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Dec 2011
8:10am, 16 Dec 2011
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DeeGee -

What is your Marathon target and do you have a half PB ?

9-10 miles is not tempo so I'm guessing you mean HMP or MP ? I must admit I don't see HMP/MP and speed work as the same thing so would be tempted to separate them.

Tuesday - short reps at proper speed

Thursday - for HMP/MP type work

Would suggest between now and the new year as you come back from injury you maybe just do an hrs gentle running on both days

Would probably not go over 2 hrs until January as you don't need it on the long run

Dec 2011
8:32am, 16 Dec 2011
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I'd just like to beat my Marathon PB of 3.28. If I can drop to nearer 3.20 that'd be nice. Half PB over the race distance is 1.38, but I've run the first 13.1 miles of a 20 miler in 1.35, and I was holding something back. Usually, if I run a half it's at PMP.

9-10 miles is not tempo, sorry. It's usually somewhere between HMP and MP. I'm just doing easy running at the moment. I've binned the idea of a PB on New Year's Day, now, although I will still race it and use it as a decent session.

Thursday HMP/MP work suits me well. I have a 90 minute window which allows me to spend time with both my toddler and my wife, so a decent session in that gap seems good to me.

By proper speed on Tuesday, would that be 10k pace? 5k pace? We'd normally cover about 9 miles on Tuesday, but at least three of those would be warm-up/cool-down. Of course, the session varies according to the mood of the group, but I can set the pace of my own reps.

Thanks for your help Gobi.
Dec 2011
10:52am, 16 Dec 2011
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DeeGee - to get it right you need to take control on a Tuesday so over a month do something like

Week 1 - 3 x 6 x 30 off 30 and 2 mins between sets - pace at least mile pace

Week 2 - 10 x 2 mins off 90 seconds - pace 3km - 5km

Week 3 - 8 x 3 mins off 90 seconds - pace 5km - 10km

Week 4 - 6 x 4 mins off 90 seconds - pace 5km - 10km

If you find you can hold the faster pace through the whole session then drop the recover to 75 seconds etc.....

I would train aerobically using current ability but to HMP/MP work at aspirational assuming it is realistic. Somewhere around late Jan /Feb I would do a full on Half and see where you really are. This means you can recalculate the training paces and adjust MP according to a good figure.
Apr 2012
6:46pm, 19 Apr 2012
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Happy New Year everyone. I'm back needing training for short events now I've done my spring 20. Did some intervals on Tuesday and a Tempo tonight and got reminded what my lungs are for. Gosh it's hard work again.
Apr 2012
6:49pm, 19 Apr 2012
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My tempo was yesterday, and that was pretty gruelling.

No intervals this week, probably parkrunning on Saturday.
Apr 2012
11:06am, 20 Apr 2012
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Basically retired from running

I am still coaching
Apr 2012
11:29am, 20 Apr 2012
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I am signed up for the East Mids GP series so hope to be doing one race a week of 5 miles to 10K type distance for 8 weeks from the start of May and a 5K on my PB course at Marston Forest, so I thought it was time I tried some speedy things. I don't feel like I've made any pace gains since last autumn, despite having run steadily and consistently over the whole period, just 'base' training to cope with HM and 20 mile distance. It may be pyramids next Tues and another Tempo on Thurs.
Apr 2012
11:36am, 20 Apr 2012
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Plenty of sessions you can pull out of this thread IM
Nov 2017
5:44pm, 19 Nov 2017
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okaaaay sooooo (SS) I know this thread is over 5 years old and I got to it from a link from an even older thread --- but it's fabulous :) Going to start from the beginning and pick out some *fun* sessions.......
Nov 2017
11:13am, 20 Nov 2017
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Nice :-) I was only looking at this the other day.

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