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Sub 3Hr Marathon

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12 Nov
7:53pm, 12 Nov 2017
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I had series of hip problems until I gave the hokas a go. I've had the Clifton 2, 3 and now 4 (along with hoka speedgoat for the trails). Can't recommend them highly enough. Narrow toe box so go 1/2 size up from your normal running shoe size, or 1 size up from normal shoes.
12 Nov
8:12pm, 12 Nov 2017
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K5 Gus
The Clifton 4 now come in a "wide" ( ie 2E ) fitting as well as a "normal" ( ie D ) fitting, so may not need to size up, but obviously best to try on before you buy if possible.
18 Nov
9:27pm, 18 Nov 2017
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18:25 in a flat fast 5k tonight, about a 15 sec PB which is good enough for now especially considering it was less than 2 months ago I ran a PW half marathon.

For those interested in the hoka saga, my wife improved her PB by almost a minute
19 Nov
6:30am, 19 Nov 2017
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Little Miss Happy
Well done jda!
19 Nov
10:00am, 19 Nov 2017
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Nice one JDA, congrats on the PB 🍻

I took a tumble in my parkrun 100m in and was lucky to avoid a trampling in the ensuing stampede!
19 Nov
10:10am, 19 Nov 2017
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Nice running JDA! 👍🏻
19 Nov
2:16pm, 19 Nov 2017
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Nice pb Jda, hopefully bodes well.

Good to hear on the hokas, just need to find some at the right price. The discounted ones either seem to be women’s or size 7.

Xc for me yesterday was harder than I remember and I can certainly feel some stiff bits today.
19 Nov
4:51pm, 19 Nov 2017
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Pleased to see I've now PBed at all distances this year. The 5k suggests I could shave a bit more off my 10k too with a few flat races coming up in the calendar this year - though of course it's a bit weather dependent at this time of year. Potentially 3 more 5/10k race days before the end of the year, though I will also have to knuckle down for some proper mileage by then.

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