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geordiegirl F45

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I am a slow plodder but as I run to keep fit


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I used to think of myself as a runner, not a brilliant one, but one that enjoyed running. Lately life has had a habit of getting in the way and my mojo has got lost in the turmoil. I will return to been a runner but it may be that it will be delayed until

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This user is running for Endometriosis UK -

I have suffered with Endo all my adult life, it has been horrendous at times but I am not one for giving in easily. I've had 13 operations, number 12 almost finished me off when I took an anaphlyactic reaction to the anaesthetic and ended off in intensive care! Well I dont like to think people can get complacent.

Endo UK offers amazing support to sufferers, I trained as a counsellor with them and hope I have been of comfort and support to the ladies I've spoken too over the years. I have met some wonderful people through the site (very similar to here in that respect)

Any money they get goes towards the support network and more importantly into research in the hope that one day they may find a cure for it. Fortunately its not a life threatening illness but it certainly is life changing.