Oscar's Everyone Day

Sunday 23rd June 2024
In 2021 Oscar the Grouch proposed one day each year where "we unite as a community and EVERYONE records an activity of some sort - a dog walk, a run, a swim, a ride, ski if you want...".

Sadly we lost Oscar in March, so I'd like to dedicate Everyone Day to him. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us Oscar.
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Indoor Rowing

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19 Jun
7:27pm, 19 Jun 2024
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Trying to row at 20 spm takes so much concentration!

I did 6km today and varied pace/spm. Pretty much my 'natural' easy state is 28 spm. Anything more seems like slightly more effort is being exerted. But slower spm requires determination and great thought.

I'm surprised as my stroke length (ooo errr missus) is long. Compared to running where my cadence is not that great.
21 Jun
11:48am, 21 Jun 2024
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I realized I hadn't done any stroke ladders for a while, so that was this morning's session. 10 minutes done as 4-3-2-1 at 20-22-24-26 spm and 2k+20-17-14-10.

24 spm is definitely my happy place.
21 Jun
11:56am, 21 Jun 2024
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Forgot to say -- I did 4. With the warmup came to 10,000 metres, which is about right.
22 Jun
12:00pm, 22 Jun 2024
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And the back has pinged again. Left side this time round, so the opposite to the last couple of incidents.

I've already spoken to an online physio service that I have access to from work and they're referring me on for a consultation and probably a scan to see if there's some underlying issue that they can treat to stop the cycle but int he meantime I'm not able to row again for a while.

And I'm pissed off. Really terribly pissed off.
22 Jun
12:30pm, 22 Jun 2024
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Oh no. Not again, and when it all seemed to be going so well. Hopefully the scan will identify the problem.

Sending sympathies and healing vibes in your direction.

What a bummer.
22 Jun
12:38pm, 22 Jun 2024
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Cats Whiskers
Oh no, Nellers. I really sympathise. Glad you were able to speak to someone quickly. Hope the referral comes through soon and it helps you get to the root of the problem.
22 Jun
1:19pm, 22 Jun 2024
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I've got to call on Monday and make my appointment to see the specialist and hopefully it will only be a week or so to wait. I don't know if I'm hoping they'll find something or not. If they find a problem needing surgery but they can fix it that's good but surgery! :-/

Alternatively if they don't find anything then what?
22 Jun
6:22pm, 22 Jun 2024
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Sorry to hear that Nellers, good idea to get it looked at as it seems to be a recurring issue, hopefully it can be treated through physio & strengthening 🤞
22 Jun
6:28pm, 22 Jun 2024
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Nellers, I wonder if this to do with overuse. You've racked up twice as many metres as anyone else so far this month ... You sure you're not overdoing it?
22 Jun
7:47pm, 22 Jun 2024
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Could be, Muttley, but I don't think so. It's not come on gradually as the volume has built up. It went about half an hour in to the session on Thursday morning, doing r18 stuff at only about 2:15 pace. No real strain going on but it just "pinged". One stroke was fine, then next really really wasn't. Feels like a nerve thing rather than anything muscular again, so something is impacting that nerve in an instant.

Also it's happened before multiple times, only once before while rowing but usually when I'm doing something else (eg. weights, showering, walking up stairs), and once I just woke up with it.

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