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Apr 2013
11:06am, 29 Apr 2013
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Two weeks before VLM I went for my LSR which was meant to be 16-18 miles and managed less than three because I had sharp severe pain in my right hip. Struggled to walk back to the car. It didn't feel muscular, more like a trapped nerve or something. Later that day it felt fine again so went into town and was in agony trying to walk again. No running that week and the pain completely disappeared. The following weekend, literally the moment I started running the pain was back. Once again, no running during the week and was pain-free at the start line of VLM. Until I started running that was - I have no idea how I managed to get around as at 5 miles the St Johns Ambulance was looking quite appealing! Since then walking has been painful, although a lot better now, but I still can't sleep because there is no position laying down in bed that is comfy. My physio tried massage, some sort of assisted pelvis stretch and acupuncture but all to no avail. She seemed to think it was related to my ITB or tight glutes - has anyone else experienced this? I am beginning to wonder whether it might be sciatic or hip bursitis rather than muscular, as the pain radiates to my foot and I often get pins and needles in that foot too. It only comes on when I run, so the obvious thing to do is rest, but I really don't want to rest for too long in case I lose the fitness I have worked so hard to gain!! All advice welcomed.....
May 2013
10:24am, 28 May 2013
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Thanks for the responses (HA). Been to see a specialist and it looks like a labral tear and issues with my hip joint, so surgery required for me.
May 2013
10:30am, 28 May 2013
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Sorry about you hip problem. had the same sort of thing. Mine ended up as a stress fracture and have had nearly 12 months out as it took longer to heal than normal. If you can have an MRI scan to find out whats going on all the better but you have to be very persiitent with these things.
May 2013
11:43am, 28 May 2013
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Thanks Gracie, I am sorry to hear about your problem too! I am lucky enough to have private healthcare through work so I have had x-rays, and am due my MRI and CT scans over the next couple of weeks. Then I will probably be having a hip arthroscopy and a knee arthroscopy, either at the same time or one after the other!
Hope you are fully recovered and better now!
Mar 2019
12:13am, 16 Mar 2019
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I think you should wear comfortable clothes or shorts which keep you fit and fine, I experience this type of pain after a long time a sports person tell me to wear fitting shorts for the hip. Now I have been using medical compression shorts that assist with groin pain and hip pain injury recovery and prevention.
Mar 2019
7:35am, 16 Mar 2019
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That sounds a bit like me 7 years ago.

I had similar and also had an mri and a labral tear BUT I didn’t have surgery. In the end my labral tear was a red herring. I do still struggle on and off with the issue and haven’t been entirely pain free for years, but what really worked in the end was meeting a physio who understood pain and helped me gradually regain confidence.

I now wish I never had my MRI. (It didn’t help me in the long run). I spent 9 months bouncing between a hip and back surgeon before I decided enough was enough. They each thought it was the other problem and not bad enough for any surgery. It was very frustrating.

I still get periods of flare up and it is like an irritated nerve. My hip can feel very sore and my leg can feel heavy like it is dragging a bit. I get pain randomly down my leg. It is often triggered when the intensity or duration of my training goes up. Getting it to settle can be tricky but sometimes not. Stress affects it too.

I am in a slight flare at the moment so trying to reduce activity a bit. My physio helps a bit - acupuncture can increase my back mobility which helps (but doesn’t always settle the nerve pain), she taught me leg swinging exercise which really helps. Hip flexor stretching is also helpful as my psoas is very tight and I think the main issue. Strength work over a few years helped massively along with running technique and a good trainer - I’m running better than I have ever run now.

I have had several months of the best it has been for years and was running 10 miles in training runs (half marathon training). It’s irritated now but I hope to get back to half’s very soon!

It’s taken a long time and learning a lot about the complexities of pain. But I am getting there and I believe if I had met my physio (with good pain understanding) earlier it would have been a lot quicker.

I hope you find a helpful way forward! Good luck!

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Two weeks before VLM I went for my LSR which was meant to be 16-18 miles and managed less than three...

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