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Sunday 23rd June 2024
In 2021 Oscar the Grouch proposed one day each year where "we unite as a community and EVERYONE records an activity of some sort - a dog walk, a run, a swim, a ride, ski if you want...".

Sadly we lost Oscar in March, so I'd like to dedicate Everyone Day to him. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us Oscar.

Not running for a long time - how do you deal with it?

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Jul 2014
1:15pm, 1 Jul 2014
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Little Nemo
I've not run since February and it was very stop/start for about 18 months before that. I'm getting another round of physio on my knee but I'm starting to wonder if I will ever run again. I had several months of runner-envy but that has mainly subsided and I'm a bit more at peace with it.

I can't do any worthwhile cycling at present so all I can manage is walking and swimming. The swimming has definitely distracted me and kept me sane and now that I have found OW races it may replace running for me.

If I can't run again and I get the OK for serious walking I may look into LDWA for the future.

I know I should volunteer more but I've found it quite hard when people ask about when I will run again :-(

Good luck :-)
Jul 2014
1:17pm, 1 Jul 2014
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eL aBeille!
Do something you CAN do.
When I stopped being *able* to run, I dusted down the bike and started doing that instead.
And by virtue of wanting to get the most out of it, I out the same kind of focus that I had into doing it well as I had with running.
I was never one of those people who seems to HAVE to run though - I enjoy lots of pastimes, and when the running door closed, a whole bunch of others opened!

Getting all frustrated about something you *can't* (currently) do is a huge waste of energy and emotion. Maybe think of it as an opportunity to try something new!
Jul 2014
1:36pm, 1 Jul 2014
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Thanks, again. I really am interested by the idea of volunteering, and think I may dip my toe in the water at Parkrun again this Saturday. Also in terms of helping out at my club; I'm already on the committee, so that's one way of developing my role there.
It's definitely a mental thing as much as a physical thing for me; whilst I've never "had" to run, the amount I *did* run, even though not up there with the streaking brigade (regiment?), demanded I not only mentally bought into it, but committed pretty comprehensively to it.
In any case, it's less frustration (and thus wasted energy/emotion), and more mild grumpy resentment, mostly towards myself for having a sub-standard foot (I never said it would be rational!) and partially towards others for being where I was a few years back. The buggers.
But with all the stuff everyone's suggested, I shouldn't have time to have those feelings. And won't!
Jul 2014
1:40pm, 1 Jul 2014
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Le Tûp Derby
LDWA ldwa.org.uk has many former runners involved and is highly recommended
Jul 2014
8:06pm, 3 Jul 2014
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I can't run right now due to achilles pain after a substantial layoff last year from knee pain. I've gone all guns in with swimming instead. I'm really rubbish, but because I have a strong marathoner's base I can swim for ages without stopping, and so I do. I really cherish my Finis neptune music player. I just put that on and swim for miles...it's not as convenient as running to work, but it does give me the same peace of mind that running did. I also cycle and use the elliptical, but I have a feeling that I shouldn't in order to heal faster. I thought my knee took ages, but the heel seems even worse! It's already been nearly 2 months and no sign of getting better. I am trying not to be resentful of other runners - they are just at a different stage of running than me. I am looking forward to transitioning to triathlon when my heel lets me run again - I know I need to cut out the marathons if I am going to stay injury free, but I really enjoy long distance activities, so I think that's my next new thing.
Jul 2014
8:24pm, 3 Jul 2014
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Pompey Paul
2013 was a crap year for me with an Achilles niggle that just would not go away. I learnt the hard way that it needed a proper rest, ie. 11 weeks. 2014 has been all about long and slow runs, I was never fast anyway, now I don't care about how fast/slow, just loving every single run. And I wear orthotics.

Patience and allow healing time and never say never :-)
Jul 2014
8:40pm, 3 Jul 2014
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I really feel your pain of not running, I had quite a bad break to the Tib and Fib and ended having the ankle pin and plated end of Jan 14, unable to run until the Sep/ Oct 2014 and now off again after having the metal work removed some 18 months after the whole accident.

At first I took to the gym with static weights, core and upper body stuff. Tried hand cycling - There are groups and events and a hand cycling association, You can also hire hand cycling bikes along the tissington trail if you prefer trails. I also tried to help out at events, but found this frustrating. I tried aqua jogging when I couldn't weight bear and swimming with and without leg float.

Eventually when I could return to spin or running, it was a slow return, often very frustrating with periods of just loosing the will to keep trying as it was painful or had flare ups, until my now period of being off again. I'm now again concentrating on core, weights and using the SHRED DVD as a baseline and adapting activities, even trying my hardest to find patience with yoga.

Although I used all these as forms of exercise, nothing compared to running and my enthusiasm for all the activities wavered, and I found my normal drive for exercise diminishing and my normal self motivation lacking in all these other activities. I used to be a keen mountain/ fell/ trail runner focusing more on ultra running, which I can no longer do and even walking is painful due to the lack of range in the ankle joint, and closeness of metal work in Inversion making traversing a mountain side bring me to tears. - Hopefully this will improve now the metal is out.

It is easy to say find a new activity, but if the love isn't there your motivation to do it will waiver, good luck in finding a new sport and new lifestyle; adjusting is the hardest thing. I suggest fitness classes or the gym as a support group of others helps to keep the motivation going when going through the adaptation phase.
Aug 2014
8:22am, 8 Aug 2014
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I had to stop running completely a few years ago after developing patella tendonitis. The emotional side of not running was very difficult as running was pretty much my life. Cycling wasn't possible and I've never liked swimming. In time you will get over it and you will find something else. I have returned to occasional running and cycling but life is busy with other interests. I used to train to race, everything was timed and geared towards racing. Looking back, I kind of laugh at my old approach. I now run for fun, on my own. I run slow and don't ever time myself. I enjoy my running now. I'm not sure that I used to.
Jan 2018
9:08am, 11 Jan 2018
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I've got into weight training. My wife prefers it as she said my head was too big for my body when I was marathon training :-)

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