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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Sub 3Hr Marathon

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10 Dec
2:09pm, 10 Dec 2018
1100 posts
I still have a couple of weeks to the start of the plan but I'll probably aim for at least MP, although that's 6.15 pace which sounds kinda scary at the moment
10 Dec
5:04pm, 10 Dec 2018
13741 posts
I am happy with 6:15mm for my intervals
14 Dec
1:59pm, 14 Dec 2018
1103 posts
Bored at work so had a read through the VLM newsletter.

They will be trialing environmentally friendly cups at 3 water stations in 2019. Will be interesting to see how well that goes down
14 Dec
2:23pm, 14 Dec 2018
3447 posts
Hate water cups. I know environment and all that but a small bottle allows you time to comfortably drink a decent quantity and pour over some more for added cooling. Find it hard to get much out of a cup (I mean into my mouth!) at race pace. At races that use them I usually try to pick up two, spill about 90%, and half-choke on the small sip that I actually manage.
14 Dec
3:10pm, 14 Dec 2018
1108 posts
Daz Love
Exactly what JDA said about cups.

I lose at least 50% when taking from person/table and another 40% as lift to mouth (I also then choke/cough on the small bit left)

Made me LOL reading JDAs post as so relatable!

Is anyone different!
14 Dec
3:17pm, 14 Dec 2018
1104 posts
Nope I'm exactly the same unless i run so hard at the person that I completely squash the cup when I try to grab it.

Maybe eco cups will be firmer or at least come with a lid?
14 Dec
3:24pm, 14 Dec 2018
3450 posts
What I read is that the way to cope is to pinch the cup sides together at top so as to make a sort of spout.

It doesn't help. At least, not enough.

I have considered carrying a small collapsible bottle with a proper nozzle, but the chances of filling that from a cup seems hardly any better. And then I found out Mancs was using bottles anyway, and that's the only race where I really really care. Don't really have to drink for a half in Feb after all.

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