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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Inaugural parkruns

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11 Nov
7:49pm, 11 Nov 2018
2 posts
Aberbeeg is pretty much within metres of maximum length as it is, without using one of the side paths which come off the main route to make up extra distance. Turnaround point is at the end of the path as it goes out onto a road(?). The start is already quite compact with probably no safe scope to move the start back or the finish further forward... it’s not going to be somewhere to comfortably take 300 people one day!
11 Nov
8:47pm, 11 Nov 2018
25152 posts
That's brilliant mugfordb. I have done Neckerau and Hasenheide. I shall try to get to Dresden. I do need a D :)
13 Nov
9:26am, 13 Nov 2018
4060 posts
Aberbeeg is going to be a difficult one to measure with anything other than a wheel.

It is an old railway line, that very gently meanders through two long bends, then turns a cone and comes back. Very gently uphill on the way out, very gently downhill coming back. In theory, very straightforward and very quick.

However, the entire route has pretty dense tree cover lining the path. If you look at "satellite" versions of maps, there are only two 50m sections and the far 200m where you can actually see the path among the trees.

Not surprisingly, if you look at Strava GPS tracks, they have a similar look to them, but giving quite a few varieties of where the path is. Generally they measure a little short, but with the long bend and tree cover, that isn't surprising.

What is surprising is one or two of the performances. Yes, you would expect it to be a quick course - but there were one or two known runners, who have done plenty of other 5kms on fast courses, that set lifetime PBs by just enough to raise a few quizzical eyebrows.

It could be that the course really is that fast - or it could be around 75m short.
15 Nov
12:54pm, 15 Nov 2018
3442 posts
Have you run Aberbeeg yourself yet Wilde Rover? Just curious as I’m going to give it a whirl a week Saturday. My 5K form is all over the place lately so not sure my performance will give me any indication of whether it’s short or not!
15 Nov
2:31pm, 15 Nov 2018
4062 posts
I'll be going in a few weeks. My form doesn't fluctuate much and my 5km times are very consistent, so I will have a reasonable idea. On an average-good day, I would expect it to be a 21:45-22:00 course, on a very good day, 21:30-21:45. If I get close to or break 21:30 I will be very suspicious.
15 Nov
4:34pm, 15 Nov 2018
15 posts
Tern Hill parkrun, Shropshire 08 December
15 Nov
4:46pm, 15 Nov 2018
17 posts
Tern Hill parkrun is a prison parkrun and so not open to the general public.
10:19am, 16 Nov 2018
739 posts
Wasn't it pointed out a few pages back that those who chose to ignore the "best to check with the local parkrun volunteers to see if they want you to know about it or not" guidance are those with no profile pic, very few posts, no training logs etc?

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About This Thread

There may be an inaugural parkrun happening near you. Best to check with the local parkrun volunteers to see if they want you to know about it or not.

Otherwise there are plenty of already established parkruns to go to in the UK and abroad, see: parkrun.org.uk

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