hayfever tabs

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May 2011
2:51pm, 19 May 2011
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Well it's Vaseline plus cetirizine - the tab is fine while I'm at work, but not quite enough for running, especially as it's usually starting to wear off by the evening, and the vas is just effective enough. Good that you have a solution, either way!
May 2011
10:43pm, 19 May 2011
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Lily of the valley
This is the first year I have suffered with hayfever. I tried benadryl first which made me feel awful, really tired and not with it. On recommendation of the pharmacist in Boots started taking their own brand non drowsy tablets which have no side effects for me and work brilliantly. Buy one get one free at the moment too:)
May 2011
10:55pm, 19 May 2011
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My OH suffered terrible side effects with cetirizine, they made him grumpy, I'd like to use the word depressed without meaning clinical depression. He stopped them a few years ago and now swears by the honey thing.

I also found similar types of side effect from cetirizine, so I now just use a nasal spray. Recently discovered an inhalation powder thats inert but supposed to act as a barrier to the pollen getting through. Haven't suffered much this year, not sure if its because I'm more allergic to grass than tree pollen, because of the minimal stuff I've taken so far, because I haven;t spent large chunks of time outdoors/in fields or because I ate some local honey straight from the comb (yum!)
May 2011
9:54am, 20 May 2011
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Trying the cetirizine today. I do have a flixonase nasal spray but I don't think its enough to get me through a day on its own, maybe I'll try that!
May 2011
10:05am, 20 May 2011
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I used to use nasal sprays & they worked really well, but I would be coughing up froth when I went running, which wasn't worth it for me. Pity, I've never used anything that worked better.

Guess we all have to experiment to figure out what works for us without wiping us out one way or another...
Feb 2012
7:06pm, 10 Feb 2012
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I have tried them all and none of them work for me but I just have a spoonful of honey in the morning everyday in the Summer and seriously I haven't had hayfever once for 2 years now. Its best to get local honey if you can because of the types of pollen that the bees in your area source everyone is different though. If you are alergic to grass though its probably not going to work for you it only really any good against flower pollen, I used to get it so bad that my eyes would be burning and itching to the point I couldn't stop rubbing my eyes and driving was out of the question. Try honey if you haven't it really does work for me and it doesn't make you drowsy like most of the rubbish they sell over the counter!!!!

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