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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone


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16 Jan
5:08pm, 16 Jan 2019
4356 posts
Thinking of all you folks. Hang in there xx
16 Jan
7:39pm, 16 Jan 2019
548 posts
For those that don't know- the free 24 hour samaritans tel number is 116 123.

I have used this number. They were there to listen and non judgemental. I was on the phone 40mins. I felt more able to cope after it.
16 Jan
8:55pm, 16 Jan 2019
12410 posts
early bird
Can I pop in with a bit of positivity?

My aim was to walk the dog today. Not a good start when it was nearly lunchtime before I managed to get out of bed. I did walk him though and for a bit longer than I usually would 20 mins instead of 10-15 (I know it's still not enough really but OH does walk him too)

Last night I listened to my new slimpod. It's a re train your brain weightloss thing. I was skeptical so Ive just paid £1 for a week trial. In the pods list there is slimpod, fitpod, stresspod and sugarpod. I didn't know if it was that helped me get out with the dog or not but I listened again this afternoon and dosed off while it was on. When OH came home the plan was to go to the gym. I asked him what we were doing and he said it was up to me. My response is usually well go tomorrow/another day. Tonight I said we'll go. I did actually go and quite enjoyed it, I'm not sure I will be able to walk very well tomorrow though.

I'm hoping the stresspod will help me feel less anxious over uni and hopefully have a knock on effect elsewhere in my life. It maybe a fluke I may well have been going to pull myself around today I don't know. Although OH did say I didn't expect to find me looking as good as I did when he got home due to several messages we had exchanged.

Anyway I'm going to celebrate the fact that I got out today and exercised for the second time this year
16 Jan
9:34pm, 16 Jan 2019
4357 posts
That's great EB. Definitely a positive and a win. :) xx
17 Jan
8:31am, 17 Jan 2019
30113 posts
Well done EB. Celebrate the wins!

Could thread admin pop the Samaritans number in the sidebar - and any other useful links - please? :-) G
19 Jan
8:27pm, 19 Jan 2019
1529 posts
So nice to read EB :)

HR lady had emailed following my occupational health appointment, and it turned into a bit of a novel of a reply - nothing I wouldn't say to my manager, but just think it probably needs HR's push to do an actual official meeting, rather than the usual 'let me know what we can do'. I've been thinking more and more this week that one of the major issues of anxiety at work for me is the constant expectation that pretty much all the phone calls at work are answered by me (and I've been struggling more and more this past week to keep my patience with some of the callers!) . We'll see what happens next week, but I have the doctor on Wednesday, and I'm at the point that if she suggests signing me off, I'll be agreeing (it's been suggested a few times over the past year, but I've never taken her up on it).

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