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Indoor Rowing

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19 Jan
2:52pm, 19 Jan 2022
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Where’s that PB Klaxon when you need it? Well done indeed, mate. That’s excellent!

I’ve updated the sidebar.
19 Jan
8:38pm, 19 Jan 2022
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Thanks. A sub 20 5k is my next target but that’s a fair way away
19 Jan
11:33pm, 19 Jan 2022
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Nice one Dave - real progress! Looking back to last Sept, Oct, Nov, I was three between hitting a sub-8 minute 2k to getting a sub-20 5k, so stick with it and you will see results.

I was inspired by Craggy's tough 3 x 5k rows yesterday (must try that sometime) and decided that my 5k needed a good upgrade. It's been a bit over three weeks, after all.

An 18 second improvement was more than was expected, moving from the old blokes' 74th centile up to the 83rd centile on the C2 rankings. Get that klaxon back out! Pleased with that, but feeling silly at the pause for the water bottle halfway through, which just wasn't needed.

Thats a match to the 500m PB a couple of days ago (also 83rd centile). And I was too scared to push above a r22 average, so a load more intervals to practice power at r24 and r26 will give potential for improving there. I like to have targets.

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Maintained by Nellers
How about a little league of 2000m times to see what we're up against:

Oranj (1988 vintage): 6:44.6
Jef(2010 vintage): 6:46.6
Nellers: 7:02.6
Pothunter (2005 vintage): 7:06
Jef: 7:06.4
Gym_Bunny: 7:16.9
theOtherRichard: 7:22.5
Mouseytongue: 7:30.2
Rog T 7:33.9
Oranj: 7:37.6
Rich963: 7:39.3
Maclennane: 7:51
NDWDave: 7:55.5
lammo: 7:56

Tiger Feet: 8:00.1
Muttley: 8:08.5
Cats Whiskers: 8:16.8
Angus Clydesdale: 8:47.2
BanjoBax: 9:13
Sally Kate: 9:18
Lesley C: 9:19
HellsBells: 9:23.1
Sweetie: 9:27
alpenrose: 10:03

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