Sub 3Hr Marathon

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19 Mar
8:00am, 19 Mar 2018
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Thanks for comments. I think I have a decent track record of fading gently and also know my limits so should be able to rein things back if it gets too tough. Risk is I kid myself it’s going ok even while the pulse climbs and go well past the point of no return but let’s face it we all enjoy seeing a big crash and burn :-)
19 Mar
8:27am, 19 Mar 2018
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Little Miss Happy
jda - if you don't mind trying and failing then I see no reason not to go for it, the alternative is a 'what if' which I think is much worse. It's not as though it's an unrealistic objective.
19 Mar
12:24pm, 19 Mar 2018
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jda, my experience is that when I have overshot, by then its too late too consolidate and minimise impact. maybe that's me not reading the signs and something you are better at.

VLM last year a good case in point. Got to halfway fine, about 15 I knew it was getting hard and by 17 decided to consolidate as it wasn't sustainable, but it was too late and from 18 onwards it was a horrible run home, losing large chunks of time. Maybe if I made the call at 15 I would have been OK, but at that stage I didn't know how bad it was going to get.

At your level improving a PB by 3 mins is huge and 6 mins is almost off the scale. You do however have a great track record for knowing where you are what is possible.
19 Mar
1:04pm, 19 Mar 2018
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Agree it's too late if you wait until it's actually going viscerally wrong before lowering your sights but I think my pulse has historically provided a very good guide. My worst result is a +5 positive split and that was very visible in the HRM data (I could sort of tell it was happening on the day but it was only my second serious marathon so I thought I could take the risk). Even that bad a split would still be a PB if I did the first half in 1:22:30. In some ways I'm more scared of the opposite - I'd be gutted if I ran something like 1:24:00/1:21:30 for all that it would still be a big PB. Might be ill or injured next time, at my age there might not be a next time!
19 Mar
3:06pm, 19 Mar 2018
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I’d normally advise people to go conservative on target time. But in this instance; just go out there and smash it. It’s only pain.
19 Mar
6:51pm, 19 Mar 2018
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I was told similar when aiming for sub 3:15 for 1st time and nailed a 3:08 :-)

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