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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

The benefits of giving up alcohol!

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21 Mar
12:57pm, 21 Mar 2019
14205 posts
Today is day 80 for me and I would say abstinence form alcohol is a big factor in weight loss. I am around half a stone lighter than I was on 1/1/19 when this started. Now OK this does co-incide with marathon training and I am running maybe 15 miles a week more than I was at that time. I am however eating a fair bit more and most of the extra food is rubbish like crisps, biscuits and chocolate.
21 Mar
2:26pm, 21 Mar 2019
30056 posts
Derby Tup
Great stuff Bazoaxe
21 Mar
3:26pm, 21 Mar 2019
14211 posts
Actually checked. It’s only four pounds. I must have lost a few pounds before First jan as my marathon training started earlier in December.
21 Mar
6:19pm, 21 Mar 2019
8745 posts
Been to get some NA supplies. Bumped into a friend as I had 2 bottles of erdinger I said if you ever want NA beer this is lovely - did I actually say that?? But I mean it it’s so lovely.

Managed to find a bottle of bees knees in Morrisons so that’s chilling for tomorrow night. Thanks for ideas and support.
21 Mar
8:25pm, 21 Mar 2019
93 posts
Queen of Cups
I pretty much gave up on 28th January which is when I joined Slimming World and had 4 gin and tonics on Feb 20th when I went out. That's it! I still drink tonic at the weekends! Not missing the horrific headaches or the hungover feeling at all! I got my 1 stone award last Monday,although that's not entirely down to abstaining from alcohol.
21 Mar
8:30pm, 21 Mar 2019
30060 posts
Derby Tup
Ace. So many positive tales around at the moment!
21 Mar
9:01pm, 21 Mar 2019
9593 posts
mrs shanksi
Well done everyone!
11:24am, 22 Mar 2019
14 posts
Generation X
Just checking in. So far I haven't deviated from my planned moderation, with another week of staying under 14 units under my belt.

Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with Achilles Tendinopathy and advised not to run until I am pain-free. This is quite a blow, as running is a vital part of my arsenal for keeping the black dog at bay.

That said, I won't be having a drink today.
11:28am, 22 Mar 2019
38908 posts
I'm... doing quite well at the min. The fasting thing I'm doing (18:6) means that when I'd want a drink falls out of my eating window, so I'm not bothering. This works quite well for me, because when we go on hol or on some big country hike, I want to have the option to have a pint with my fishnchips without feeling guilty about it.
12:23pm, 22 Mar 2019
15 posts
Generation X
I'm following an intermittent fasting plan at the moment too McGoohan, and also find it useful in putting temptation out of reach.

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About This Thread

Looks as though this thread has become popular again, here in 2010 (it's now 2018, and it started in 2008, so I think "still popular" might be more apt! :-) G ) :-) Good Luck everyone.

Some acronyms, in case people use them:
JFT - Just for today
ODAAT - One day at a time
KIS - Keep it simple
TBOGUA - The Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol (the title of this thread!)
There is an article summarising some of the benefits, to save you having to trawl through the thread.


And a great list of Alternative Drinks started by the lovely LindsD here:


And another great list, this time of treats as alternatives to alcohol and some welcome distractions. Thanks RunHappy!


Please add to these articles and make them as valuable as possible! Thanks! :-) G

And one from way back when...
Dirt Monkey's brilliant blog on TBOGUA too - go try this...

thebenefitsofgivingupalcohol.wordpress.com Thanks DM!

And the all important fabulous services:
Alcoholics Anonymous
National Helpline (FREE) 0800 9177 650

Al Anon
020 7403 0888

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