Reducing single-use/disposable plastic

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8 Apr
10:11am, 8 Apr 2022
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It's still a good place to start though!
8 Apr
2:44pm, 8 Apr 2022
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TheScribbler I use Wild refillable deodorants and find them really good.

I've also got a code for a free case somewhere, if you or anyone else wants one.
(I think you have to start a subscription, but it's easy to cancel and I just buy the refills as I need).
8 Apr
3:41pm, 8 Apr 2022
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Thank Carp, Wild are the ones I keep seeing on my social feeds, so it’s good to hear you find them good. Especially if you can manage a subscription service easily.

Please can you DM me the code - thank you.
8 Apr
3:48pm, 8 Apr 2022
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I've switched over to TOTM if anyone is looking for plastic free sanitary stuff but doesnt want a mooncup (too much faff for me). Its pretty good.
8 Apr
4:26pm, 8 Apr 2022
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run free
Looks interesting Curly45. Though have to say I love my mooncup. It came to the North Pole with me and having zero waste was important there.

cackleberry am encouraging the families around me to take part. Think families tend to be most overwhelmed with disposable plastics?
8 Apr
9:25pm, 8 Apr 2022
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I was in M&S food hall today and they now have boxes for recycling soft plastics.
8 Apr
9:30pm, 8 Apr 2022
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I’ve just started using Fussy after seeing it on dragons den. Seems good so far. I’ve also tried the samples from Wild, they’re a lip balm size so easy to take away. Also have a voucher if anybody needs one.
8 Apr
9:48pm, 8 Apr 2022
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Lizzie Whizz
Are any of them antiperspirant, or just deodorant?
8 Apr
10:22pm, 8 Apr 2022
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I think they’re not strictly speaking antiperspirant but they do seem to work well, obviously the weather isn’t warm but my clothes seem to be a bit less stinky
10 Apr
8:59pm, 10 Apr 2022
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Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
I also love my moon cup but do need something additional on times so will check out TOTM products Curly45

Thanks for the link runfree - I have been taking my plastic back to the supermarket so happy to log.

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