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Aug 2020
12:57pm, 14 Aug 2020
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(12bDavid :-) ), I have sleeping pills (zopiclone in my case) - agree with bonners that they are not the solution, even allowing for us having different reasons for insomnia. (I have one occasionally & it’s great to go straight to sleep, as Rosehip said, they have a short life so still awake early hours) I’m pretty old, + with age related circadian rhythm disorder, & annoying nocturnal arthritic joint pain. A while ago I read some of CotH posts on here (thank you, can’t remember if I posted) & since then been happier, accepting & just getting on with the day, no daytime sleeps, a set bedtime. I used to have a background noise gadget under my pillow to distract from intrusive noise, currently it’s a fan. A GP at my previous surgery, before moving here, was successfully sued by a woman claiming zopiclone addiction, it must be unnerving prescribing anything stronger than aspirin. I appreciate there are other reasons they’re bad for us, but that doesn’t put me off.
Aug 2020
4:49pm, 14 Aug 2020
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Thanks for the informative posts bonners & ferret.

Well, I've been a good boy & not taken one of the sleeping pills yet. I agree with all the points you both raised. As one of the audiologists said to me, "unfortunately, that's your lot in life David, you've just got to put up with it."

I will blog about this soon, but I have had some information through about my cochlear implant & there's a possibility it might make my tinnitus worse. Crikey, I didn't think it could get any worse. This is going to take some careful thinking.
Sep 2020
4:19am, 1 Sep 2020
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:-0 David, I didn’t know about that cochlear implant complication, thought always improvement or no different. What a dilemma, hope your consultant helps with it.

Useless sleep last night, & I’m looking forward to bedtime already 😂 because it has to be better than last night, & some useful life admin is being done to occupy mind. Last night’s neurotic thinking began puzzling how will it ever be possible, to enjoy the company of my treasured family of ‘Australians’ again, will dementia get me first - life is short, I’m old! Thousands of Australians are still unable to return home because of limited flight passenger numbers. We’re looking years away from travel. Less flight/cruises excellent for planet, this cheers me. Sleep well all. luck today, teachers & schoolchildren. There’s a separate forum for this but it did start with sleep deprivation!
Sep 2020
6:02am, 1 Sep 2020
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Another rubbish night last night with the tinnitus. While out running yesterday I got stung on the bottom lip by a wasp, so the pain from that didn’t help either.

I hope everyone fared better.
Sep 2020
2:11am, 3 Sep 2020
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:-( lip/wasp Ouch :-0

Great sleep after the bad one, but must have “banked” some for now!
Sep 2020
5:39am, 3 Sep 2020
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Looby Loo
On my way to work having not slept. I don’t really remember ever having a good night sleep. If I go off quickly which is rare then wake frequently every hour. One thing I have found is you can function on little sleep so I don’t stress about it. 25 years of shift work hasn’t helped. I believe if I’m in bed lying down then at least my body is resting.
This is what I tell myself.
Sep 2020
5:52am, 3 Sep 2020
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Hope your day goes well, Looby Loo :-) - shift work is rubbish for sleep :-(

I’m planning plenty today, should sleep tonight, trying to have a relaxed attitude to sleeplessness
Sep 2020
6:35am, 3 Sep 2020
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I hope you manage to stay awake at work Looby Loo & can get some rest when you get back home.

I spent most of yesterday running wires under the floorboards & connecting up the new power points I’d fitted in our bedroom. Needless to say, come 6.30 pm, I fell asleep 😴 on the settee. Which in turn meant I didn’t sleep well in bed last night.
More work to do on the bungalow today, so hoping to take a leaf out of ferret’s book & sleep well tonight.

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Anyone else struggling to sleep at the moment?

I am not a great sleeper at the best of times, but...

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