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Ian Williams aka Fetch

The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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14 Jun
10:27pm, 14 Jun 2019
7578 posts
P.s. great running Gus!
14 Jun
10:42pm, 14 Jun 2019
4645 posts
Training paces have to be based on fitness not goal pace IMO. Not much point trying to do 40 mins at 6:30 pace for a threshold run if you can't.
10:37am, 16 Jun 2019
7819 posts
Money put where my mouth was, averaged 6:53 for the MP miles, which obviously it's a bit faster than I'm planning for (and no goal creep!!!). Final mile was a little harder than it should be, matching up both the fact that I was going too fast to be a sustainable MP for me anyway, and the fact that it is still early days in the plan.

Deliberately didn't peek at the HR, but looking at it afterwards quite happy with that side of things. Good week overall, about 45 miles done, happy with things so far.
11:47am, 16 Jun 2019
4093 posts
Windsor Wool
Good running Lark. I think you’re a bit like me inasmuch as MP never really feels that bad in training. I tend to struggle on the day though.....I guess that means it’s not actually MP!!! Don’t be like me.

Was it here we talked about the faster warm-up thing? Gave it a try today and tbh after about 1/2 mile I was worried I was starting to feel a bit knackered!! Further, my 1st mile was still my slowest. Inconclusive. I’ll try again.
11:55am, 16 Jun 2019
14787 posts
Some good running going on. Well done both.

I ditched the tempo miles today as cold still lingering and just did a long plod instead.
12:01pm, 16 Jun 2019
7820 posts
Still managed sub 37 though WW? Great 10k time.

All my MP miles last time were about 8-10s faster than my target pace, and on the day whilst i know I controlled the race well I’m not convinced there was too much faster a marathon that I could have done, so I’ve every expectation that things will be much the same this time around. I like the psychological boost that race day will be slower etc.

I know not everyone values the idea of MP miles - as it effectively puts you in the grey zone effort-wise / HR-wise - but it’s nice to be “forced” to up the effort in a long run, even if the training impact from doing it isn’t 100% optimised.

I was as much impressed with how slow the 7:45-50s felt when I was cruising back to the car - whereas if I’d headed out for a 7:40-50s 13 mile run i’m sure the last few miles wouldn’t have felt quite as slow.
12:28pm, 16 Jun 2019
929 posts
Nice, speedy 10k WW and swift mp from larkim. Long sunday plod for me.
3:27pm, 16 Jun 2019
309 posts
Rapid running WW well done!
I have a 10k in July and am hoping for low end 37’s! 🤞🏻

Today’s HM felt like hard work! 😅

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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help someone else's!) here.

Autumn 2019....
These are marathon plans for racing, or participating for fun/training purposes(*):
29 Sept - Berlin - Jovi Runner, Joe Hawk
Oct 6 - Chester - larkim, Joe Hawk
Oct 6 - Brussels - HappyG(rrr)
13 Oct - Einhoven - puzzler
Oct 20 - Abingdon - Bazoaxe, Windsor Wool, Joe Hawk
Oct 26 - Snowdonia - larkim(*)
Nov 16 - Rother Valley - riggsy99
Dec 1 - Valencia - SailorSteve
medal pint champagne *fist-bump* etc.
Successes in 2019:
- Ian5 (Gran Canaria 3:11)
- MoKenHaile (Manchester 3:14)
- riggsy99 (Boston Lincs 3:13)
- Bazoaxe (London 3:02)
- Rossco Peeko (London 3:05)
- B Rubble (London 3:14)

Welcome to our newest thread member, Emily Douglas (02/05/2019, 5lb 2oz)
:-) :-) :-) :-)

parkrun spreadsheet:
Anyone found to be negatively affecting their marathon training with the aim of doing well in this game will be made to read all the Deathmatch threads.
POTM (flexibily defined...)
Gobi #63166, p.6545
(updated 09/02/2018)
"""Guys n Gals - I implore you to think about the effort, wear an HRM but learn about RPE and mostly put away ego and thoughts about natural pace.

Speed is earned through smart running"""

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