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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Sub 3Hr Marathon

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19 May
6:26am, 19 May 2019
1404 posts
Little Miss Happy
Nice racing jda.

Are you focusing on the shorter stuff for a while now Brunski?
19 May
12:31pm, 19 May 2019
1485 posts
Focussing might be a little strong. I’m definitely doing more of the quicker stuff for a while.

My favourite race of the year is coming up in June, the Round Sheffield Run. I think last year I sort of dropped off and then plateaued post marathon so this year I’ve tried to get a few easier weeks in before just starting to build the mileage and effort back up in the last couple of weeks.

I’m looking at maybe doing Frankfurt marathon late October, but want to make sure in my head that I fancy the training required for it before committing to entering.

In terms of PBs I think my 10k needs rectifying, I’ve run quicker than my best race within my 10mile and HM PBs.
20 May
9:57am, 20 May 2019
242 posts
Great to see a couple of first places on the thread!
20 May
10:18am, 20 May 2019
48 posts
Nice running JDA and Brunski
20 May
11:19am, 20 May 2019
305 posts
Well done Brunski and jda! 😎 👍🏻

jda, that must have been a easy victory for you, the time being well in your comfort zone!
20 May
2:48pm, 20 May 2019
4439 posts
Well a marathon is never that easy, and if the 42.2km along the road wasn't plenty there was also 1km vertical. I wasn't very well prepared with lots of travel and time off since Mancs so pleased to get round without any hiccups. I don't think anyone else in the field had a sub-3 in their recent past - though I spent the first half chatting with someone who casually mentioned a 28min 10k in his youth...which is why I took off early in the 2nd half!

Ah, RBR rates it a 6 on the SSS score - I think that's worth around 20 mins compared to a flat course. Though probably not a particularly reliable estimate with such a small field.
23 May
8:32am, 23 May 2019
202 posts
John Bach
1st "race" for me since late 2015 on Sunday - with the Snowdonia marathon in mind I thought the Snowdonia half marathon would be a good initial target after picking up the running again this year. Perhaps not the easiest comeback race to pick (with 1950feet of climbing - the Snowdonia marathon has just over 2600ft), but I thought it a good indication of how feasible sub 3 again would be. Pleased with clocking 1h27m46s - a nice little confidence boost!
23 May
9:22am, 23 May 2019
4462 posts
That looks like a very impressive time for such a hilly course John - you must have been pretty close to the pointy end of things for that surely?
23 May
9:48pm, 23 May 2019
203 posts
John Bach
It was just nice to race again - to be so competitive was a bonus. Most of the speedsters would have been doing the flatter Chester half on the same day. All systems go now for sub 3 at Snowdonia- my 1st one as a 50yo!
24 May
1:45pm, 24 May 2019
1487 posts
Sounds a cracking effort JB, and definitely looks to me to put you on course for the sub-3 in the full marathon given the respective elevations.

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