How do I get faster?

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Jul 2015
2:04pm, 12 Jul 2015
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I am a relatively new runner (3 months) completed my first parkrun at 36, then my 2nd at 34 minutes, then my 3rd at 36 as there was a HUGE hill! I recently joined a running club which I'm really enjoying. I noticed when I went out with the club I seem to be able to do a pace at 5.9 (I think thats what it is) approximately 10.45 per mile but then I tail off as I get tired. We are training to complete a 10k in 8 weeks. I ran 4 miles on my own yestereday but didn't get beyond 5.0 pace and am REALLY struggling. I can only manage to get to the club once a week and thats a struggle but I'm wondering if I tried going out for a 1 mile run and then seeing if I can maintain this at 6.0 pace, this would help me speed up abit.

I'm totally a novice and not even sure if I'm doing the right thing. I have since downloaded B210K, manged the 4 x 10 minute runs with 1 minute walk break, now on 4 x 15 minute run, so will see how i get on with that. I do SPIN once a week and fit in Body Combat. I run on average around 6-8 miles per week on my own.

Thanking you in advance for you advice. I'm 51 years old and not necessarily that overweight.

I'd ideally like to keep trying my Parkrun and aim to do it in around 30 minutes. I'd be happy at that.
Jul 2015
2:25pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Welcome Audrey. You are doing things right so far. In my view, the main thing at this stage is to increase the total amount of running you are doing and also increase the duration of individual runs. As your endurance improves your speed over 5K will improve.
Jul 2015
2:31pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Just keep on with what you are doing, slowly increasing the distance and improve endurance. Don't be in a hurry to get into speedwork as it puts a lot of stress on your body and could lead to injury if you aren't ready for it.
Jul 2015
3:53pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Welcome Audrey. You'd be very welcome on the Over 50s thread too :)
Jul 2015
4:01pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Welcome to Fetchland and well done getting started.

To get faster I'd recommend keeping running regularly and not trying to run fast very often. Keep doing parkrun but don't do it flat out every week. Keep on with the club runs. Keep doing you solo runs too but run them slowly so you aren't struggling to finish them.

Just running more will accumulate fitness and allow you, when you eventually try to run faster, to run faster.

The thing with running is that it rewards consistency and patience. I've run much better after 12 months of uninterrupted steady training than after 6 months of hard training. Don't wear yourself out in training.
Jul 2015
5:37pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Hi Audrey - welcome to Fetch. As the others have said, run slower and comfortably as often as you can, I found this made a huge difference to me. Club sessions will undoubtedly help, but building a base of endurance is better in the long run. Try not to get hung up on pace - it will come :)
Jul 2015
5:44pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Welcome to Fetch, Audrey. What they said, do more running, but not too much. If you are running two, maybe three times a week, there can be big gains by running four, maybe five times. Doesn't have to be an hour every time you are out. Twenty/thirty minute runs have there place too. (Even ten or fifteen minutes runs, though it seems most people wouldn't pull their trainers on for that ;-).)
Jul 2015
5:44pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Hello welcome to Fetch Audrey

You're doing well so far I agree with everyone above. Don't worry about pace for now that will naturally improve as you run more just work on running consistently

Best advice ive ever read was consistent consistency.
Jul 2015
9:57pm, 12 Jul 2015
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Welcome to Fetch Audrey.

I've been wondering the same thing myself but I've been running for 3 years now (can't believe it now I see it written down!). The most important thing is to have patience and not overdo it, the last thing you want is an injury. Some good advice up there though. ^^^ :)

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