Consultation on a review of the Highway Code

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Sep 2020
9:51pm, 6 Sep 2020
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Don't think we're discussing this yet, but if anyone wants to consultate*:

* have your say but be thoroughly ignored
Sep 2020
10:05pm, 6 Sep 2020
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I'm sure when I first met the Highway Code at the age of about eight, I could understand it easily. Now it's a very different story.
Sep 2020
10:17pm, 6 Sep 2020
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Rule 204 is the controversial change.

Allows for litigation in the case of cyclist v pedestrian which is what the right wing press have been spinning out of proportion for years.

The only other thing I picked up on in passing is the change to the two abreast rule which is the other thing the nutjobs whinge about

The rest seems somewhat ok to me. But I'm not an expert in this area.

I expect British Cycling and other road safety people will say a lot.
Sep 2020
1:08pm, 7 Sep 2020
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If they're going to these lengths, then they should include a rule about extendable dog leads, the ones which are effectively random tripwires as the dog scoots off in a random direction while their owner scrolls on their phone, paying no attention.
Sep 2020
1:16pm, 7 Sep 2020
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Wine Legs
Rule 66: Two abreast change doesn't make much sense... it doesn't consider that it takes longer for a vehicle to pass two cyclists in tandem than it does for two cyclists along side each other, yet both require the passing vehicle to cross the centre line on the road, therefore requiring just as much width either way. The single file thing encourages cars to squeeze past when there's insufficient space to do so safely for the cyclist(s).

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Don't think we're discussing this yet, but if anyone wants to consultate*:


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