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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Things you want to say but can't

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8:19am, 14 Nov 2018
9858 posts
[it pays for a scratch card or another week of hopeful gambling Dio ;-) ]
8:29am, 14 Nov 2018
3705 posts
Fragile Do Not Bend
[Oh dear LG, I hope you feel better soon]

You - it doesn’t matter how many times you try and log on, if the screen says ‘This computer is booked’ and you didn’t book it, it won’t work.

And you - wouldn’t be easier to politely tell the other person that you have that computer booked, instead of coming all the way up to the desk to complain that someone is already using it? I’m sure the people behind you in the queue didn’t mind waiting whilst I went and told the other idiot what you could have said to him yourself.

[Sadly this happens far too often]
9:37am, 14 Nov 2018
25187 posts
I remembered to take everything I needed with me
10:18am, 14 Nov 2018
5699 posts
Why do you have to make everything weird? This is why I don’t want to do this any more.
10:26am, 14 Nov 2018
25194 posts
10:26am, 14 Nov 2018
25195 posts

I know I asked you to help with my visibility, but I didn't mean an invitation to give a talk in two weeks' time, right at the busy time of the semester, when you clearly just can't get anyone else.
10:40am, 14 Nov 2018
525 posts
Why does whatever part of my brain that causes my anxiety not listen to the coherent, logical arguments I send it to not be anxious? Why does it just pump out adrenaline instead?

[I hate the feeling adrenaline gives me, I can't work out why anyone purposely seeks out the sensation.

Also, I think I'm more anxious that I might be stepping onto the conveyor belt of anxiety than the things that could/should be causing anxiety, which just makes me feel like I'm going crazy.]

10:42am, 14 Nov 2018
526 posts
Sky, get your act together or I might cancel completely.

[I would say this, but they're ignoring me after two days conversing by text message about a house move.]
10:59am, 14 Nov 2018
65333 posts
November , tree, seriously ?

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