More marathons or fewer Fetchies?

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May 2016
6:22pm, 7 May 2016
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The Cornish marathon keeps on getting more entries every year... we're at our limit.
May 2016
6:25pm, 7 May 2016
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Scott S
I haven't been adding myself to anything for quite a while or putting time in.
Too many problems with injuries and lack of motivation to actually set myself too many goals.

I've a few ultras lined up and will be doing one or two marathons depending on how I feel - don't want to commit to things as it wastes a lot of money when I'm unable to run on the day and I also feel gutted / disappointed etc. missing out.

The cost of entry doesn't bother me that much to be honest.

Looking at things a different way, these forums seem to be less and less running orientated every day now. Hardly anyone talking about races etc - more about "count to xxx", "what you listening to?" etc ;)
May 2016
7:34pm, 7 May 2016
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Surrey Phil
I noticed this with the Brighton Marathon. Entries and finishers on the increase but a decline in Fetchies unless they have not been including this and other races in their Race Portfolios.
May 2016
10:02pm, 7 May 2016
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Brighouse Boy
When I first joined Fetch in 2008, it was quite unique, in that there wasn't anything else like it where you could log all your training, races and chat with other like minded people etc. But now, all this on-line communication is diluted with strava Facebook, Twitter etc and unfortunately, Fetch's "one stop shop for runners" no longer has the same appeal.
May 2016
10:12pm, 7 May 2016
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BB certainly has a point. There's a lot of competition for your attention these days. Many such sites have an army of employees, and Fetch has just one. I can't control that, so I try not to worry about it, and just keep doing what I can. This Bill Bailey clip always helps when staring down a corporation:
May 2016
10:48pm, 7 May 2016
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Hey, parkrun, I ain't gonna be your bi...

Wait, can I say that?
May 2016
10:52pm, 7 May 2016
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I'm still a Fetchie, and I'm running more marathons, and this, along with domestic obligations and promotion at work, is making me time poor. I'm not racing any other distance.

For technical reasons, I have to record marathon results in a specific location and I really can't be doing with having to duplicate.

Hopefully, come next year, I'll be back to recording everything here instead.
May 2016
10:59pm, 7 May 2016
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The party is certainly still at Enigma, Vrap,

"Disgusting drunken mess" is a fair description of a party. In which case that's me on Enigma Saturday usually.

Might go some way to explaining why I'm so short of doubles recently.

Actually, I noticed this with the GNR, as the price has gone up.

First time I ran GNR on my own, we met up in a pretty decent group, Pestomum had booked us a restaurant for the night before, then afterwards a mass of us met up and packed out Mangos.

Second year was a different set of people, but same result.

Last time I did GNR there was no meet-up before (despite my offering to organise it), and I sat in Mangos like a Billy no Mates for two hours before giving up and getting the bus back to Toon to nurse some pints in the Union Rooms before the late train that I had booked in the hope of meeting up with people.

I've not bothered doing it since, as I only did it for the social.
May 2016
8:45am, 8 May 2016
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Keefy Beefy
Well I'm one of the ones who does nothing. One race in 4.5 years! Racing was about testing myself and PBs. I can't do either so I don't race at all.
May 2016
9:51am, 8 May 2016
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Looking at it from the perspective of my running club... We have 150+ members. Only 20 of those race regularly (although possibly more do parkrun) and of those who race only about 6 have done a marathon this year. Only a couple of those people, myself included, do marathons regularly. The others have done it as a one off maybe never do another.

Yet all our local races are full, so plenty of people are doing them, just not Harriers or Fetchies!

The marathons I do are relatively small off road affairs, Hardmoors or LDWA type events. The thoughts of running on the road with 10,000 other people makes me shudder!

Maybe it's a common phenomenon.

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Looking at marathons in the race listings, it seems the number of Fetchies taking part is decreasing...

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