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The "Why The F*ck Do You Need To Lose Weight?" Weight Loss Thread

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Apr 2018
8:22am, 13 Apr 2018
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However, I will log an abnormal 1 day reading, just for fun (?!) 2.7 kg dropped in 24 hours! Courtesy of a vomiting bug. Bleurgh! But now at my lowest weight in 5 years, since my last marathon PB! Don't think it's going to help with London marathon in any way. I currently feel week as a kitten and still a bit dizzy, 3 days later!

Extreme and effective weight loss, but not recommended for athletes!

Curly, that's looking like a good position, well done. you're in best shape at the mo. :-) G
Apr 2018
3:23pm, 18 Apr 2018
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Bottle it and sell it to desperate dieters.

77kg for me this morning!
Jan 2019
6:49pm, 26 Jan 2019
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One thing that always puzzles me is the amount of weight I put on when I do little exercise. I've had a pretty light week this week - mainly due to a chesty cold - and have put on +2kg in the last four days. It's not as if I've sat on the sofa munching my way through tubes of Pringles, eating the extra 7700 calories that this would imply (and I certainly haven't missed out on 7700 kcal of exercise, maybe less than half that, nor am I normally dehydrated which might skew things), but I wonder where it came from! It'll take me a couple of weeks to burn that off :-/

I recall Alex Dowsett suffering similarly, he said a couple of years ago that he'll put on 2kg after an average rest day.
Jan 2019
7:19pm, 26 Jan 2019
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Short breaks from training (1 or 2 days) have the opposite effect on me Oranj. I often wonder why I drop a couple of pounds from not training.

Longer breaks work the same for me though mate. I managed to put on about 4 or 5 pounds in 2 weeks of no training recently and I'm still working through that so I do sympathise.
Jan 2019
7:29pm, 26 Jan 2019
40397 posts
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If you do a lot of training normally, a couple of days of inactivity will result in muscle glycogen replenishment and its associated water weight, which could easily result in 2kg weight gain and feeling a little fluffy, but it'll go quickly when you restart training without any special effort to "burn it off".

Short term weight loss from not training can also occur due to fluid shifts.
Jan 2019
8:31am, 27 Jan 2019
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Ah ha. So a bit like the water bloat you get from one very long hard day (an audax, for instance). One 'normal' day yesterday and yes, I have lost half what I gained already.
13 Mar
1:43pm, 13 Mar 2021
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That is interesting v-rap and I think happening on a micro level here... I "gain" a kilo on non running days, I "lose" one on running days. I say running, I should say run/walk/shuffle.

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About This Thread

Maintained by Rach E
The thread for people who aren't "fat", but need to lose a few pounds to be at their racing best.

Criteria for entry:
- You must "look slim" and, if you say you want to lose weight to a "normal" member of the public, are greeted with the response "Why the f*ck do you need to lose weight?".
- You do not have a large amount to lose, but need to lose a small amount to get to "ideal racing weight".
- Typically, you will train heavily so food intake will need to match training levels.
- Fad diets (e.g. the eating 20 kumquats before dawn and starving for the rest of the day diet) is not allowed.
- Once your BMI reaches 18.5, you will be banned from losing any more weight. Equally, if you have more than a stone or so to lose, you may get better results from some of the other dieting threads. We'll probably only lose 0.5lbs to 1lb a week at best here

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