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Things you want to say but can't

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24 May
6:24pm, 24 May 2019
4975 posts
Actually we didn’t fucking discuss that. And actually it’s your fucking job so you don’t get to choose to have other priorities. I wasn’t asking for help, I was politely telling you that you need to do this.
24 May
7:52pm, 24 May 2019
27842 posts
[I had the full spectrum this time, G_g. One that was almost good enough for a PhD. And two that made me want to weep. Hoping to finish marking this Sunday]
24 May
8:12pm, 24 May 2019
2562 posts
I'm not feeling extra sad and lonely and useless this evening.

Knowing that it's probably just because I've done so little today and not eaten properly, and both those things always make me feel terrible, helps noticeably.
24 May
8:54pm, 24 May 2019
26764 posts
When I took on this role I had no idea that in the very first week I would need to bring playground supervision and diplomatic skills quite so much to bear. Could we all try to get along and play nicely from now on please?
25 May
9:35am, 25 May 2019
4471 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
I didn’t spot a bloke taking a piss in the town centre at 8am this morning. He was facing the wall. I love it here.
4:22pm, 26 May 2019
20466 posts
Lizzie W
How long does it take to tidy away a few bits of Lego and pack the car?
4:45pm, 26 May 2019
3345 posts
Meep Meep
What time can you start a bonfire?
4:49pm, 26 May 2019
3346 posts
Meep Meep
{Sorry, wrong thread!}

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