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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Inaugural parkruns

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13 Feb
2:10pm, 13 Feb 2019
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Lloyd - Parkrunners with Vitality in the UK qualify for a free coffee and cinema tickets - provided that they have sufficient points per week - running at a parkrun will go towards that weekly points total. No financial benefit being a parrkrunner ( other than saving the cost of the coffee and cinema ticket ). Vitality also offer members a few other sporting 'perks' that are not directly related to participation in parkrun - discounted gym membership, 50% off shoes at Runners Needs and discounted sports watches.

I would not say that people in poorer or less advantaged communities lead a more sedentary life or have other interests that do not involve sport/running but that in many cases they do not have the means or opportunity - just look at how many public sports / school fields are now apartment blocks.

I ran along the Thames path last Saturday between Victoria Dock and Thamesmead ( post parkrun ) and there were loads of runners - it was unlikely that they had all been to a parkrun that morning ( as the closest were a distance away ). We also take part in a multi distance run on Sunday mornings and there are definitely people there who do not take part in parkrun because they cannot get to one of the 'local' events that easily but they can run down the cycle path/road to meet up on Sunday. I expect the same applies to many local running club groups around the country.
15 Feb
5:56pm, 15 Feb 2019
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Dunstable Downs - 23rd Feb
15 Feb
7:36pm, 15 Feb 2019
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Classic ‘place I’ve visited and couldn’t believe there wasn’t a parkrun’

Great news.
15 Feb
10:12pm, 15 Feb 2019
87 posts
And as expected a same day launch for California Country
15 Feb
10:24pm, 15 Feb 2019
88 posts
And as usual they do like to get a few starting on the same day - in the NE + SW also on 23rd Feb

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There may be an inaugural parkrun happening near you. Best to check with the local parkrun volunteers to see if they want you to know about it or not.

Otherwise there are plenty of already established parkruns to go to in the UK and abroad, see: parkrun.org.uk

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