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Ideal 10k build up?

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Mar 2012
8:43am, 8 Mar 2012
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Chris the Fish
Hello all, I'm bit green when it comes to racing and I'm looking to tap into the collective intelligence of you lot!

I've got my first 10k coming up in three weeks time and whist I feel physically able tocomplete the distance (hopefully in about 55mins) I've no idea what the ideal build up would be.

What should I be doing exercise wise in the week before? Is there anything else I should be considering?

Cheers in advance,
Mar 2012
8:50am, 8 Mar 2012
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I'm not the most experienced (did four 10k's last year, a couple back in '07) but I don't tend to do much the week before a race. If it's a Sunday I play football the Monday before, maybe 5-6k on the Wednesday/Thursday, and that's it. Two weeks before that I run three times, one of which is 8-9km.

Kinda depends what exercise you have been doing prior to the week before the race I guess.
Mar 2012
8:54am, 8 Mar 2012
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wiener dog
I'm no expert but what I tend to do is to just run as per normal, but exclude any hard runs ( i.e hill work or speed sessions ) in the week before the 10K then gradually cut the mileage down, so if the race is say on Sunday next week I would do normal distance until Wednesday then a short easy run on the Friday nothing on Saturday and race on Sunday.

Nothing can be gained fitness wise in a week and too much hard/fast running will only tire you and affect your performance on the day, but if you are like me and can't just sit keep it easy paced.

I'm sure someone else who knows more will suggest somethng else but this works for me.

Enjoy it and good luck :-)
Mar 2012
9:12am, 8 Mar 2012
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runner duck
i'm not a very experienced 10k runner, either, but i would go with what the others say. keep it easy pace and lower mileage than you would normally do. if i wanted a good time i probably would take both the friday and saturday as rest days so my legs are nice and fresh.

good luck :)
Mar 2012
9:33am, 8 Mar 2012
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Until this year I had only ever run 10k races - not as fast as you hope to - but my best and most enjoyable races have been after a pretty easy week immediately before - I find this way I'm itching to run on race day! I've tended to do shorter but faster, with one longer of at least 10k about 2 weeks before. Then dropping down to 4-5 miles the weekend before.
Mar 2012
9:38am, 8 Mar 2012
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Agree with what the others have said - never underestimate the importance of fresh legs! My best races have mostly been on the back of very easy weeks (either by accident or design :))
Mar 2012
10:11am, 8 Mar 2012
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Ive got a 10k in just over a week and my calfs have been aching for a week now, tried a 4 mile run last night to see if they would ease off and still sore. Is it worth getting compression tape or socks to help with running the 10k, which i am hoping to do under the hour. :-)
Mar 2012
12:13pm, 8 Mar 2012
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I have no idea on the compression tape or socks, but I had calf issues in December and January and it only really got fixed with rest and stretching (lots!) If the race is in a week, all I could really advise is not really running until then and icing/stretching as much as possible. Someone else probably has better advice, but that's what I'd be doing anyway (we I'd actually be cancelling the race, like I had to do in Feb :-( )
Mar 2012
12:25pm, 8 Mar 2012
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Chris the Fish
Cheers for all the responses, im off to work now so ill read through them all when I get 5 mins!!

Mar 2012
12:40pm, 8 Mar 2012
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Race week from an experienced runner and coach

cut the volume but leave in some intensity


Tuesday you normally run 5 x 1km @ 10km pace , race week do 3 x 1km @10km pace

Midweek - Normally run 10 miler, race week run 8 miles

Then you really start thinking about the race

Thursday - skip the speedwork maybe have a rest day or just run for 30 mins Easy

Friday - 20 minute session with 1 mile at 10km pace in the middle

Saturday - rest

Sunday - RACE

Biggest mistakes people make race week

1. not doing enough but eating as normal so starting the race heavy and lethargic

2. carrying on with the volume but skipping the speedwork so starting the race feeling heavy legged and wondering how you ever ran 10km pace
3. battering yourself as normally and still going out like a loony.

Experienced runners are most likely to do number 3, a novice will most likely do number 2 because of a perception that speed is the enemy.

Good luck

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