have to find the other examples.
    1:08pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I mainly use weight, annual taget & recent training.
    On the annual targets, which I like, the hoverover bubble giving the miles per week needed doesn't work on mobile (android), would be nice if it could somehow.

    1:33pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I've never used this page - I've never found any value in it. It falls somewhere between summary and detail, and meets neither need. I'd focus it on providing summary data week/month/year. The detail is there on the log page. If I managed my training plan on here I'd like to see it showing the next 5 sessions scheduled, along with recently missed scheduled sessions.
    2:08pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I don't use this page either, I normally go straight to My Log where I'd like to be able to collapse the yearly data since it has been going since 2006 and takes up a lot of screen space
    2:17pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I do (normally) click on that page just after logging some training. I look at:
    - league position (month and year)
    - mileage target summary
    - graphs (about once a week)
    paul the builder
    2:34pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I have responded on the poll that I use mileage totals most on this page. However, like some others I tend to click through to my log as the recent training doesn't show the notes or all the detail and the other things aren't very important to me (e.g. league position, training groups). Really the main thing I do on that page is add training manually and then I go to my log where I love the calendar that fills with little coloured bits of training :-)
    3:06pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • link to joker is essential.....I have no idea where to find it other than from your blog (may be i am thick/too lazy to look in the right places) On the poll ive put most recent training as top, but my second choice is definitely annual mileage which is currently lost at the bottom
    Doc Moye
    3:32pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Mainly use this to get to the mileage targets. I like to look into the mileage target tables as I use it for some motivation
    3:50pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • does this page exist? I don't think I've ever used it!
    Can we have cheese and crackers please, fetch?
    3:54pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I'd just bin it completely. Keep 'your log' and 'summary' and stick the kettle on.
    3:55pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • The monthly mileage total is the key number for me, the incentive to get over 100 is my biggest motivator. I've recorded 28 months of between 100 and 110 miles, but only 4 months of between 90 and 100. The time by sport graph isn't of interest.
    3:55pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • You should go all Marie Kondo on it. If something doesn;t bring you joy then bin it. De-clutter and sell it all at a car boot sale.
    4:01pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • or is that William Morris?
    4:05pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Tried that Ruth, but found it hard to pay for races while unemployed!
    5:36pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I'd like it to go straight to the training log. The only part of this I use is the targets, and usually just to reach the graphs/table
    6:43pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Sorry haven't read all the responses, but like AL I used to like the comparing of similar runs when you'd logged a new activity. Though it's possible to do that now it's difficult to do more than the current month without a fair bit of clicking
    6:44pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • The only bit I use is the progress towards annual mileage. On an iPad you can't hover over it to see how many miles per week you need and if you are ahead it doesn't tell you how many miles per week you need.
    Elsie Too
    8:04pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Could you add a default for adding training records so it doesn't show all options?

    I either enter runs using a Garmin FIT upload or entering them manually, so I don't really want to see the other upload options.


    Keep up the good work!
    8:47pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Obsessed with month on month mileage run compared with last year and predicted marathon time. Struggle with training plan I've always found it clunky to complete I want to be able to put in a park run every sat, a long run every tue - you know with recurrence and chance to edit one, like an outlook calendar. So I've given up using it :-)
    9:37pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Must admit I still use the old training home page Link (roll over me to see where I go) as it shows all the graphs ( new one needs an extra click and then losing the rest of the new page ), has a weight graph, and has the shoes in ascending use order.
    If you don't include these on the new page, could you leave the old one chuntering away in the background, pretty, pretty please :-)
    K5 Gus
    9:54pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I don't use the Training Plan and have never found a use for Training Groups. I only look at this page occasionally.
    10:02pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I pretty much only go to that page to look st my progress against my yearly mileage target.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    10:50pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Actually I do look at the Weekly Run Distance graph too.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    10:53pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • I'd like a feature that quickly shows me all the runs for a given route. I know I can do it in the Route page itself but if I could get there in one click rather than clicks, it would reduce the wear on my clicking finger. Thanks guv.
    11:58pm, 30th Mar 2017
  • Now that ^^^ would be good. It's one of the really useful feature of SportTracks. Better still allow those run to be filtered/grouped and relative stats compared.
    10:22am, 31st Mar 2017
  • I obviously need to spend more time on FE. Lots of things mentioned above that I didn't know existed!
    10:39am, 31st Mar 2017
  • Agree with those who don't like seeing "planned" activity appearing (albeit in italics) in the log - seems pointless (to me). A simple "show my planned activities in my log" toggle to suppress them would be nice and keep both sides happy.
    11:13am, 31st Mar 2017
  • You can do all those things Seren! when you create a new run there is a drop down for how many weeks to repeat - you can drag and drop sessions, and hold shift to copy them.
    (Sometime the dropping is a little clunky, takes a couple of goes, can Fetch sort that? please and thankyou!)
    11:29am, 31st Mar 2017
  • The intro is easy to ignore if redundant. For those who need the information I would think it is important though not necessarily there.
    3:48pm, 1st Apr 2017

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27 Mar 2017

Project Joker

5:41pm | 445 views | 24 Comments
Who fancies kicking the tyres?

