The dreaded WALL!

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Apr 2012
7:19pm, 10 Apr 2012
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I think experience is a lot of it- knowing how to pace and fuel reliably, and also the increase in fat burning that the increased number of LSRs gives you.
At least I hope so.
Apr 2012
10:15pm, 10 Apr 2012
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Olly, I think you're right.

With these two marathons my LSR have been 21 miles, I know that for the next ones my LSR's will be 23 or 24 and there will be a lot more of them. It's a learning curve, right? Trying top find out how your body works and responds... try and test. Sometimes you'll get it spot on other times your body will pull you up and let you know you've fucked up this time.

Bit by bit....
Apr 2012
10:17pm, 10 Apr 2012
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Bit by bit is right. Taken me a good few years to get to the point where the 20 miler is a bog-standard long run rather than the pinnacle of my marathon build up.
Apr 2012
10:21pm, 10 Apr 2012
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And every year I say, if I'm not racing I shall just keep ticking over at 15 miler LSR at the weekend. What happens? I get drunk at the weekends when I'm not racing and LSR do not exist. Having said that, I have trained harder with these two marathons than I did even with my first. It has to be a Long Slow Change in habit for me.... I have to trick myself into these things.

Or maybe just sign up for more marathons.
Oct 2012
10:57am, 30 Oct 2012
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They have some great walls in China.
Oct 2012
11:00am, 30 Oct 2012
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paul a
With proper hydration and nutrition the wall doesn't exist.
Oct 2012
12:25pm, 30 Oct 2012
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It's going out too fast, isn't it? LSR plod for 3 hours or so fueled with only water, no wall.

Leg it full-pelt, full taper, gels and carb-load, wall at 16 miles!

Two marathons this month, 9 minutes between the two times.

Mablethorpe, A race, tapered and loaded, carried gels. Started like a loon. Wall at 17 miles and a war of attrition.
Newcastle, Longest run back, beers and a chinese buffet the night before. Didn't want to pay for breakfast. Forgot gels. Fueled on orange squash and jelly babies on the way round. Started at a comfortable pace and maintained the same pace/effort throughout the race. I treated it as a fast-ish catered training run.

Problem is, though, if you want to set PBs and meet your targets, you have to push the red line. I know I didn't run as fast as I could have on Sunday, but it's all too easy to misjudge it and destroy your chances completely.
2 Jun
11:28pm, 2 Jun 2022
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Is it a stone or brick wall? DG will have the answer.
26 Sep
8:41pm, 26 Sep 2022
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Fecking hell, you've dug deep for this thread.....

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