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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Fetch Surrey Mile - Part 1

Listed by MoscowFlyer
, Walton-on-Thames KT12 UK
19 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Caterpillar Walton AC 6:00 6:00 1:22:30 6:00 70.66
ChrisHB Unaffiliated 7:34 7:34 7:52 56.63
ChrisW Ranelagh Harriers 6:06 6:06 6:25 6:06 63.66
CornishEva Unaffiliated 6:46 6:46 7:05 59.18
Deerain Unaffiliated 6:11 6:11 6:11 60.67
Diogenes Unaffiliated 6:53 6:53 7:10 6:53 57.44
DIY Diva Ranelagh Harriers, Vets AC 6:45
Fast&Furious Woking AC 5:33 5:33 6:00 5:33 73.44
Garf Unaffiliated 7:42 7:42 8:41 7:42 54.19
Hemulin Unaffiliated
icklechick Winchester & District AC 6:15 6:33
John66 Barnes Runners 8:08 8:11 8:29 8:11 49.04
Lalli Collingwood AC 7:42 7:48 8:30 8:02 57.60
Lizzie W Unaffiliated 8:40 8:40 8:10 8:55 47.84
Maclennane R2D2 Hash House Harriers 6:07 6:07 6:32 57.21
Puffing Bertie Unaffiliated 7:25 8:32 8:32 51.88
Running Beer 26.2 Road Runners Club 6:48 7:43 9:19 39.80
Speedie Unaffiliated 5:07 5:07 5:14 72.02
surreystrider™ Unaffiliated 6:32 6:38 6:38 58.28
DIY Diva
Not running - timing duty for event
I came last! Went out far too fast in the sub-6:30 and faded, but top day out and good PB
This will be my first Fetch Mile - look forward to meeting lots of fetchies and getting a mile time on the board!
Ruth said I looked as if I were making no effort - she was right.
Puffing Bertie
I was happy with that considering i had just run 12 miles with Ruth earlier that day
Lizzie W
Unbelievably cold!
Totally fantastic event, even the weather. I *nearly* joined the sub 6:30 group when Mac went for it but wimped out. I started with the sub 7:30 group hoping to break the 7 minute mark. Surreystrider went ahead from the start and opened up a gap. I tucked in behind Cornish Eva in 3rd place and tried to maintain a pace that was quickish but sustainable. I was concerned about going off too fast and dying before the end. I wanted to save enough to put in a strong last lap. I could hear someone breathing hard behind me (turned out to be wascally wabbit) but after a while I must have eased away from him as I couldn't hear him any longer. I completed the first lap in 1:46 and retained that pace and position until the bell. I quickened my pace slightly and passed Eva on the bend. Looking ahead I realised there was little chance of catching SurreyStrider. I pushed hard into the icy wind on the back straight and started to run as hard as I could on the final bend before sprinting home in 6:53. So, target achieved and I guess you could call that good pacing but I couldn't help feeling that I kept a bit too much in reserve. Mac and Caterpillar collapsed spent to the track after finishing whereas I turned around and jogged back to the dugout area. I felt good afterwards rather than knackered. If I had gone with Mac and the other or tried to stay with SS I might have done a 6:30. I certainly feel I am capable of it after yesterday.
A bit slow at the moment, so unlikely to be under 8 mins, but looking forward to a bit of track! Only 5 seconds outside my PB so very happy and what a great afternoon - lovely people!
Well its 3.7 miles from my door so will defo try and be there not done a mile race before or raced on a track. Re mile will be trying hard not to come last ;-) Should be there with mini wabbits and poss Mrs wabbit and maybe mother wabbit ... oh god!
Hmmm. This is my LEAST favourite distance. I can do 100m, 200m, or even 400m. I can run 5k, 5 miles 10k, 10miles, half marathons, but I CAN'T run 1 mile. 800m is nasty. 2 miles is also nasty, but 1 mile is a jelly-legged, vomit-tummy swim through a lake of pure lactic acid. Aaaaaagh. I think I can run 5k faster than I can run 1 mile. :-) AFTER - Yep. One mile is ghastly!!! Especially in the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold. I think I'll be entering the Marathon De Sables next. That'll be more my kind of thing. <a href="http://connect.garmin.com/player/1976053">WAC track</a>
I surprized myself. I didn't think I would go so fast so soon.
I've been down the track with my club all January. But I've never ran this distance, and certainly not raced it. I know I can keep a good pace, but doubts linger whether I'll blow up with 400m to go.
Running Beer
Really slow. Went to the mile straight from a long run. Didn't want to try and go fast as my legs were tired so I didn't. Just wanted to take pat to join the fun in the cold. Great to meet some new fetchies and had a very nice pizza after. Thanks for the organisers for sorting a fun day :o)
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