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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  • I'm in :-) I want to improve my speed over shorter distances over the next few months. Once I close that link will I find my joker page on the site so that I can keep it up to date?
    5:52pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I'll add a link to the training page when I've had a bit more feedback, and I'll set it up so you get a weekly nudge too.
    5:58pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • Excellent, thanks run
    6:03pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I'm going to do the LR and TR. I must try not to play a joker on all of the Int sessions! I'm sure it's all scientific so ignore if this is just me being a wimp, but could the Ints be on a range of reps e.g 6-10 400s, so that people who have avoided speed work *ahem* have an easier start point?
    6:08pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I'd like to be in :-) I haven't tried running a 5K time since Dec 2013 though perhaps I'll have to come to Bedford on Saturday ?
    6:57pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I'm in if it doesn't matter if I play a lot of jokers. Starting tonight, I decided cooking some food to ensure ill hubby eats is more important than a run.
    Elsie Too
    7:40pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • Tried it. I'm doing too much marathon training just now but I should probably get involved over the summer. Are you going to leave it up and running? (So to speak.)
    8:30pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I'd like to join in, but I'm actually planning on focussing on my 10k time over this period. Can I just pretend I'm running a 5k and see what this does to my 10k time?
    8:49pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I might try this after VLM is out the way. Observations on the plan it outline for me:
    1) Long run pace was too fast
    2) Tempo looked about right
    3) Intervals maybe not quite fast enough but a good starting point that I would hope to improve over the 10 weeks
    9:02pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I'll be interested in giveng this a go in a week or so once my marathon is done.
    9:05pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • Give it a go why not. I'm training for 10k but my aim is to improve my 5k with that training.
    Doc Moye
    9:34pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • Perfect timing I'm doing a timed track 5K on Thursday.
    9:53pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • This is a great idea and I'm in. The weekly nudge will be very welcome as a reminder :-)
    10:01pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • I've joined but will. Probably end up leaving and rejoining after Blackpool Marathon. Will follow with interest thiugh
    10:29pm, 27th Mar 2017
  • Would love to give this a go, but need to get my two marathons out of the way first! Can I join in June please?
    7:06am, 28th Mar 2017
  • Will keep an eye on this and may join in later once I've got a hill race out the way. I'm liking this idea though
    7:13am, 28th Mar 2017
  • I'd quite like to join in but a) I'm away at the moment and b) I don't know how I could do it around club runs.
    7:34am, 28th Mar 2017
  • I'll give it a go, starting next week as I have a HM this weekend.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    8:33am, 28th Mar 2017
  • I might do this during 5k series season - although pretty much my main 3 runs fall into those categories already, the paces were about the same as suggested by Macmillan pace calculator. However most of my long runs are much slower than the pace suggested as I tend to run them with the RR group - currently I don't think this is impacting negatively on my speed but let's see what happens in Sunday's Half!
    9:45am, 28th Mar 2017
  • I'll give this a go after I've got over my 2 marathons.
    12:24pm, 28th Mar 2017
  • Fetch, I don't know if you ever saw my critique (one man experiment) of the Runner's World Run Less, Run Faster training programme (aka Furman Institute or FIRST)? It was 3 runs per week - a Long Run, Intervals and a Tempo (aka Threshold). Sound familiar? Here's a wee link if you're interested in my findings and/or to compare with what you are planning and building...? (Specifically, I'd recommend stretch and strength, even if you don't have to do as much cross training as Furman advocates.) Furman thread (with links in the header) Link (roll over me to see where I go) and my analysis Link (roll over me to see where I go)

    Enjoy! :-) G
    1:15pm, 28th Mar 2017
  • I haven't been on RW for donkey's years.
    1:46pm, 28th Mar 2017
  • I'm in. Darn it though, last nights long run doesnt count!
    3:58pm, 28th Mar 2017
  • Can I join in May, I have a half marathon in 4 weeks and don't want to upset that, or the granddaughter who is doing a 10k on the same day
    12:58pm, 30th Mar 2017

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