Commuting to work by bike

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Nov 2023
5:35pm, 10 Nov 2023
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A lot of d locks have a frame mount. That's what we used, mostly. Abus, quite expensive, but decades ago so perhaps not particularly relevant.

Having a short commute is handy if you can do a long alternative when you feel like it. There will be plenty of days when you don't!

I spent my last 6 months at work mostly either running in, or else going for a swim first - and the pools only opened at 9am :-)
Nov 2023
9:08am, 26 Nov 2023
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2 small D-locks. Most thieves I have seen ride away - that's how my bike was stolen (Cheap D-lock plus cable lock defeated in less than 90 seconds - recorded on CCTV).

If you can take a wheel or a saddle off the bike and with you, that is probably going to reduce your risk compared to other bikes in the racks - especially those with cheap locks or that only lock the top-tube.
Nov 2023
2:00pm, 26 Nov 2023
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The bike will be in a cage of some sort at work so is a bit more secure than just on an open rack.

I got a kryptonite d lock with cable. Unfortunately the showers are not functioning yet, so will be travelling by bus for the first week.
Nov 2023
3:39pm, 26 Nov 2023
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my d lock did have a frame mount - which I couldn't use due to my frame and the fact that I'm a shortie! Instead I put my D lock at the front (and have an old sock on the frame where it rests). Most of the time I'm only using my bike for short distances so it doesn't bother me
Nov 2023
9:26pm, 27 Nov 2023
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Red Squirrel
Bristol’s got a worrying problem with its well-used Bristol-Bath shared path. At rush hours; bikes, (illegal) scooters, electric bikes, runners and walkers are all vying for their share of the path. Cyclists dominate and some of them go at crazy speeds. I’ve lived in Bristol a long time and have watched the former sleepy backwater become a busy city. Even when the shared path was not busy, I always used the road for my commute, as I don’t think cyclists have a god-given right to rush to their destination to the detriment of other path users. Roads can predictably get me to work on time, or I can go down side roads if traffic’s backed-up.

Three of my work colleagues no longer use the shared path to get home in the dark, even though they have to take a long way round. It’s a shame it’s come to that. It feels like post-lockdown there’s an attitude of every person for themself.

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There is a nice thread about commuting to work by running, and there are loads of terrifying threads about bikes and cycling which are about carbon and grams of weight and lycra - not this one: how to dry your kit, how to carry/store your work clothes etc. and some bike specific stuff about best mudguards to minimize wet and dirt and maybe some stuff about cycle paths, safety, simple bike maintenance etc.

And if you declare yourself at the outset as:
A. Total bike head, train lots, do bike races/triathlons and the commute bit is just a way of getting extra miles in and is done at full bike training pace.
B. Bike for fitness (either with running as main sport or not) and like to do bike in lycra, at reasonable speed, certainly always shower necessary!

C. Bike is firstly a mode of transport, essential for the commute, sure a bit of fitness is good, but it's secondary. Safe, reliable and clean are the priorities.

:-) G

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