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1 Nov
11:53am, 1 Nov 2017
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Let me know when you’re up for a beer HOD.
1 Nov
11:54am, 1 Nov 2017
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Hills of Death (HOD)
Maybe Friday mate if your about
1 Nov
11:55am, 1 Nov 2017
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Hills of Death (HOD)
7 Nov
10:45am, 7 Nov 2017
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Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Woohoo. Started back on sertraline yesterday. Now for all the fun of the side GI, insomnia, dizziness effects
10 Nov
8:54am, 10 Nov 2017
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Dip in form the last couple of days, I'm angry and full of self hatred and generally hating the world today.
My med consumption is somewhat erratic so it's hard to tell if it is them or not :-9
10 Nov
8:56am, 10 Nov 2017
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(()) hang on in there tubs
How are side effects captain?
12 Nov
9:06pm, 12 Nov 2017
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Back on Citalopram after over 2 years of managing without :-(

Pretty gutted about it, and annoyed with myself for letting my job have this affect on me, topped off with having a fabulous new job offer rescinded which would have taken a lot of pressure off me and the death of my fathers in law and all the complicated consequences of that has sent me over the edge.

Constantly shaking and feeling nauseous, not sure how I'm going to survive the funeral tomorrow, but have to be strong for my OH.
12 Nov
9:08pm, 12 Nov 2017
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Rooting for you Liliaicha will think of you tomorrow xx ps take the drugs while you need them and stay strong
12 Nov
9:45pm, 12 Nov 2017
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Captain Malcolm Reynolds
The side effects are improving now, thanks Seren. They’re always a bit grim to start with. How are you?
12 Nov
10:09pm, 12 Nov 2017
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I’m glad Captain. Talking to mrS has helped me this has been a hard year

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