Piriformis Syndrome

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May 2019
3:32pm, 11 May 2019
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Yes - tight hip flexors are my issue too.
May 2019
3:45pm, 11 May 2019
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I wouldn’t know my hip flexors from my [whatever]s!! I’m always a little fearful that as I do no stretching at all, that introducing specific stretches may help one area but de-stabilise another, or maybe that is just me rationalising the fact that I feel like I can’t be bothered to stretch!

Actually, it has eased over the last 7 days or so, through zero input from myself. But I will start some stretches (honest!)
May 2019
10:32pm, 11 May 2019
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57.5 Degrees of Pain
Exactly my thought larkim.

I don't stretch to spite my friendly local physio. I've attended over the last few years with a couple of shoulder injuries. He always expects to see me next time with running injuries but touch wood...
May 2019
2:25pm, 13 May 2019
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The point I was making was that it's seldom the case that the piriformis is acting up for no reason. There are a few things that are probably interconnected, and stretching one muscle is not likely to be effective long-term. The couch stretch that I recommended is one that I've found effective for stretching the front of the hip. Loosening it up enables the glutes to function properly. I mentioned the couch stretch (easily found on Youtube) however it's wise to do the couch stretch then some glute mobilisation, such as one-legged bridges, making sure that the big gluteus maximus is doing the work, as that's often inactive if the hip flexors are tight and this is what leads to the piriformis getting aggravated.

Stretching is not effective for everyone but personally, I've found it helps.
Jan 2020
1:26pm, 21 Jan 2020
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Apologies for reviving an old thread but seem to be suffering from this currently. Basically had varying degrees of pain in my bum and bottom of my back since Saturdays run. Seems to be improving day by day with the pain worse first thing in the morning or if Ive been sitting down a while.

Can walk today with only slight discomfort but seems to be slow progress :-(

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