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28 Feb
7:51am, 28 Feb 2012
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It takes time and energy to make the healthy choices CL. And that's not an excuse but sometimes the healthy options are not available and you have to really think about what you're doing. If you have all that other stuff zipping around your head as well then sometimes it's easier to reach for the bar of chocolate. And let's face it it makes us feel good (if only briefly). Don't give yourself a hard time.

I feel a bit bad for eating a lot of rubbish ysterday. I don't want to become complacent. I think given my height and size I really don't need a lot of calories and I have to continue to make mostly healthy choices with the odd treat :-) What's more I developed a really bad headache (not quite a full blown migraine but like a pre-migraine) and it hasn't shifted overnight like it normally would and I feel ick this morning. I don't think food choices helped. I have a 3 hr team meeting to get through and about 2 and half hours of driving too :-(
28 Feb
8:02am, 28 Feb 2012
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Fresh start today CL, and if not today then tomorrow and keep trying until it is the *right* day to get back on track. I know exactly what you mean about loving SW but not being able to follow it at times. I've just had 3 weeks like that but just completed my first week back on the plan. I think that even though I was eating lots of things I shouldn't, most of my meals were still based on SW principles but the rubbish stuff didn't half add some weight quickly :-O
28 Feb
8:12am, 28 Feb 2012
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Can I join in here please?

I've been taking the view that 'I run so I can eat what I want!' recently and have managed to gain far too much weight over the last year. I want to lose about 2 stone, but would be happy to lose 1 and then reassess the situation.

Started yesterday after seeing photos of me running at the weekend :-( I've done WW with success in the past, but the new points penalise carbs too much for me. So going to start by cutting out snacks etc (being a teacher is a killer as there are always cakes/biscuits/etc in the staff room).

I'm hoping that carrying all this extra weight is what is slowing me down and that my speed will improve with weight loss!
28 Feb
8:44am, 28 Feb 2012
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Chicken Licken
Thanks girls!! Porridge and blueberries for breakfast! Start as I mean to go on!!
Lunch salad
Super haddock new boiled tatties courgettes and mixed veggies

Morning Mrs B.... honestly I can highly recommend SW! I also work where there are always cakes, sweets and biscuits, knowing I can have a yoggie, or some fruit or even some lean meats and a small salad, even for snacks has always helped me not over eat.....except the last two weeks... I have been very pleased with Slimming world, I have mailed others recipes, which are really easily popped in a bag or tub and can be taken to work, so just Fmail if you'd like anything sent to you!!
28 Feb
12:08pm, 28 Feb 2012
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Soup and soda bread for lunch. Breakfast was cornflakes and a banana. Will resist cakes at department meeting tonight, I will, I will, I will.

Supper - bolognaise and roasted veg rather than pasta.

Hopefully get time for a run tonight. I want to change my whole attitude to food. I tend to eat when bored/stressed/fed up and rarely when I am actually hungry!
28 Feb
3:47pm, 28 Feb 2012
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Welshwomble (WW)
Well done Halfpint :-) so pleased for you. Please stick around and you can point us in the right direction.

Hello MrsB - the more the merrier, FFFs are fab and very supportive

Thanks for your messages - much appreciated.

I am trying not to comfort eat at the moment but work is really awful (blog rant). I know that I have to eat sensibly as the reflux is adding to my problems - last time around I found the diet very bland and fell off the wagon but this time I have to be strong and stick to it. Hopefully once I have sorted out my work issues and the anxiety reduces I will be feeling brighter and lighter ;-)

I am now keeping a food diary and am calorie counting - I am also trying to get my head around good fats and bad fats. I am a veggie verging on vegan so some of my foods are new to me.

Note to self: must eat my blueberries which I forgot to add to my muesli this morning (thanks CL)
28 Feb
4:03pm, 28 Feb 2012
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Remembered to weight myself this morning and then wished I hadn't. Gained a pound and a half. Can't say I'm surprised really. My meals are SW. I eat free food between meals but then I eat other stuff and don't count the syns. To make it worse once I've started I convince myself that I've blown it and there's no point in not continuing to indulge. I know I'm self sabotaging but I just can't motivate myself to make the right choices at the moment.
28 Feb
7:21pm, 28 Feb 2012
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Classic mistake uncruliar & hard to break but if you can change it to 'ok that was off the plan now to get back to normal' you'll slowly get there. Try not to think of anything as bad food it's just not as nutritional & healthy as it could be, take the guilt out & plan to treat yourself that way you know you have a little extra nice thing coming your way, I find it works for me - even if not brilliant at it.

CL take it one day at a time & be kind to yourself you need to destress & get over that awful job then you'll be back strong & focused x

Welcome Mrs B SW is also my food plan of choice for the most part it works well, overdose of bread today which is my biggest weight loss inhibitor but I avoided the biscuits opting for fruit & sparkling mineral water instead. Been to the pool & spa and off for food in 1/2hr. Hopefully an early night 4.45am is so wrong but knowing me I'll get chatting & forget ;-)

Ps loving the gym scales, had me 1/2st lighter fully work clothed!!
28 Feb
7:41pm, 28 Feb 2012
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I also followed SW and lost the half stone I was looking to. It's sensible and on the whole I found it easy to follow. Will be trying to stick to the principles but maybe allow myself slightly more syns now I have reached target 1. Does anyone have an idea how many syns would allow you to maintain???

uncruliar - we've probably all been there. I had one of 'those' days yesterday where I had one treat and then thought sod it I might as well just have another...and another..and.....
28 Feb
8:23pm, 28 Feb 2012
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@ my MIL's and being fed ;-)

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