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Ian Williams aka Fetch

D33 Ultra - Great Race!

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17 Mar
9:23pm, 17 Mar 2019
544 posts
12BarDavid I tried to catch you up to say hello, but you were too fast! Finished 48 seconds and two places after you.

Duchess, you completed the D33 two years ago and were the very definition of courage. And the way you helped me and countless other wrecks after the race yesterday was humanity personified x
17 Mar
9:28pm, 17 Mar 2019
1470 posts
Well I'm home. With a heart full of compassion and love for my fellow runners/marshalls/supporters/race directors. And a head full of the most amazing memories. Thanks to everybody who played their part. This week and next weekend will seem humdrum in comparison.
17 Mar
9:33pm, 17 Mar 2019
1472 posts
...and unbelievable, I seem to have a face sun-tan or is that wind-tan!!
17 Mar
10:53pm, 17 Mar 2019
4487 posts
57.5 Degrees of Pain
Well done to everyone running in those conditions, especially Saturday. I did Crathes Castle parkrun, spent 30 mins in a warm car, then was glad my run in the Deeside Hills was only 7 miles followed by a change of clothes and warm soup!
18 Mar
5:19am, 18 Mar 2019
480 posts
57.5 Crathes was good, will be even better on the proper course imho.
18 Mar
8:21am, 18 Mar 2019
1730 posts
Lesley C
It will be Ally, will let you know when it is. Hopefully next time you two come along I will be there so you can say hi :-)
18 Mar
9:24am, 18 Mar 2019
1133 posts
I had to chuckle yesterday. Mrs12bar & I spent a pleasant couple of hours going round the Maritime Museum. Every time I went up a set of stairs my knees were making some funny noises.

Catching the train down to Stonehaven later, to walk the coastal footpath up to the castle as we’ve never been there before. Just hope it doesn’t snow, I saw enough on Saturday to last a life time.
18 Mar
12:47pm, 18 Mar 2019
27727 posts
I'm not sure about down in Stonehaven but it's a beautiful day up here in Dingwall. Not happy to be desk bound or in meetings on such a nice day.
18 Mar
12:48pm, 18 Mar 2019
191 posts
I think that was my coldest/soggiest race ever!! Don't think I've ever been so happy to have "only" entered the 33 mile version! So impressed by all the D99-ers coming back towards us.
Looking at Fetch's clever comparison training analysis tool, I ran pretty well to 18miles - pretty much the same times as last two years (2:42:01 in 2017; 2:42:22 in 2018; 2:42:05 in 2019), but then my legs seized up with the cold and I finished about 16mins slower than 2018. Luckily the incentive of getting to the finish in time to make the Welsh rugby kick-off stopped me slowing even more!!!
26 Mar
1:55pm, 26 Mar 2019
1187 posts
On the Friday morning, I had a gentle jog down to Duthie Park to take some photo's of the D99 runners & to wave them off.

I've just got round to sorting them out & I've posted them on the D99 Facebook page if anyone is interested.

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