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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Sub 3Hr Marathon

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8:54am, 18 Mar 2019
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Sounds far too sensible Brunski, hope you're feeling better today.
9:29am, 18 Mar 2019
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Yes, hope that passes quickly Brunski.

Last week was a poor one for me. I lost a lot of focus, particularly on quality, but also was a bit shy on mileage. Nevermind. The wind, a sore ankle, and other committments didn't help, but realistically I think it was just the cumulative fatigue of being deep into a training cycling.

On the plus side my Mancs number arrived - #1398. :)
9:38am, 18 Mar 2019
14183 posts
I am starting to feel I am getting to a good place. I am still not quite convinced I am sub 3 shape, but not far away. To give myself every chance I have ordered a pair of the 4%ers.

I actually feel like if I was starting to train from now I would definitely get to sub 3 shape. Think is I have been at this since mid December so cant really start much earlier. Maybe I just need to train on for Autumn....
11:31am, 18 Mar 2019
215 posts
That's a familiar feeling Bazo. And surely must be right that training for longer (with suitable easier weeks) would get us into better shape. The difficulty is, for amateur athletes like us, that level of committment for 6months+ is hard to maintain. I can just about manage a 3-4month training cycle but can't wait for the race towards the end of that.
11:44am, 18 Mar 2019
4026 posts
Sounds like a bunch of us have been struggling paul0, but I just take it as a sign that I've been training at about the right level. If I wasn't tired by now I would wonder how much more I should/could be doing...

However after a gentler week I had a really good long run this morning despite rain rather than the promised sun! But I had the bounce back in my legs and the hard intervals went fairly well. They are never great but it was much better than the same workout 2 weeks ago when I bailed on the hard work and just jogged round.

Not sure whether this week will count as "taper", may try to keep the mileage up as much as possible but not got any really hard workouts planned.
12:53pm, 18 Mar 2019
1232 posts
Little Miss Happy
Hope you can shake it off quickly Brunski.

I agree about it being right that it should be feeling like hard work at this stage jda.

Baz - I find that after a spring campaign I can afford to tick over for a bit before training for an autumn marathon which is easier with the lighter mornings, better weather etc.
12:55pm, 18 Mar 2019
1394 posts
Felt alright this morning so set off for my easy run to work. Going down a fairly steep hill a lady stepped across the pavement right infront of me to cross over the road, I managed to sidestep her and avoid a collision but in doing so I slipped on a patch of leaf mulch, slid along about 5-10m on one knee and got back up to continue my journey (cursing her slightly). No harm done but had to run in the last 4 or so miles with a muddy (slightly grazed) leg.

Thankfully the running bit went well and think I may have avoided the worst of the lurgy my eldest and wife have been suffering with.
1:13pm, 18 Mar 2019
14186 posts
LMH - most of my best marathons have happened when I have run consecutive marathons with no injury in between, but a bit of recovery then another build up

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