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Sunday 23rd June 2024
In 2021 Oscar the Grouch proposed one day each year where "we unite as a community and EVERYONE records an activity of some sort - a dog walk, a run, a swim, a ride, ski if you want...".

Sadly we lost Oscar in March, so I'd like to dedicate Everyone Day to him. Thank you for the inspiration you gave us Oscar.
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Part-run commuting and the rain

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Jul 2015
11:44am, 7 Jul 2015
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Fat Tulip
I've very recently started running part of my commute, to avoid the tube. I can't run the whole thing as it's 150 miles so slightly beyond my capabilities.

Anyway, so it involves:
AM - run 1k, 1 hour on train, run 4k ish
PM - run 4k ish, 1 hour on train, run 1k/ get lift

So far the weather has been lovely but the clouds this morning made me consider how I'd cope in rainy weather. The way in is fine, as I could exchange the first run for a lift, but I'm thinking that if it rained in the afternoon, it won't be very nice to sit on the train in wet clothes for an hour, either in the current artic aircon or in colder weather.

I was wondering if anyone does anything similar, and if so, what do you do? Would you just not run home if it rained? Would you take stuff to change into (I carry a backpack but obviously want to travel as light as possible)? Or some other genius idea that I haven't thought of?

When I did a similar route, but with cycling instead of running, it wasn't too bad as I could wear a warm waterproof jacket, but I think that would just be too hot/ heavy with running.
Jul 2015
11:50am, 7 Jul 2015
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Fat Tulip
Sorry, that should say 75 miles for the total distance not 150!
Jul 2015
12:34pm, 7 Jul 2015
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Fleece and Dust
Could you carry a very thin, light fleece and some leggings to change into on the train on the way home perhaps? Sitting in wet clothes would make you feel cold, so I find the trick is to strip off as soon as you can and put on warm clothes. Layers are more important than bulk, so you could just take off all your wet kit and put on your change of clothes and a thin hat and gloves rather than layering over wet clothes.

For the sake of 4k though, I'd probably prefer to scoot rather than to faff about changing into running kit, but then I don't mind looking weird :)
Jul 2015
1:01pm, 7 Jul 2015
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I'd use the Tube on the very rare day with significant rain.
Jul 2015
2:34pm, 7 Jul 2015
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I used to take running leggings and a long sleeve top and change in the loos on the train and shiver a bit ;)

It is a bit difficult in the winter - but it actually only happened that I got proper wet and cold about twice a year. Usually I would dry off pretty quickly and sit in a warm bit by the heaters.
Jul 2015
3:32pm, 7 Jul 2015
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You could just get on the train dripping wet, coughing and sneezing, steam rising from your sodden clothes. At least you'd be guaranteed a seat to yourself....
Jul 2015
4:44pm, 7 Jul 2015
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Keefy Beefy
I used to this and ended up just running in the morning as it was too stinky/sweaty/wet on the train home. We'd be crammed in like sardines and I was a big heaving mess. Was just too much hassle.
Jul 2015
10:26pm, 7 Jul 2015
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Yes, like Fleecy, I carried a spare pair of trackies and a thin long-sleeved shirt for the occasional time I needed them.
Jul 2015
5:42pm, 8 Jul 2015
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Fat Tulip
Thanks, it send like taking some spare clothes and giving it a go to see how I find it is the best plan.

Gordon, you must not be familiar with the type of commuter on my route, as there's nothing you could do to stop people wanting to share a seat with you. ;)

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