The Sub 3:15 Marathon Thread

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17 Jul
4:16pm, 17 Jul 2018
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I thought I was a bit of a bloater putting on 3kg in the post-marathon wind-down. Seems not so bad in context (plus it's 3kg on 80)!

I like the 235. Optical HR isn't perfect for all but works well enough for me. Can always wear a strap for special occasions (though in my case a strap is not particularly reliable anyway). And the range of features/performance etc is otherwise great. I regularly set up fairly complex interval sessions on my phone and sync immediately to the watch. And the multi-data screens you can download as an app are very useful.
17 Jul
5:17pm, 17 Jul 2018
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K5 Gus
Chrisull - do you do much in the way of hiking or hill running, where knowing the correct altitude would be useful/important ?
One big difference between the 2 watches is that VA3 has a barometric altimeter, whereas 235 just uses GPS data to guesstimate a height.

I had the 230 recently, and one thing I found limiting was only having 2 configurable data screens ( with up to 4 fields per screen ) - I wanted to know more than 8 "things". I know you can download watchscreens with about 7 or 8 data fields, but i don't think you can choose completely what fields are shown, just what the developer has offered.

I went for a Fenix 5s when I changed, I can set up infinite screens, and have a barometric altimeter, and is not touchscreen ( don't like that on the VA3 ). But appreciate that's a fair wad more cash than either of the 2 you're looking at.
I'm like HG in that the optical HR on the Fenix 5s is rubbish for me when exercising, so I wear a strap, but have never had an issue with one so don't really mind.
17 Jul
5:23pm, 17 Jul 2018
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Fat Slow Lazy Hawk
I have the 910xt and 920xt both are good though i found the 910 faster ;-)
17 Jul
5:57pm, 17 Jul 2018
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Gus - In Cornwall, there is loads of hill running. Yeah I'm going with the VA 3, I think there's enough been said here to sway me, although £30 more pricey although both in the sale. Cheers everyone for thoughts.
17 Jul
10:00pm, 17 Jul 2018
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Paul - I use a fitbit to monitor sleep too - I totally agree with the HR accuracy on fitbit. It overestimates my resting HR and my running HR tends to be higher on fitbit than polar. You can shift the extra pounds - nothing wrong with a bit of indulgence if you can then bring it back under control.

I like the polar M430. Its good for HR.
11:12am, 18 Jul 2018
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Sub 3.15 this Autumn you say? I'm going to attempt to heave my 12.5 stone carcass around Valencia on December 2nd if that counts as Autumn? No reason that I shouldn't be in 3.15 shape (just).

Normal unsophisticated approach: 5 runs/week, 700 easy miles, 12 20 mile/3 hour runs, all untimed; then a couple of races/TT's in the last 3 weeks to see what shape I'm in.

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About This Thread

For those who want to go sub 3.15 in a marathon and/or those that have already done it and want to give advice. Share your journey (or help someone else's!) here.

Autumn 2018!!
These are marathon plans for racing, or participating for fun/training purposes(*):
Sept 16 - Berlin - B Rubble(*)
Oct 7 - Chester - Joe Hawk
Oct 7 - Chicago - Slowkentrunner
Oct 14 - Eindhoven - puzzler
Oct 27 - Snowdonia - Windsor Wool, larkim
Nov 4 - New York - FergusG
Medal! Liquid carbs For Santa! *fist-bump* etc.
Blank sheet of paper here, awaiting successes in 2018:
- RussellW
- Brunski

Gobi #63166, p.6545
(updated 09/02/2018)
"""Guys n Gals - I implore you to think about the effort, wear an HRM but learn about RPE and mostly put away ego and thoughts about natural pace.

Speed is earned through smart running"""

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