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Two Castles Run

Sun June 11 2006 Listed by chunky
15 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Alopex My first race!

Enjoyed it but it's a deceptively tough course.

Very hot on the day.

Looking forward to my anniversary run. UKnetrunner 42:48 55:05 59:59 55:05 49.15
Blodwen Not a very happy run for me!  Very hot, and felt like it really got to me.  Poss dehydrated?  Not pleased with my time! Unaffiliated 1:02:00 1:02:00 1:10:00 43.95
chunky Sore achilles tendons and tight calves would have made this race uncomfortable on their own, add to this the hills and the heat......quite glad to finish without any more damage. What a joy not to be going for pb I'd forgotton what fun racing could be. A freindly, crowded sauna of a race...  Cyclists Touring Club 48:23 48:23 52:00 58:32 50.90
clare1976 Spa Striders RC 40:42 46:51 51:54 58.45
flanker Hoping marathon strength will let me break the 50 mins & PB.  Will need to get a good start given the crowds

Update: it didn't!!  Went out at PB pace but died after 3 miles and came in with a PW.  Oh well... next year. Todmorden Harriers & AC, Trail Running Association, Fell Runners Association, LDWA 41:34 51:28 49:00 56:08 48.23
Hannah_B injured Holme Pierrepont RC 47:04 1:01:50 1:01:50 49.06
JJ Flash Spa Striders RC 44:21 46:32 46:32 69.73
Lincsfella very hot, pretty sure time keeping was out too but never mind. UKnetrunner 39:47 43:24 47:43 57.00
Loca West 4 Harriers 37:10 41:31 43:46 69.48
Ness Thought I hadn't got a place til I phoned the race organiser yesterday & found that my number had been lost in the post. Dental problems may hinder chances of a PB. Not worth a bet on this one!!!

Post race update: It was so hot. The course was lovely but the heat just really got to me. Don't think my training was good enough. Hope for the chance to try same course again next year.Really nice to speak to runnyeyes at around the 9k mark. FERC 54:12 54:12 56:00 59:33 52.15
phal I think I enjoyed it... erm, can't remember a lot of the run as was just willing the body to get round and finish. third race in a week and the body definately felt it today. legs achy now. very, very hot too, and still, so no breeze and even breathing seemed to be an effort! nice route though, and not as hilly as I was expecting it to be, through some lovely countryside too... Northbrook AC, FARC 40:16 43:26 46:14 65.61
rhb Chorlton Runners 35:50 41:40 43:08 61.94
Richard Simkiss McCarkiss Endurance Project 32:20 44:58 44:58 59.41
runnyeyes Just was not fit enough..started fine 5.30 splits for first 3k ..was aiming for 55 mins. Noticed that my heart rate was 5-6 BPM higher for that pace.Dropped the pace slightly,but was still averaging 168 bpm.The heat was feeling ballistic..can't believe that it was only 9.30 am! Really grateful to locals who sprayed us all from garden hoses. The next 4k were about survival..eventually got back to some sort of pace for last 2k thr estate. I don't think that I was skivving..my heart rate trace doesn't think so..but do feel bit disappointed. Will beat 55mins yet! Unaffiliated 52:36 56:10 56:00 59:58 54.11
sami546 Northbrook AC 38:52 54:54 55:00 58:59 51.43

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