Oscar's Everyone Day

Sunday 23rd June 2024
In 2021 Oscar the Grouch proposed one day each year where "we unite as a community and EVERYONE records an activity of some sort - a dog walk, a run, a swim, a ride, ski if you want...".

Sadly we lost Oscar in March, so I'd like to dedicate Everyone Day to him. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us Oscar.

Tewkesbury Half Marathon

Listed by SteveV
  • Rated 72%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (36) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
annadav Unaffiliated 1:48:21 1:50:38 1:50:00 1:57:37 59.98
atko Tactically appalling, even down to clothing. Old Saucony Jazz. Cotton T shirt. First and second miles ridiculously quick.

Temperatures as high as 29C at one point by all accounts.

Started chatting at about 8 miles instead and decided to breeze in the last few miles. Kenilworth Runners 1:20:11 1:29:29 1:39:59 1:54:29 52.23
B Rubble Very slow and congested start.  Got up to speed by 3/4 miles but then the heat started having an effect.  Expected to pick up pace but it didn't happen. Dursley Running Club 1:25:12 1:27:30 1:32:00 1:35:56 63.84
bigcheese Malvern Joggers 1:38:26 1:49:26 1:49:26 63.23
bigmunnki A personal worst! But I am not that upset, in the end it was enough just to survive the day! Too hot! Bournville Harriers 1:20:45 1:57:15 2:05:17 46.53
Biking badger Aldridge RC 1:35:56 1:38:14 1:52:18 52.09
Bronners Am rather nervous as this is my first ever competitive run of any sort. Started running in January so am just a beginner... here goes! My main goal is to get round! My second is to get round in less than 2 hrs 30... My third is not be last! Unaffiliated 2:37:00 2:37:00 2:35:00 2:37:00 41.07
Cherries Unaffiliated 2:02:31 2:16:02 2:32:11 42.41
daz1927 Had planned this as my sub-1:30 attempt.  Arrived at start, and was starting to get concerned about weather conditions and temperature.  Started off OK, a bit of congestion, but was on schedule at end of mile 5.  However, was warming up and tiring, so realised it wasn't going to happen.  Eased off, and just took it easy without any risks. Village Vipers 1:26:29 1:28:00 1:29:59 1:35:22 62.70
discodave Chepstow Harriers 1:39:34 1:43:20
Dom Unaffiliated 1:33:25 1:46:08 1:55:00 50.47
donny swindon cripplers 1:28:21 1:31:00 1:30:00 1:31:00 63.71
Gerund Unaffiliated 1:27:12 1:27:12 1:37:11 68.66
JOE45 Unaffiliated 1:46:30 2:18:00 2:20:00 2:18:00 46.72
julian hoare Unaffiliated 1:28:54 1:30:44 1:45:00 1:38:16 59.53
lagtaggio Too hot.  Not enough water stations. Black Pear Joggers 2:14:00 2:14:00 1:45:00 2:14:00 45.33
Listers Elmbridge Road Runners 1:34:16 1:39:29 1:57:00 49.55
Markonline99 Bad race all round. Didn't feel like I had a good time in me, weather was hot, and the race start was very congested. Bad, bad....bad! Westbury Harriers 1:23:49 1:30:21 1:30:00 1:37:41 63.21
Miserable Bleeder 100 Marathon Club, Wrekin Road Runners 2:23:00 2:26:44 3:05:04 31.74
Odeon1085 Marathon Pace effort today. Heavy legged but was able to keep it going after 10m. Pretty warm out there. Unaffiliated 1:17:58 1:20:12 1:28:46 65.39
plodding hippo 100 Marathon Club 1:56:30 1:57:47 2:11:07 51.87
PQ If all goes well here I'm expecting 5+ mins off my pb. ** Well that was a disaster and a half. I did a personal worst  due to the sauna like conditions. It was about 25 degrees with very little breeze or shelter. I knew I had no hope of a pb by mile 8ish let alone the 1:50 I was aiming for so I gave up the ghost and walked quite a bit. Lots of people collapsed which I did not intend to do once I knew a pb was out of the question. Sorry to those who bet on me, this would have been in the bag under normal conditions. San Domenico RC 1:40:26 1:46:04 1:50:00 2:06:15 51.74
rambo jack Swansea Harriers AC 1:19:23 1:26:37 1:26:37 73.73
RBanksy Position 34.53% 422/1222

Hot & Sunny day, no weather for a PB Run Alcester 1:38:02 1:48:36 1:54:56 51.11
Reef Not raced here before. What a tough race this was 27 degrees heat, watch ran out of battery, so decided to treat as a get around and survive run.  Was v flat race so be back next year to go for it. Unaffiliated 1:19:32 1:22:08 1:30:00 1:29:48 65.74
runningritch Eventual 'official' time after chip problems! Pershore Plum Plodders 1:33:25 1:40:53 1:55:00 1:44:28 55.50
SarahBoots (Solitude_Fairy) Awful. Will blog full details later.  Will not be doing this again. Unaffiliated 2:25:25 2:26:01 2:37:07 41.94
sherbertdip Unaffiliated
sluggett Worst race I have ever done in extremely hot temperatures!! Water stations that ran out of water!!! Chepstow Harriers 2:04:03 2:04:03 2:00:00 2:27:11 48.45
SteveV Hopefully i will achieve 1.45. I would like to think i could get somewhere as close to 1.40 as possible.

* provisional result* 1.45.16  waiting for official time. Way too hot out there. Was on target 1.40 pace but bombed by 7 miles. I dont know if it was a heat thing or a fitness thing!!

official time 1.44.50-very pleased Unaffiliated 1:19:01 1:44:50 1:43:00 1:44:50 55.30
Sue Snail Unaffiliated 2:47:00 2:47:00 2:35:00 2:47:00 40.14
Tarmac Runner Cobra RC 1:32:09 1:37:00 1:41:19 58.62
TimG Unaffiliated 1:43:10 1:54:22 1:54:22 54.90
trumpton riots HOT Evesham Vale RC 1:46:48 1:48:37 1:53:51 52.92
WeV This should be my second half marathon assuming I enter for the Ironbridge half.

Training hard now to get up to the standard but hadn't run for about 12 years until September this year. Unaffiliated 1:32:58 1:53:02 1:45:00 2:03:52 46.80
Zoom No 18 of my 40 half marathons for my 40th year. Chepstow Harriers 1:55:49 1:55:49 2:09:28 51.16

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