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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Sub 3Hr Marathon

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24 Sep
3:08pm, 24 Sep 2018
1045 posts
Training and as part of a different race don't count.

I'm after some advice from some sensible people...

Legs felt fine on a recovery run today, only a minor bit of stiffness. I'm struggling this week to get some quality runs in and normally do a track session on a Tuesday. With my target half under 3 weeks away is it worth risking a track session tomorrow or is 2 days not enough recovery? Strangely my legs felt fine at the end of the race, it was my lungs that were struggling to keep up.
24 Sep
3:18pm, 24 Sep 2018
1076 posts
Daz Love
Same as Chris re training and part of a different distance race not counting.

Not sure I would do a track session 2 days after a 10 mile race.
24 Sep
3:27pm, 24 Sep 2018
27091 posts
Re intermediate PBs.

MK5000 about a month and a half ago actually gave official 3000m times as well which are on PO10 (I know someone that went all out for the 3000m time and 'crawled' home).
24 Sep
3:41pm, 24 Sep 2018
3083 posts
Technically a half-distance PB probably shouldn't count as it might have been downhill or downwind (first 10k of a half was strongly downwind for me once). Hard to argue with if you do it for both halves though.

As for the session, I say go for it if you feel ok. You can always cut it short. May depend how injury-prone you are and how brutal the race was. I usually have interval session on Tue which sometimes follows a Sunday event. I haven't yet done it two days after a marathon :-)
24 Sep
4:32pm, 24 Sep 2018
920 posts
Little Miss Happy
Nice racing Chris and Brunski.

I wouldn't risk it Chris but then I break fairly easily.

I don't count PBs in training/as part of other races.

Fregus - it wasn't you. I had an awful run yesterday, expected my legs to be fresh an bouncy after three days of only running 8 miles but they were heavy and I felt awful, my left hamstring/prirformis niggle was making itself known too. Set out today having no targets in mind thinking that I'd just see how the legs felt and had a fantastic twenty miles feeling as though I could happily have kept going if I didn't need to get back for work - sometimes it's just a bad day.
24 Sep
4:55pm, 24 Sep 2018
13392 posts
Re mid race PBs...don't think I have ever had that, but if it was accurately timed I might have thought about it. Sure Kipchoge (and others before him) have picked up the 30k WR on route to fast marathons.

Training PBs certainly doesn't count,
24 Sep
5:31pm, 24 Sep 2018
5433 posts
Fat Slow Hawk
Technically I suppose my fastest 13.1M is the first half of Edinburgh marathon 2015 downhill with a tailwind. (Which I don't count) ended up with 3:05 after we about turned into the headwind.
24 Sep
6:34pm, 24 Sep 2018
1125 posts
Weather wasn't at all bad for my race Chris, a bit of a chill breeze and the tiniest bit of rain in the air but generally good conditions.

I saw a friend of mine also did the Leighton Buzzard 10miler and finished a few places behind you in just over the hour. Steve Cox (would've been wearing a Sheffield running club vest - light blue). I gave you kudos and followed on strava - mines the gorilla picture.
24 Sep
9:24pm, 24 Sep 2018
24 posts
Track intermediate times counted, or did in the days of Coe, Ovett and Cram if my memory serves me right. Seem to reminder them getting 1500m times in mile races, which would have counted as records.
It's an interesting one. Training records don't count for the IAAF, but I think I would count it if I was sure of the distance (properly measured not a Garmin gps measure) and there wasn't an obvious downhill advantage. However hard I try I'm never as quick in training as a race so it's not one I have to worry about.

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