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Feb 2019
12:15pm, 24 Feb 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
I’m running with no tech at the moment, it’s ok, but also annoying when you then plot the route and it’s something stupid like 2.83.

Or is that just me who’s also a bit OCD on the numbers?😉

I’ve owned one Nike device, way way back like a pod you attached to your shoe

And then moved up a grade to a garmin 110

I’ve had two.. they both were excellent until the seal goes or the strap breaks..

I have a challenge, I don’t have a lot of spare cash and I don’t need much in the way of info.

I liked the garmin 110 as it was really simple, how far have I run and total time

BIGGEST FACTOR. eyesight. I can read the Garmin 110 screen fine, hence why I stayed with it last time

I’ve tried the newest version, but guess what, I can’t read the dial without my specs!

I don’t like to run with specs, I wear verifocals and whilst they are great for normal wear I find them restrictive for running... and I quite like to run spec free to be honest

So... back to the question in hand. What run watches are out there with BIG Print

Any recommendations?
Feb 2019
1:24pm, 24 Feb 2019
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Most of the newer generation allow you to specify the watch face and the running screens so I’d have thought that most could be tuned to be very visible.
Feb 2019
1:27pm, 24 Feb 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
That's interesting... I didn't know that..this is why it's always worth asking fellow runners!
Feb 2019
2:10pm, 24 Feb 2019
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How bad is your sight without specs? Are you not in danger of trip hazards?

If it was me, I'd usually be missing a kerb or a tree root..!

(By 'missing', I mean 'hitting and falling over'...!)
Feb 2019
2:49pm, 24 Feb 2019
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FRU (KeepTheFaith)
My eyes seem to come into their own again when out running.. defiantly not bad enough not to see the paths etc, just cannot focus on smaller print

So I can run, but I could not read anything on my phone.. or face size smaller than the garmin 110
Feb 2019
5:41pm, 24 Feb 2019
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You're lucky FRU! I can't run without glasses or contacts...otherwise I'd faceplant a lot more than I ordinarily do. My Fenix 5 has different formats I can look slightly different sizes to choose from. One is three sets of numbers - time elapsed, distance, pace - that I can see without a problem.
Feb 2019
5:49pm, 24 Feb 2019
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Steaming up is my main challenge - been running at night since autumn, mostly off road. Had a handful of spills but, off road, less damage to my delicate skin & bones ;)
Feb 2019
6:43pm, 24 Feb 2019
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Same here swittle, during the Cheviot Goat Ultra is was bordering on dangerous as I really couldn't see where to put my feet. Thank goodness for my cheatsticks!
Feb 2019
7:06pm, 24 Feb 2019
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Lip Gloss
I couldn't run without my specs. I tend to glance at my garmin but never retain the information long enough to worry about it. Steaming or the rain bugs me
Feb 2019
7:23pm, 24 Feb 2019
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Surrey Phil
My long runs are always with contact lenses. I may do a short run in glasses or nothing at all. However, I have come home with something on my shoe without corrected vision.

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I’m running with no tech at the moment, it’s ok, but also annoying when you then plot the route ...

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