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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

D33 Ultra - Great Race!

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14 Jan
11:34pm, 14 Jan 2019
508 posts
Dod, we're all rooting for you.

He actually called me a silly wa*&er at the Glen Ogle Ceilidh. Only Did would have me in fits of laughter after that. Something about pinning race numbers on backs.

My first ever group ultra run on the WHW - or anywhere in fact - was a Fetch run led by George and Karen in the snow over Conic Hill back in Jan 2010..

I turned up the night before at Balmaha because from lurking on Fetch I'd heard chatter there would be a run and folk were meeting up the night before at The Oak Tree Inn. I didn't know any faces back then and was disappointed there weren't any runner tyoes in the bar. Just one raucous group obviously out on a bender drinking shots and getting hammered. So I called it a night and turned up at the rendezvous at Drymen car park next morning in the deep snow...

... Assembled in front of me in their best lycra were all the pi$$heads from the bar the night before. Dod, Karen, Sandra, Mike and others. And do you think I managed to keep up with them on the run? Not a chance. Santababy nursemaided me back from Rowardennan as my legs had gone to jelly. Fun days.
15 Jan
7:35am, 15 Jan 2019
9472 posts
mrs shanksi
M1nty is that the run we met you at? Happy days!
15 Jan
7:39am, 15 Jan 2019
1652 posts
Lesley C
Ah ok Duchess, hopefully he's ok.
15 Jan
7:54am, 15 Jan 2019
27371 posts
M1nty - I love that story. I struggle to marshal after a night out with that crowd, I'd probably die if I tried to run.

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